The game "The Walking Dead": the passage and tactics of the game

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The game "The Walking Dead": the passage and tactics of the game
The game "The Walking Dead": the passage and tactics of the game

The TV series "The Walking Dead", which tells how the world was struck by an unprecedented virus that turns people into zombies, swept the world with great success. It is one of the highest-grossing TV series to date and is considered by many to be one of the best in history. It tells about people who were able to survive and continue to fight for survival when the whole world plunged into darkness. However, it is worth noting that the series is gradually fading into the background, because the game based on it has come forward. It received the same name - The Walking Dead, or "The Walking Dead", but at the same time it has only superficial similarities directly with the cinematic version.

Of course, the action takes place in the same game universe, in the computer version there are even characters that everyone is already familiar with from the series, but this is where the similarities end. The series is in itself, and the computer game is separate "The Walking Dead". Passing it will take you not very much time, but it will bring just an incredible amount of pleasure, and largely thanks to the genre. The game canattributed to interactive cinema, that is, you do not have to act so much as to watch the events unfolding on the monitor, periodically influencing them, solving riddles and choosing dialogue lines. As a result, all your statements and decisions will have a direct impact on how the game will develop, that is, it is fully interactive, which has attracted a huge number of gamers.

Episode One: "A New Day"

walking dead walkthrough
walking dead walkthrough

So, it's time to start an exciting journey through a world inhabited by zombies, in which ordinary people have to survive in difficult conditions. Lee Everett is the protagonist of the first season of The Walking Dead game, the passage of which will make you experience a whole range of emotions, because you will definitely be saturated with sympathy for some characters, antipathy for others. Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions, sometimes you just can’t influence events, and all this is experienced much more strongly than in the series. After all, on TV you only watch other characters, and in the game you lead one of them, you associate yourself with him. Moreover, Lee's little companion named Clementine makes gamers even more pity and compassion, makes them try to protect her by all means.

But you will meet Clementine later, and the game itself begins with Lee being driven in a police car, handcuffed. He is convicted for the murder of his wife, but he is not destined to go to prison - a police car has an accident, knocking down a man. As it turned out in the end, thiswas not a man, but a zombie, but the main threat will not come from him at all. The fact is that the driver of the car died and turned into a zombie, and you have to shoot him with his own shotgun to escape. Naturally, the sounds of the shot attracted other walkers, so you with a wound in your leg need to escape behind the nearest fence. It is here that you will meet Clementine, with whom you will go further. The first survivors you meet will ask you to help clear the road so they can leave by car - for this they will take you with them. Of course, you should not refuse such an opportunity, so agree, and in the end you will find yourself on the Hershell farm, which is familiar from the series. There, after talking with various characters, you will have to make the first choice in the game - the zombies will attack the son of Hershell, as well as the boy Duck, the son of Ken. You need to choose who to save. As a result, Hershell's son will die anyway, but if you try to save him, Hershell will be more lenient towards you. On the other hand, Ken will not forgive you for this, and you will have to travel with him until the very end.

These are the choices you'll face in The Walking Dead. The passage, in fact, is linear, but at the same time, many details of the final picture depend on your choice. So, together with Ken and his family, you go on a journey until the car runs out of gas. To escape the zombies, you need to run into the store, where you will meet with the next group of survivors, who will welcome you more than Hershell's group.

Continuation of "Newof the day"

