How to connect HTC to a computer: step by step instructions

How to connect HTC to a computer: step by step instructions
How to connect HTC to a computer: step by step instructions
how to connect htc to pc
how to connect htc to pc

Modern gadgets are incredibly smart. Their functionality has long gone beyond the capabilities of the phone and approached the set of options for an average computer. At the same time, the smartphone actively interacts with its older "brother". They exchange bookmarks, multimedia, contacts, tasks, files, documents, calendar marks. This process is called synchronization. You will implement it without problems, knowing how to connect htc to a computer.

However, different gadgets may have their own characteristics of interaction with the PC operating system. For example, happy owners of HTC's versatile and functional smartphones may encounter a problem when connecting their devices to a computer. The thing is that a special program is needed to contact the two systems. Before you connect HTC to your computer, you need to download HTC Sync from the official website of the smartphone manufacturer. It is this program that provides device synchronization. Its installation is fastso you can do it in a couple of clicks! The program is designed for modern Windows operating systems, from XP to 7.

You need to do all the steps according to the instructions below in this article. Further use will be much easier, as the drivers for a strong connection will be installed, and the systems will find an approach to each other.

mobile phone htc
mobile phone htc

Instructions: how to connect HTC to your computer

  1. Prepare the USB cable that came with your smartphone. Free up one USB (2.0) connector on the PC. Install the device docking software. Launch HTC Sync before connecting your gadget.
  2. Connect the USB input of the cable to the PC, the other end to the phone. The gadget should display a message about possible types of connection. You need to select the item "HTC Sync" in the menu.
  3. Simultaneously with the smartphone, the PC will start the process of recognizing a new connection. The user will be prompted to name the new device "HTC mobile phone". If the synchronization does not happen automatically, then the phone settings have been changed. To debug this process, open "Settings - Synchronization" on your smartphone and make the appropriate changes. It is very convenient to transfer open Internet browser windows from one device to another if they both use Google Chrome. They can also exchange data when connected to a PC program Evernote, Outlook.
  4. connect htc to pc
    connect htc to pc

If the need arisesuse the phone's Internet connection traffic, you will need to do the following:

  1. Turn off other modems and Wi-Fi before connecting HTC to your computer.
  2. Connect your smartphone via the USB port. Select the connection type as modem.
  3. The PC should display a message about a new available Internet connection. It must be chosen as the main one.

Any HTC connection to your computer must be terminated using the Safely Stop Devices feature, the icon of which can be found in the lower right corner of the Windows window. Make the most of your smartphone. After all, its main goals are to make your life easier, to make it interesting, bright, full of meetings and joyful events.

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