List of games with artifacts: names and reviews

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List of games with artifacts: names and reviews
List of games with artifacts: names and reviews

Searching for artifacts in games is one of the main activities, as they help improve the character's skill statistics. In many games, special attention is paid to this - they will be presented later. Here is their list:

  • "Stalker: Call of Pripyat".
  • "Borderlands 2".
  • "Artifact".
  • "Invasion 2: Artifact".

Let's look at each of them.

Stalker: Call of Pripyat

S. T. A. L. K. E. R.: Call of Pripyat
S. T. A. L. K. E. R.: Call of Pripyat

The developers decided to get away from the main concept of "Marked" and "Arrow". The plot of the third part about the mysterious Zone begins with the appearance of Major Degtyarev, who is investigating the loss of five military helicopters. Under the guise of an ordinary stalker, he penetrates into the thick of events taking place on the territory of the Zone: wars between factions, fighting monsters, overcoming obstacles in the form of anomalies and confrontation with the Zone itself.

Artifacts in the game "Stalker: Call of Pripyat" play an important role, because without them you cannot survive on the territory of Pripyat. Some basic andadditional tasks cannot be completed without a certain artifact. Artifacts of the game "Call of Pripyat" can be obtained by completing tasks or simply finding.

The search for treasured "pebbles" is carried out with the help of a special artifact detector, which the Major has in his inventory. It will not be possible to notice it from afar, but when the player is near the desired object, the detector signal will become more frequent and an artifact will appear.

Artifacts in the game
Artifacts in the game

Passing some places requires the presence of certain artifacts, since many anomalies cannot be overcome, and if you have the right stone in your inventory, then it will not be difficult to pass the problem place.

The number of artifacts that you can take with you depends on which exoskeleton the character is wearing. The better the armor, the more slots for artifacts in the game. The properties of these mysterious stones can be very diverse: protection from radiation, restoration of he alth, invulnerability to a certain type of anomaly, and so on. A good example of a variation of the "looking for artifacts" game.

Game reviews

Of course, not much has changed in the last part without numbering in terms of the game part, but the storyline is noticeably shorter than the previous parts.

Many players speak positively about this game. The majority tends to believe that the atmosphere in the game is simply amazing, because an unknown and mysterious theme of that time was used - the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the consequences of this tragedy.

However, no negative feedbackmanaged - they do not concern the game itself, but some players want to see the long-awaited sequel, which is still missing.


Great cel-shaded FPS tells the extraordinary story of four Vault Hunters. On the planet Pandora, which is on the outskirts of the Galaxy, the president of the Hyperion company, Handsome Jack, decided to clean up the mess. However, not everyone agrees with his method of government - to destroy the bandits and establish order on the planet.

Four heroes from the first part decided to fight for their freedom and at the same time prevent a megalomaniac tyrant from opening another Vault. In order to get rid of competitors in his search, Jack decides to lure other adventurers to the planet and get rid of them. The new heroes challenge the President of Hyperion and engage in a fight with him.

The character's inventory was changed when the first seekers opened the Vault and provoked a surge of Eridium, an ore that has unusual properties. It was then that unique weapons with Eridian technologies and artifacts appeared in the game.

Borderlands 2
Borderlands 2

Their appearance significantly affected the gameplay. Artifacts in the game help to improve the player's skills, if in the first part they had exclusively elemental properties, then in the second they are improved assistants. Artifact modifiers can increase the damage of certain weapons, increase the amount of he alth and recovery, affect elemental damage, reduce timeactive skill recovery and much more.

artifacts in Borderlands 2
artifacts in Borderlands 2

In the inventory, the artifact is in one of the lower slots, next to the grenade modifier, shield and class modifier.

artifacts in inventory
artifacts in inventory

User reviews

Unusual graphics style many players like, as well as the storyline. The more developed skill tree has not been left without attention, which has become much more deployed. The appearance now changes in the hotel station, where you can change the head and clothing colors. Here you can also change the name and reset the skill points.

A more picky circle of players leans towards the negative opinion that "Borderlands 2" is an analogue of "Diablo", only in the first person with firearms.

Game "Artifact" from Valve

Artifact Game by Valve
Artifact Game by Valve

At the end of November 2018, the computer game "Artifact" was released. This is a card game that belongs to the Dota-2 universe. This combination allows you to fully enjoy the digital board game.

In the game "Artifact" from "Valve" cards are divided into four color categories: Red, Green, Blue and Black. Characters depicted on red cards are capable of absorbing a large amount of damage. Black cards have quite a lot of damage. Blue cards are characters with magical abilities. The green color of the cards means that the characters in this deck havesupport.

The essence of the passage of the game "Artifact": from the deck you can choose one of the five Heroes - the main characters. The color of the Hero is very important, since only a card with red abilities can be applied to a red character.

One round is allocated three fields for the implementation of battles. Turn-based combat strategy allows you to calculate your own and enemy steps ahead, preventing a deadly attack, and parry attacks.

To play together with friends, just invite a friend, determine the rules of the battle from the proposed parameters and start a friendly tournament. Upon reaching victory, players receive bonuses that are fully consistent with their current level.

To improve your skills, online battles are available to be able to compete with players from all over the world.

Reviews for the game

Despite the fact that the game was released quite recently, its early access version made a good impression on players who are fans of Dota-2. Most gamers consider this game a great way to escape from everyday work. It is possible to sell and purchase special cards on the Steam Marketplace.

Negative feedback "fell" on the head of the developers when they announced the final cost of the game. However, after buying the game for 1400 rubles, the players were even more indignant, as in-game purchases disappointed them. To expand the parameters of the tournament, you need to purchase cards and levels, and few people want this.

Invasion 2: Artifact

Image"Invasion 2: Artifact"
Image"Invasion 2: Artifact"

Flash games do not lose their popularity even in the era of network clients such as Steam, Origin or GOG. Unlike them, the game "Invasion 2: Artifact" is launched online from the browser.

So, the game is a direct continuation of the first part, where the player has to defend his tower from the attacks of various evil spirits, orcs and sorcerers. The task is to build fences in such a way that the enemy could not get to the tower of the king and destroy it. You can use defensive artillery, defensive barriers and ingenious traps. Your army can be trained, which increases their he alth and damage to the enemy.

By training defenders, you can place them in certain places where their attacks will be more productive. Archers - this class is designed to protect the tower from the air. The Witch Doctor class will slow down the enemy in both movement speed and attack speed.

You can exercise control over your army using the user panel. A competent alignment of forces and a strategic approach will allow you to set up an ideal defense and prevent enemies from taking possession of the tower.

Player Reviews

The positive feedback is about the design of the game, which many people liked. Such arcades allow you to have a good time at the computer, completely relaxing.

Negative reviews affect the issue of protection, since the game only startsfrom a browser, it's hard to find a site with a secure connection.

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