the walking dead season 1 walkthrough
the walking dead season 1 walkthrough

This is not the end of the first episode - you still have to get out of the store, and it's not as easy to do it as in other parts of the Walking Dead game. Passage in a sense requires you not only ingenuity, but also dexterity, speed, good reaction. You need to talk to all the new acquaintances, and after all, in the game, a limited amount of time is given for an answer, and if you do not fit in, then Lee is silent, which is unlikely to please the interlocutor. However, as well as unpleasant remarks. As a result, another survivor gets in touch and asks for help - this is Glenn from the series. Together with him, you have to look into the motel room, where an infected woman is hiding, who asks to give her a gun so that she can shoot herself. But when there is a zombie apocalypse in the yard, weapons are very important, so it's better to refuse - she will still go out and shoot herself, but you will keep the weapon. After that, you need to go back and get the key to the pharmacy in order to save one of the characters after a heart attack. Distract the crowd of zombies with TVs and take the key from the body of your dead brother. Then you have to survive the zombie assault, in which you will have to decide who will die: Duck or Carly. With a girl, Lee begins to develop a relationship, while Dak is also not a bad guy. The choice is yours.

This, in principle, ends the first episode of the game "The Walking Dead". Season 1, the passage of which is divided into five episodes, will still bring many surprises. But separatelyit is worth noting that Larry, whom you saved from an attack, will push you out of the saving door, but Kenny will help, since before that you will save Clementine. Gradually, he will forgive you for what happened on the farm, and you will become best friends.

Episode Two: "Wanting for Help"

walking dead game walkthrough
walking dead game walkthrough

Episode 2 takes place three months after The Walking Dead Season 1 began. The passage does not become more difficult or easier, it remains at the same level, but the interest increases every minute. At the very beginning of the episode in the forest, you meet students and a teacher who are attacked by zombies. The teacher gets his foot in a trap, and one of the students is immediately eaten. You can save a person who has fallen into a trap by cutting off his leg with an ax. Together with another student, Ben, go to the camp. Naturally, some individuals do not like this, since there is not enough food for everyone. Here you have the most difficult task: to divide four units of food into ten hungry people. Decide who you like best, but keep in mind that the hungry get even angrier. Unfortunately, the rescued teacher dies and then turns into a zombie and attacks the survivors. He manages to be neutralized, and Ben says that the bite is not needed at all to become a zombie - all people are already infected. After that, you will meet with two brothers from the farm, to which part of your group will go, although you are against it, because you feel an ambush. Many unusual things will happen on the farm, including Mark being wounded in the shoulder. The result of everything will be a festive dinner during the famine, but Lee will have to break the idyll. Going to visit Mark, you will find him in a secret room on the floor, covered in blood and with severed legs. It turns out that the brothers and their mother eat a lot of meat due to the fact that this meat is human. The walkthrough of the game "The Walking Dead" takes an unexpected turn, and you need to stop the celebration until people have eaten human meat. But for this you get hit on the head and pass out.

Continuation of the chapter "The need for help"

the walking dead 2 walkthrough
the walking dead 2 walkthrough

Come to your senses you are already in the freezer - there are also several other survivors. The passage of the game "The Walking Dead" implies that you can even find a way out of such a situation, but then a problem appears on your way: Larry's heart can not stand it, he again has a heart attack. No matter how much Larry annoys you, killing him in front of Clementine is not worth it, but Kenny has other plans. He mercilessly kills the old man, after which you can exit the freezer. For the rest of the chapter, you will take turns dealing with the brothers and their mother, who turned out to be no less lively than themselves. But in the end, if you are quick enough, you can defeat everyone. The mother will die at the hands of zombies, but you can decide the fate of the brothers yourself: finish off or let go. Remember that your decisions will affect the further process, as well as the game "The Walking Dead 2" - the walkthrough is built from each of your small decisions. After that you have to leavefrom the farm, and along the way you will come across an abandoned car full of supplies. Clementine does not want to take someone else's, so again you have to choose: take the side of the girl or the growling stomach.

