Quest "Shabby hilt". "Shabby handle": guide

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Quest "Shabby hilt". "Shabby handle": guide
Quest "Shabby hilt". "Shabby handle": guide

Many gamers accuse multiplayer role-playing games of being too monotonous and monotonous, as they do not have any pronounced plot. But this is a big misconception, because, firstly, there is a plot in WoW, and it is quite exciting, although it does not develop as rapidly as many would like. Secondly, the game itself is filled with a variety of tasks that are not related to the plot, but can give you great pleasure. For their passage you will spend many hours, and you are unlikely to get bored. Quests differ from each other in absolutely everything, even the structure. You can use the example of the quest "The Worn Hilt" to demonstrate how the quest chain is formed in WoW, because it is you who will meet you more often than others.

What is a quest chain?

So, if you're playing a multiplayer role-playing game, you probably imagine that the tasks in it can be very different. Some quests are completed in one stage, that is, you are given a task, you complete it, after which you receive a reward for it. But in most cases, as in the quest "The Worn Hilt", everything is not limited to one stage. Sometimes there are many more. For example, inThe above quest has only eleven stages. How it works? You receive a certain task, fulfill its conditions, but instead of a reward, you go on the next mission.

worn hilt
worn hilt

Need to continue completing tasks until you get to the end of the quest, and only then you will receive a well-deserved reward. Naturally, it will be more valuable than in the case of one-stage quests. Accordingly, the more stages and the higher their complexity, the more desirable the reward. Now you have an idea of the quest chain, so you can proceed to the guide, which will guide you in detail through the quest "The Worn Hilt".

Quest start

In WoW, you can get a quest in various ways, for example, from an NPC. But the "Worn Hilt" quest is activated at the moment when you receive this quest item from a mob in one of the certain locations. Forge of Souls, Pits of Saron and Halls of Reflection are the locations where the Ghost Jailer and Ymirjar Skywalker mobs meet, and it is from them that you can knock out the item you need - a worn hilt. The chance of this, of course, is very small, so you need to either not think about it at all and hope for luck, not concentrating on dropping the quest item, or throw all your strength on its prey, that is, beat these mobs under the maximum number of buffs, increasing the likelihood of dropping the desired item.

quest shabby hilt
quest shabby hilt

When you get the worn hilt, you can take the first quest, which willbe named the same as the object. After that, you need to go to Icecrown and give the item you found to Miralia Sunblaze. This will end the "Shabby Hilt" quest, but the next stage of the chain will begin.

"What Dragons Know" and "Plans of the Silver Alliance"

The next step is much easier as you won't have to knock out items. This had to be done in order to get the quest "The Worn Hilt". If we talk about the tasks "What the dragons know" and "Plans of the Silver Union", then here you only need to move between locations. To complete the first task, you should go to the Dragonblight and talk with Kras there. The next target is Magister Hathorel, who lives in the "Sunreaver's Sanctuary" tavern - it is to him that you will turn in this quest, after which a new one will appear.

worn hilt horde
worn hilt horde

The second quest is a little more dynamic, because it will require you to go down to the Underbelly and go to one tavern, where you will find the Messenger of the Silver Union. He must be killed and taken from the body of the paper in order to take them to Hatorel. But at the exit from the tavern, be vigilant - another member of the union will attack you, which also needs to be eliminated - this will advance you in the Worn Hilt quest chain. Horde or Alliance - the tasks will be the same for both factions, so you can safely navigate this guide in any case.

"Proper disguise" and "Encounter with the Wizard"

worn hiltalliance
worn hiltalliance

In the first of these quests, you will have to play a mini-game with Shandi Shinyshine - you will need to help hang up the laundry - this is required to progress through the "Worn Handle" chain. Horde and Alliance, as noted earlier, are the same in this regard, so there is no need to worry about the differences. After the mini-game, you can take the camouflage cape and move on to the next task. There you will need to find Arcanist Tybalin, talk to him and take the book from him, which should then be taken to Hattorel. And again, the quest chain "Worn Hilt" is the same - the Alliance assumes the same actions as the Horde.

"Return to Miralia Sunblaze" and "Reforge the Sword"

worn hilt 3 3 5 horde
worn hilt 3 3 5 horde

The next task is extremely easy. You just need to return to the character indicated in the title - Miralia Sunshine. If you forgot where he is, you need to head to Icecrown. But the next task is much more difficult - you need to go to the dungeon, clear it, collect five saronite ingots, kill the boss and pick up his hammer, and then reforge the very sword that was mentioned at the beginning. After that, return to Miralia and continue your journey along the "Shabby Hilt" 3.3.5 chain (the Horde here is slightly different in passing from the Alliance, but it is almost imperceptible).

"Temper the Blade" and "Halls of Reflection"

shabby hilt guide
shabby hilt guide

In the next quest, the tactics are the same - clear the entire dungeon, get toboss and kill him, after which you temper the blade on the crucible that appears. And again, you need to return to Miralia to receive further instructions. You are unlikely to be surprised, but the next quest is also a journey into the dungeon, only this time you need to pick up a ready-made sword. It is well guarded, so you will have to work hard to get it. But in the end, it will still be with you. After that, you need to return to Miralia again.

"Journey to the Sunwell" and "Thalorien - Seeker of Dawn"

These are the last quests in the Worn Hilt series - the guide is nearing its logical conclusion. So, in the first task you need to go to the island of Kael Danas to talk with Halduron Brightwing. This quest is limited to visiting an NPC only. But the last order from the chain can be called the most interesting, as it is filled with events. So, you need to go to the south of the island where you spoke with Halduron.

On the Path of the Dead, life will no longer seem like a cakewalk, as representatives of the undead will constantly attack you. Fight them off and continue along the path until you spot remains that you can interact with. Make sure you're fully healed and ready to fight as the biggest battle of the entire questline is about to take place. When interacting with the remains, an event will start - an elf will join you, who will need to be protected from various undead. It is necessary to hold out for a certain time without dying and without giving the elfdie. After that, you can safely head to Halduron to claim a reward from him, as the quest chain has ended.


For every quest in the game you get a reward. Depending on the class of the character, for completing a certain task, you will receive either the rarest sword or an equally rare blunt weapon. It really is worth the effort to get these items.

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