GTA: San Andreas characters. Computer games

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GTA: San Andreas characters. Computer games
GTA: San Andreas characters. Computer games

GTA: San Andreas is considered one of the most successful games in the series. The concept here is classic. The character gets into trouble with gangs who want to divide the city, and completes their tasks, improving their reputation among various criminal clans. Many exciting missions, a large selection of cars with the possibility of tuning them, gang wars with the seizure of territory - this is not the whole list of what made a truly cult game out of the next brainchild of Rockstar Games. But this list would not be complete without the inclusion of such an important element as GTA: San Andreas characters. Many critics and gamers note the good elaboration of their characters and the organic interweaving into the storyline. Rockstar has created a city that you really want to live in, and each of the significant neighbors has its own unique destiny. But the original game did not stop its development, and over time, many mods and add-ons appeared. GTA: San Andreas - Mods - A few extra pages in the great history of the crime city, in which you can not get bored.

GTA San Andreas characters
GTA San Andreas characters

The voice acting has also become a feature of the game. All the main characters of GTA: San Andreas were voiced by iconicpersonalities. Basically, these are rap musicians.

Who's in charge at San Andreas?

It is clear that there are plenty of criminal leaders in the game, but the main character is trying to keep up with them. The central character of the game is named Carl Johnson (also abbreviated as CJ), and like most predecessors of the GTA series, he has a lot of problems with the law in part of the metropolis of Los Santos. After long attempts to change his failures with drugs and corruption scandals, the hero leaves his hometown and heads to Liberty City. The character Carl was voiced by actor Yang Milay. The prototype of the protagonist, most likely, could serve as a young vocalist of Faithless Maxi Jazz.

gta san andreas walkthrough
gta san andreas walkthrough

Return to San Andreas

After five years, Carl returns to his native place, then, in fact, the game GTA San Andreas begins. The passage starts after a preliminary communication with the police, to which Karl remains indebted. Eddie Pulaski and Frank Tenpenny are corrupt cops who promise to keep an eye on him. The gangster atmosphere is waiting for the main character again.

After a successful first bike ride, Carla meets his home, where he immediately learns about the murder charge. Native Grove Street is waiting for new adventures that will now accompany the main character on every corner. CJ will not tolerate the mistreatment of his family and therefore decides to return to business. Other important GTA San Andreas characters will help him.

What's new with CJ?

In addition to the fast driving of cars, bicycles and motorcycles, which has always been characteristic of GTA heroes, the main rebel of San Andreas has gained new skills that have not been seen before. Now Karl will be able to boast of the ability to swim, jump with a parachute. He will master fashion trends, constantly changing clothes and trying on new haircuts. But most importantly, the game has a new system that allows you to train your character. When driving, shooting and fisticuffs, these skills will grow. The gym will allow you to lose extra pounds and improve strength characteristics.

gta san andreas character textures
gta san andreas character textures

Some mods complement the already wide possibilities of the protagonist of GTA: San Andreas. Character textures can also be changed thanks to additions.

Game setting

San Andreas is a large fictional state where the main character will move. Actions begin with the city of Los Santos, where Carl's house is located. But after a few missions it will be possible to move on the map. At the same time, there are practically no restrictions similar to those encountered in previous GTA games. A variety of cars for GTA: San Andreas will help you overcome the path between distant places. And there really will be plenty to choose from.

In the state, it will be possible to visit and try out their opportunities in several cities, including: Los Santos, Las Venturas, Dillimore and Angel Pine. Different characters will be found in both urban and rural areas. But the main epicenter of events will still remain Grove Street in Los Angeles. Santos.

The game's territories are surprisingly vast, it takes months to get to know different corners of this game world, where unrivaled GTA: San Andreas characters await.

cars for gta san andreas
cars for gta san andreas

Fantastic Four

Carl would hardly have been able to advance further than Grove Street if not for his closest associates. The first part of the game ends with the fact that the four heroes (CJ, Sweet, Ryder and Big Smoke) fake their death by blowing up a car. These four most important characters in GTA: San Andreas will be a real storm in Los Santos. They are pioneers, after which many new characters for GTA: San Andreas will appear.

Big brother

Sean Sweet Johnson, nicknamed Sweet (Sean Sweet Johnson), is one of the most authoritative members of the Grove gang. He, like Karl, often takes risks for the sake of his family and is looking for a way to get revenge on the guilty members of the Ballas organization for killing his mother.

sean sweet johnson
sean sweet johnson

Because Karl left home 5 years ago, he and his brother cut off their ties for a long time, and now the relationship is not so strong. But after CJ's "large contribution" to the common cause, the friendship between the brothers again becomes strong and reliable. Sean has a rather serious character and often does not perceive the jokes of his comrades. The main goal of his life is to keep his family strong. He is wary of drug dealing and doesn't really like Mexican gangs.