Third chapter: "On a long journey"

walking dead 2 walkthrough
walking dead 2 walkthrough

As already mentioned, your every action affects how the game progresses. The Walking Dead 2 will also depend on the first part, so always keep that in mind. In the third episode, you will first have to raid the pharmacy in order to collect as many supplies and medicines as possible before you are attacked by zombies. After that comes an important point: you need to tell that you are a fugitive. Most will treat this news with understanding, and someone will even respect you for such honesty. But you don’t have to rejoice for long, because it turns out that supplies are disappearing from the warehouse. The investigation leads to not the most joyful end - it turns out that Ben gave some of the supplies to the bandits so that they would not touch the group. Just at this moment, those same robbers appear who demand their share. This time, no one will give them anything, but they will have to leave the shelter. In the process, Duck gets bitten by a walker, making the atmosphere even more oppressive. But the real turning point happens on the road, when a quarrel flares up over what happened in the camp. Lilly loses her mind almost literally, but the quarrel is stopped by a walker stuck in the wheels. While they get him, the quarrel flares up on a new scale, andLilly kills Carly, with whom you begin to develop a romantic relationship. Apparently, because of the zombie apocalypse and the death of her father, she started having problems with her head. You have to leave it in the middle of the road - even such decisions are thrown at you by the passage. The Walking Dead 1 is a true masterpiece of drama, and you can already see it for yourself. But then things get even more dramatic.

On the train

walking dead walkthrough 1
walking dead walkthrough 1

You can’t move further in the van, and you need to transfer to the train, which you will have to start manually - this is such a varied walkthrough in the game. The Walking Dead: Episode 1 is a kind of introduction that only occasionally threw you into the thick of things, and now you need to solve full-fledged puzzles. By the way, here one more person will join you, and also on the way you will need to teach Clementine how to shoot and prepare her for the harsh future. By train, you will reach the bridge, from which a cistern has hung, blocking the way. With the help of two survivors on the bridge, you eliminate the obstacle, but hordes of zombies are already approaching the train. You have to set fire to the tank and jump to the train, and one of the survivors injures his leg, and you need to choose who to save - if you save him, then his girlfriend will jump on the train herself. The walkthrough of The Walking Dead 1 is all about making these decisions, so be prepared.

Chapter Four: "Around Every Corner"

The next episode will tell you how the survivors got to the citySavannah, but there the situation only worsened. Instead of friendly residents, they were met by even larger crowds of zombies. Here you have to go through many trials: the murder of a zombie boy resembling Dak, a meeting with another group of survivors, as well as the news that there is a cult of the strong in Savannah who have created their own settlement and do not let anyone else go there. Meanwhile, an unknown person radios the survivors and lures Clementine to him, telling her that he knows where her parents are.

Crawford and the disappearance of Clementine

Finally you reach the vaunted city, which turns out to be completely extinct - only zombies are around. You have to flee, gaining new allies, losing them, and most importantly - losing Clementine. The stranger got his way, and Clem went to him, hoping that she would find her parents. So now your goal is to save her.

Who will go with you?

Of course, Lee himself will go in search of Clem, but who will keep him company? It depends on what decisions you made during the game and what kind of relationship you have with this or that character. Of course, it will be more convenient if everyone follows you, but this is not so easy to achieve.

walkthrough the walking dead episode 1
walkthrough the walking dead episode 1

Last episode

Here comes the very moment when you need to save Clem. Not everyone will survive, but everyone will move towards a common goal. As a result, it turns out that she was kidnapped by the owner of the car, which was robbed by the survivors. He found Clem's lost walkie-talkie and followed through it all the actions of the survivors. Naturally, Lee succeedsdefeat the opponent and get Clementine out of this zombie hell, but unfortunately he is also bitten, so it ends up with a farewell scene in which Clementine kills Lee so that he does not become a zombie.

This is such a dramatic game that is nothing like another game called "The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct". Its passage is based on killing zombies from different types of weapons. This is a fairly simple shooter that is far from the masterpiece discussed above. If you're having trouble, check out the walkthrough with Brain. "The Walking Dead" by this video blogger are considered in great detail. However, it is worth saying that it is better to experience this genre of game on your own. At the same time, Brain completed the walkthrough of the game "The Walking Dead" at the highest level, so it's still worth getting acquainted with his creation if you wish.

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