Game boosters: what is it and how does it work?

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Game boosters: what is it and how does it work?
Game boosters: what is it and how does it work?

It's no secret that modern computer games that use 3D graphics and corresponding transformations in the form of rendering are characterized by increased requirements for computer hardware. In particular, this applies to video cards and sound chips. But every gamer would like the game to not slow down during the passage. For this, special game accelerators are used. But even such narrowly focused programs can sometimes be waived using personalized system settings or graphics chip management tools.

Game accelerators: general concept and principle of operation

If we talk about how such utilities work, we should first divide them into classes. The first category includes game accelerators, which are video adapter controls and come with device drivers (NVIDIA PhysX, ATI Catalyst, etc.).

game boosters
game boosters

On the other hand, today you can find many free utilities to achieve maximum system performance,which do not depend on the manufacturer of the graphics chip and the operating system used. One of the most interesting programs is Razor Game Booster.

But all such game accelerators work on the same principle - maximum optimization of GPU resources and unloading unnecessary background processes of the operating system from RAM.

Graphics chip management utilities

If you have a discrete graphics card on your computer or laptop, you don't have to go far. For any modification of the chip from NVIDIA or Radeon, which are the most popular and most common today, special programs are supplied to control all available characteristics.

game accelerator software
game accelerator software

If they are not included in the kit (which is unlikely), you can download such utilities directly from the manufacturer's website, choosing exactly the component that is most suitable for optimizing the use of the card in modern games.

Universal Game Accelerator (Windows 7 and up)

However, the proposed option can not be used. In particular, when the user has an integrated video chip on board, which is more true for laptops, the use of such control programs will have no effect.

game accelerator for windows 7
game accelerator for windows 7

In this case, a game accelerator program called Razor Game Booster can be used. Its advantage is that the user does not have to bother with the settings too much. The utility is basicallybelongs to the class of optimizers, has at its disposal a tool specifically for accelerating games, defragmenting folders with installed games for faster access to files and freeing up system resources at the time the game starts (most of the Windows background processes, so to speak, are “frozen”, and only those that are mandatory for the operation of the corresponding application).

In addition, there is a reasonable distribution of the load on the graphics processor, and on the central, and on the RAM or virtual memory. In this case, the buffer loading of the same integrated video card may not exceed 50%. Agree, this is a huge plus.

Installation questions for drivers and platforms

Finally, it is especially worth noting that no accelerator will give the desired effect if the system does not have the latest drivers for the graphics adapter, updates for DirectX,. NET Framework and Visual C++ Redistributable.

It's worth paying attention to the fact that the C++ platform can be installed in several versions, including even obsolete modifications of the 2008 release. If they are removed, the game may not work on newer versions. That is why the user sees several different packages in the programs and components section.

Well, for timely driver updates, it is best to use utilities like Driver Booster, which work without user intervention and install the latest versions by downloading them directly from the hardware manufacturer's website.

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