Rose Sanguine in the game "Skyrim" - description, search, use

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Rose Sanguine in the game "Skyrim" - description, search, use
Rose Sanguine in the game "Skyrim" - description, search, use

While traveling through the world of Skyrim, players may come across an item called Sanguine Rose. What it is? What is it for? Where can it be found or obtained? You will find answers to these questions below in the article.


Rose of Sanguine is an artifact of the Daedra. This is the name of a unique magic staff, which is known to many players of the Elder Scrolls line. In Skyrim, this weapon also appears. Outwardly, the Rose of Sanguine resembles an ordinary magic staff, on top of which there is a rose. In the course of using the weapon, the rose fades. The more you use the staff, the faster the flower dies.

Staff Rose Sanguine
Staff Rose Sanguine

The Rose of Sanguine in Skyrim is not craftable, but it can be obtained as a reward for completing the quest. The player uses this item to summon a Dremora. It will attack everyone except its master. The artifact charge lasts approximately 13 uses.

Rose Sanguine has the following characteristics:

  • weight - 10;
  • price - 2,087 coins;
  • damage - 0.

This itemused exclusively to summon an assistant. The Dremora will protect the player for 1 minute.

Getting item

There is no way to make a Sanguine Rose in Skyrim. It is also not possible to buy this artifact from a blacksmith or merchant. But the character can complete a certain chain of quests upon reaching level 14. As a reward, the player will be given a magical artifact.

Quest "Drink Sam"
Quest "Drink Sam"

To get the Rose of Sanguine, you will have to take the quest "A Night to Remember". The player will:

  1. Go to the tavern, not far from the place where the character got level 14.
  2. Talk to Sam Gaven and complete the quest "Get drunkā€¦".
  3. Go to Markarth, to the Temple of Dibella. Talk to Senna there.
  4. Visit Rorikstead and ask people about Sam's staff.
  5. Speak with Iseult in Whiterun.
  6. Find Isolde's wedding ring. It is located in Witchmist Grove.
  7. Return the jewelry to Isolde.
  8. Visit Morvunskar and go through the portal.
  9. Talk to Sam.

That's it. During the quest "An Unforgettable Night" the player will face a mass of opponents. In order not to die during the battle, you can use cheats and codes. For example, enable immortality. To activate this option, the player will have to call the game console and write TGM in it. After confirming the operation, life, mana and stamina will not be spent during battles. The player cannot be infected with diseases or turned into a vampire/werewolf.

Console and getting weapons

You can not only get the Rose of Sanguine as a reward for completing the quest "An Unforgettable Night", but also give it to yourself. For this purpose, a game console is used. It can greatly simplify character development and skill leveling.

Rose Sanguine
Rose Sanguine

To get the Sanguine Rose, you will need:

  1. During gameplay, press the "~" button on your keyboard.
  2. Print the player.additem command. With it, players can give themselves any items.
  3. Put a space and print the weapon ID. In our case, this is 0001CB36.
  4. Separate the space with the number of staves that should appear in the inventory.
  5. Press the Enter button.

Thus the player will receive one or more Roses. They can be used or sold for profit. The player does not need any additional skills to use the staff.

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