Network utility is the key to safe and reliable network operation

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Network utility is the key to safe and reliable network operation
Network utility is the key to safe and reliable network operation

For high-quality and uninterrupted network operation - both local and external - it is necessary to carry out its monitoring and diagnostics in a timely manner. Anything can happen, from the theft of traffic to the ingress of virus programs into its environment. To prevent this from happening, the administrator must collect network data regularly, study current performance and take appropriate measures in case of problems.

What does a network check include?

Actually, checking the he alth of network connections is performed using special applications. Each network utility implements its own function and the administrator must have it.

To troubleshoot problems, check the following:

  • is each user connected to the network, is there data exchange with him;
  • Do users have access to core server protocols;
  • are IP addresses correctly assigned to each network client;
  • if the traffic is not exceeded, and whether the established limits/transfer rates correspond to the stated conditions.
Networksafe operation utility
Networksafe operation utility

Precisely because you have to do such painstaking work to stabilize the Network, you definitely need network programs and utilities. It is impossible to cope without them.

Purpose of network applications

Of course, this software is used not only as a preventive measure. If the user is good enough in computer technology and programs, then in case of any problems, he can use the Windows network utilities and troubleshoot on his own.

In general, the protection of the Network is not necessary from the internal work of users. Usually this is virus and malware, hacking attempts, phishing and sniffing.

Windows Network Utilities
Windows Network Utilities

The use of these applications in corporate and work networks is simply of enormous importance. It looks interesting when the utility suddenly detects a significant excess of network traffic on one of the computers. This means that one of the users is engaged in extraneous matters.

If the Internet suddenly starts to “slow down”, the speed of opening pages and network interaction has dropped, utilities will also come to the rescue. There are several reasons: a long download of large files (perhaps even extraneous ones) or problems on the part of the provider. But the network connection utility will determine everything. It will display the results of the check to the administrator.

Network Utilities

All applications used to test the operation of the Network have their own purpose and narrow specialization. This makes it possible to purposefully and precisely identifyproblem. Below is a list of the most popular network utilities:

Ping. This network utility controls the quality of packet exchange based on TCP/IP protocols. It sends a request to a specific network client and similarly receives a response packet from him. Based on the results of the test, the quality of the connection and the normalization of the network in this area are revealed

Ipconfig. The work of this utility converges on checking all data about the settings of network protocols and connections. In particular, how well the packet exchange works and whether client-server communication is performed

Network programs and utilities
Network programs and utilities
  • Tracert/Traceroute. A small utility that allows you to track all data routes over networks using TCP / IP protocols. Using its own settings and positioning tools, this network utility checks the he alth of routers, and also identifies which one has a problem.
  • Pathping. And this powerful utility is a combination of Tracert and Ping. Sends data across routers using an echo (request-response) effect. Based on the results, it analyzes and produces clear infographics.

Network programs

In addition to the above utilities, there is also a whole set of specialized programs, the purpose of which is to ensure the normal functionality of the network, identify and troubleshoot. And if the network utility performs only one action, then the program contains the whole complex of measures.

Network connection utility
Network connection utility

In addition, network programs have the following tools to ensure network security:

  1. Isolate shared files from third-party interference. This means setting different access levels for specific users.
  2. Forbid editing files. In cases where the file is used by one of the users, it will be blocked for all others.
  3. Client mail services. Performing data exchange.

Based on purpose, network programs can be roughly divided into three categories:

  • e-mail messages and instant messengers;
  • planning programs (warning systems);
  • programs with network keys for several users (both highly specialized and general).

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