Bandicam: program settings

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Bandicam: program settings
Bandicam: program settings

Bandicam is a program designed to record video from a monitor. But, as in any other program, a new user may initially not understand it. Although Bandicam's interface is simple, situations like this do happen.

In this article, we will analyze the Bandicam program in detail. Its settings are configured in a standard way, so every person who has read this article to the end will easily understand all the material presented.

Where can I download Bandicam?

But before talking about how Bandicam is set up, you need to initially mention where to download the program. This software representative is very popular, there are a lot of sources from where you can download it, so most users make a gross mistake.

The fact is that many clones of the official program are infected with malware. This is explained very simply. Since the program found success with the average consumer, the attackers immediately figured out where to place their viruses. After downloading the program from the official site, they implant malicious code into it and upload the modified version to another, unreliable source.

So, in order not to become a victim of an attacker and not infect your computer with viruses, it is best to download from the official website of the developer himself.

bandicam settings
bandicam settings

Now, after a short introduction, we can talk directly about Bandicam. The program settings will be analyzed in detail, so that no one will have any questions.

Presets for recording

First of all, in Bandicam, settings need to be configured from the FPS tab. Roughly speaking, this will affect the interface that will be displayed during shooting. In addition, some settings directly affect the performance of the computer.

So what do you need to do to set the frame rate correctly? First of all, from the main screen of the program, go to the tab called FPS. Already on it, find the checkbox, next to which it says "Position on the screen." By checking the box, specify the location next to where the same frame rate indicator will be displayed. By the way, here you can also specify a hot key, by pressing which this indicator will appear or disappear.

bandicam setup
bandicam setup

If you look a little lower, at the "FPS limit" column, you can set the same limit by checking the box next to the parameter of the same name and specifying the limit in the field next to it. If your computer is low-power, then it is recommended to set 30 FPS, if vice versa, then 60 frames per second. In the case when you want to set a limit only after the startrecording, check the box next to "Only when capturing", this parameter is responsible for this.

In general, this is all that can be said about the preliminary settings for recording video from the monitor in the Bandicam program. The settings that will be discussed below will affect more significant parameters that directly affect both the quality of the recording and the recording itself.

Set up audio and video

So, now the Bandicam settings for games will be affected, as you might guess, this program is most often downloaded for these purposes.

The presented setting also originates from the main screen of the program. Only this time you need to go to the tab called "Video". No matter how strange it may be, on this tab, not only video, but also audio is configured.

There is nothing complicated in the video settings interface. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the "Record" column. Here, by ticking the item "Start / Stop - hot key", specify the same key. Press it during the game, video recording will start, press again to end it. The remaining items in this column can be canceled, as they are not needed to set up Bandicam for recording games.

setting up bandicam for games
setting up bandicam for games

In the same column, click on the settings button, a window will appear in front of you. In it, you need to check the "Record sound" checkbox and select the name of your speakers in the first drop-down list. In the column "Additional device" the microphone is definedfor voice recording. You can skip this step if you don't want to record yourself.

That's all, the audio and video setup is complete. Of course, there are still many parameters for adjustment, but they are all initially set in such a way as to provide more or less high-quality recording. As for improving it, we'll talk about it later.

Improving the quality of shooting

In Bandicam, the settings that affect the quality of shooting are in the same tab - "Video". You just need to find the "Format" column. There, click on the "Settings" button. In the window that appears, you need to pay attention to the following items:

  • file format;
  • size;
  • FPS;
  • quality;
  • bitrate;
  • frequency.
bandicam settings for game recording
bandicam settings for game recording

To improve the quality of video shooting, you need to set the maximum settings of the same parameters that are listed. Except only the file format, you need to select AVI there.

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