Sweet was voiced by FaizonLove, who is known for his voice in the TV series Alf


Lance Wilson (Ryder, Lance Ryder Wilson) does not like to rush. He is the next door neighbor of the Johnson family. He likes NWA's Easy-E hip-hop artists. This character received the nickname Unpredictable because of his harsh nature. Ryder holds a grudge against Carl for running away from the city during hard times. He is constantly sarcastic about this topic. For the first time, the main character interacts with Lance during the robbery of a local restaurant chain, which is constantly represented in the games of the Grand Theft Auto series. The first attempt was unsuccessful, but that was just the beginning.

GTA San Andreas characters
GTA San Andreas characters

Throughout the game, Ryder never took off his black glasses, and his feature is the constant smoking of cigars. He constantly tries to demonstrate his level of intelligence, considering himself a genius (maybe because he once dropped out of school).

Behind Ryder's voice is MC Eiht, a California rapper who became famous for his role in the film Menace II Society.

Where is the Big Smoke from?

Big Smoke is the name of the friends of Melvin Big Smoke Harris, who closes the great four of the local gangsters. Smoke is a rather obese uncle who always wants to eat. His views on drugs differ from the Svitovs, and there are some plans to open a drug business near San Fierro. But this idea does not have the support of the rest of the gang members. The intrigue remains whether Smoke can resist the temptation of a big jackpot on the side. Melvin has a lot of ambition and a lot of shops in the area under the hood. In Smoke's missions, it will be possible totry a variety of cars for GTA: San Andreas.

Smoke's voice belongs to Clifton Powell, who featured in Brothers in Arms.

new characters for gta san andreas
new characters for gta san andreas

A family is incomplete without women

Kendl Johnson is one of the few main female characters in the game. She is quite grouchy, but loves both brothers. True, Kendl cannot understand Sean's dislike for the Mexicans. By the way, he often has an affair with them. But when you need to speed up an important process or direct the brothers on the right path - she is right there! The sister does not participate in missions, but is a rather interesting character. One of the gangs that the guys from Grove Street oppose, the Orange Grove Families, is related to her, since her boyfriend Caesar Vialpando is from there. Karl is trying in every possible way to change the situation and quarrel an incompatible couple.

caesar vialpando
caesar vialpando

Other important characters

In fact, the game has a lot of both primary and characters that play a less prominent role. But in order to collect them all, it would take a whole encyclopedia. Here we will try to add those who left a really important mark on the fate of CJ and the promotion of the GTA storyline. Based on the biographies of these characters, one can get an idea of the close connection of the game with African American culture, and in particular with music. GTA: San Andreas mods have also added some interesting characters to the game.

Parody of a gangsta rap singer

Og Loc (Jefferey OG Loc Martin),who appears a few missions after the start of the game, really looks like a failed singer. He is hung with chains, wears a bandana, but nothing special stands out. Geoffrey is almost harmless, having no problems with the police other than a few parking tickets. He tries to create a unique style in music, in which hip-hop and reggae should be mixed. In the game you can listen to what he composes. Og Lock is a comic parody of the rapper in general.

gta san andreas mods
gta san andreas mods

Legend Hermit

Madd Dogg is the opposite of Martin, a legendary rap musician who broadcasts on one of the main radio stations - Radio Los Santos. He used to work hard and sell millions of copies of records, but lives in seclusion in the game. Mad's mansion in Vinewood Hills will be an entertaining object from an interesting mission in the style of ste alth action games. Mad does not want to participate in the turbulent life of local groups anymore and has isolated himself in the wilderness. But there is also a dark side of the biography - now he is a slave to drugs and alcohol.

Old Rice

Old Reece is a good-natured man who owns a chain of hairdressers. In each of them you can learn something new about life around. And the barbershop, where Old Rees himself works, is a place where Karl is always ready not only to cut his hair, but also to talk. Rhys is especially fond of Carl and is always willing to provide a little extra work if CJ needs it.

Love Failed

CJ will have several flings in the game. One of the most dangerous is Catalina. She isis ready to shoot Karl and can immediately throw herself on his neck. A girl with a beautiful voice and amazing Mexican pronunciation, who is always ready to stand up for herself and even clean up the nearby settlements.

Catalina is the second most important female character in the game. Lives in the countryside, in a small van, in the hills. Karl will have to help her in some unforgettable tasks.

Bad Cop

Frank Tenpenny is one of the main villains of the game. Even though he wears a police badge. He absorbed all the stereotypes inherent in the law enforcement officer of the black quarter. Constantly sarcastic and plays a double game. He occupies an important place throughout the storyline. And the part of the game after Karl's kidnapping is based on the evil plans of this antagonist.

Tenpenny's character was voiced by the unrivaled Samuel L. Jackson.

frank tenpenny
frank tenpenny

Game GTA: San Andreas, the passage of which is hard to forget, has created many amazing characters that will long remain in the memory of fans of the series. There are many more funny, charismatic or simply naive characters waiting to be revealed, such as Officer Pulaski (Tenpenny's partner), Mike Toreno the anarchist, the lucky Barry Thorne, the funny Woozy and the hate-filled Truth.

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