Avalon business game. Game reviews

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Avalon business game. Game reviews
Avalon business game. Game reviews

The release of the game from the Spiders team on PC allowed everyone to immerse themselves in an unforgettable world. Avalon, a business game that received rave reviews, had a very limited budget in development. However, this fact did not affect the quality of the world at all.

Benefits of Faery: Legends of Avalon

The atmosphere in the game is really amazing, bright and fabulous. Features of the engine allow every movement of the character to look natural, even when it comes to wings and control of such a "device".

business game avalon reviews
business game avalon reviews

Flying is another nice feature of the world. Popular games of recent years have not spoiled the opportunity to soar in the sky; the maximum that was offered to the players was the control of equipment. The appearance of the chosen character can completely change during the game - all abilities, skills and special tricks are displayed on the creature's appearance.

Perfect elaboration of controls allowed to make the gameplay "smooth", the mouse and keyboard do not interfere, and the camera is perfectly centered. The business game Avalon, reviews of which help to understand the nuances of the passage, allows you to create unique characters and completely immerse yourself in the fantasy universe thanks to the effortsgame designers and scriptwriters. Live animation (including facial animation) makes each fight look natural; honed and beautifully drawn models of heroes shoot, run, jump, fight with swords and fly equally well. The only negative is the lack of voice acting; minor characters talk a lot and interestingly, but the GG is stubbornly silent throughout the game.

Avalon: gameplay reviews

A line of main and secondary quests allows you to develop your character's abilities, and turn-based battles give you the opportunity to see them in action. This suggests that Faery Legends of Avalon is modeled after a typical RPG.

game avalon reviews
game avalon reviews

The game is built on a successful combination of exciting battles, a vivid plot and a well-developed world. This is the secret of her popularity. The business game Avalon by Spiders is a fairytale kingdom. Before the appearance of the main character, it is in decline. It’s all the fault of incomprehensible events, due to which not only the work of magical portals that transfer to different parts of the Kingdom was disrupted, but people almost stopped believing in magic.

Avalon Game: Plot Features

The Fairy Folk were left to their own devices, because their representatives have always had a hard time with logic. Avalon is a game in which fairies represent the archetype of fairy-tale creatures from the works of Shakespeare and ancient Welsh legends. A small people can only have fun, sing songs and play pranks, but they cannot save their wonderful country without outside help.

business game avalon reviews
business game avalon reviews

Game Avalon, reviews ofwhich vied with each other about the originality and fascination of the plot, went down the road of classic RPGs and made the main character Chosen One. The elven king Oberon personally took part in the difficult fate of a hero suffering from complete memory loss, and sent the latter to fight evil forces.

Business game Avalon (reviews from the official site) will show the player four huge locations during the mainquest. Among the memorable places are a huge tree from the Old Norse myths - Yggdrasil, the cursed "Flying Dutchman" and cities in a giant scarab.

What do you remember about Faery: Legends of Avalon?

Cel-shading technology makes the picture on the screen very juicy, rich and lively. The modest budget of Spiders did not prevent them from making a unique world with excellent graphics. Avalon is a game that is radically different from the mass crafts of modern game development; each location and character is organically integrated into the world. Exploring the territory is one of the most interesting activities in the game. You will have to walk, watch, fight and communicate with the locals a lot. One of the few gameplay downsides is that rare NPCs are fully voiced.

avalon game
avalon game

The RPG dialogue system is not unique, but very convenient. The wheel allows you to think over and choose the main line of behavior - you can be a hero, a joker or a bully. Reading huge dialogues makes the game related to the progenitors of the genre - the old-school RPGs of the late nineties. If desired, dialog boxes can be scrolled to quickly start the next task.

Avalon: quest reviewssystem

Business game Avalon has an original and extensive quest system. Tasks of the main storyline smoothly turn into secondary missions that add variety and interest to the passage.

the game faery legends of avalon
the game faery legends of avalon

Most of the quests can be completed in several ways - chop the adversaries into pieces, agree on mutually beneficial terms or intimidate. Among the tasks are the collection of miscellaneous ingredients, the search for missing valuables, the traditional cleaning of locations and a few small but very pleasant surprises-easter eggs.

Business game Avalon, reviews, comments and recommendations for the passage of which can also be found in video format, is the modern territory of a fairy tale. Popular elements of dark fantasy (violence, intrigue and carnage) are practically absent in this beautiful world. If not for the complex but interesting system of tasks, Avalon could be recommended for children from 5 years old.

Avalon business game: conclusions

The indisputable advantages of the gameplay include the dynamic appearance of the protagonist - tattoos, wings and a suit will definitely change depending on the abilities that have appeared. The disadvantages include the lack of voice acting and a short main plot, which, if desired, can be "fly" in a day.

A kind fairy tale world is an ideal choice for those who like to immerse themselves in adventures and battles. A well-developed combat system, a tree of skills and abilities of the characters, as well as a special atmosphere of Avalon guarantee many unforgettable hours of play.

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