List of the best first-person RPG games on PC

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List of the best first-person RPG games on PC
List of the best first-person RPG games on PC

Role-playing games, often referred to simply as RPGs, are loved by millions of gamers. This is not surprising, because they provide an opportunity to get into a magical world where the further development of the plot depends on the decisions made by the hero. It's up to you to decide whether your virtual protégé will be a knight in shining armor or become a notorious villain.

Separately, it is worth highlighting RPGs from the first person, allowing you to see everything that happens through the eyes of the protagonist and really get used to the role. This article is dedicated to such games.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The hype around this first-person RPG on PC has been going on ever since it was announced. And I must say that there were objective reasons for that. The developers decided to make the project a kind of life simulator in the Middle Ages, and not create another game about dragons and elves, who have already had time to get bored with everyone. Again, in the role of the protagonist hereit is not some standard chosen one who is speaking, but the son of an ordinary blacksmith, who, by chance, has fallen into a maelstrom of exciting events.

First-person RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance
First-person RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Besides this, Kingdom Come: Deliverance boasts a complex but even more interesting combat system. Here you do not have to call enemies with the mouse. Only competent timings and the ability to predict the actions of the enemy will help you win the battles. By the way, the range of battles in the game is also quite diverse. You will have to participate in duels one on one, as well as in confrontations between the warring armies.

The Elder Scrolls series

Probably the most recognizable first-person RPGs. The games in The Elder Scrolls series are different in that they give you almost complete freedom of action. It is not necessary, and even undesirable, to simply follow the storyline, because once you leave it, you will immediately discover a lot of side quests, find yourself in funny situations, and just get acquainted with the history of the game world and its inhabitants.

First-person RPG The Elder Scrolls
First-person RPG The Elder Scrolls

Another plus of TES is that this series has a huge number of fans. They, by the way, do not sit idly by, but periodically release modifications for games that change them radically. Thanks to this, the story, which, it would seem, has been studied far and wide, will be able to play with new colors for you.

Bioshock Series

Rather, not a first-person RPG, but a shooter with RPG elements. Howeverless not to mention this series would be blasphemy. Even though the emphasis in Bioshock is on gunfights and other action, there is character development, a non-linear story that depends on the actions of the hero, and a well-developed plot. Simply put, this game has all the ingredients of a quality RPG.

Bioshock first-person RPG
Bioshock first-person RPG

The second thing that any of the parts of Bioshock takes for the soul is a unique setting. The developers' fantasies can only be envied, because for the three games that were released as part of the franchise, they managed to first send the heroes to conquer the depths of the sea, and then moved the scene high into the sky. In general, there is a contrast.

And, finally, as you play through any of the games in the series, you will encounter detailed characters. Each of them has its own history, the development of which is really interesting to follow. It is unlikely that this will leave anyone indifferent.

Fallout 3, 4, New Vegas

RPG first-person PC games about survival in a post-apocalyptic world. The Fallout series, regardless of the part, is famous for its well-developed plot, deep character development system, as well as signature dark humor.

Fallout first-person RPG
Fallout first-person RPG

At your disposal will be a huge open world full of destroyed cities, small settlements founded by survivors, as well as inhabitants, including not only people, but also mutants that appeared under the influence of radiation. It is in such conditions that the main character finds himself. But then he is free to either help those in trouble, orenrich themselves by taking advantage of their helplessness. Fortunately, the game does not limit your choice in any way, so you can easily play the role of a bad guy if you want.

Borderlands 1, 2

And again, the list of first-person RPGs is replenished by an unusual representative of the genre. In Borderlands you have to really shoot a lot, but this in no way detrimentally affects the plot or the role-playing component.

By the way, character development in the game is non-standard. You will not improve the characteristics or skills of the hero, but pump this or that weapon. By the way, each gun has a lot of development options, so you certainly won’t be left without variability.

RPG first-person shooter Borderlands
RPG first-person shooter Borderlands

As for the plot, it is, as is typical for games of this genre, non-linear. Every choice you make will have consequences, so you need to make decisions very carefully. Moreover, the game supports a cooperative mode, so the development of the plot and the passage of certain locations will depend not only on you, but also on your partner.

Deus Ex Series

Probably the best first person RPG in cyberpunk setting. According to the plot of the game, in the near future, science has made great progress in the field of modifications to the human body. Conventional prostheses have been replaced by high-tech implants that are not inferior to real organs, and sometimes even surpass them. But, as is usually the case, inventions intended for good were turned into weapons.

First-person RPG on PC Deus Ex
First-person RPG on PC Deus Ex

In Deus Exyou have to play as a modified person. Pumping here is done in the form of installing or upgrading implants, which, in turn, open up new skills. At the same time, it will not be possible to study absolutely all abilities, so you should approach this process responsibly.

Besides this, the game is famous for its variability. So, one and the same task can be completed head-on, shooting all enemies, getting to the desired point without attracting attention, or even persuading your opponents using conversational skills.

Legend of Grimrock 1, 2

This first-person RPG is notable for the fact that here you have to control not one, but four heroes at once. You play the role of prisoners who find themselves in a not very pleasant situation. So, in the first part, the characters are sent to prison, which is located in the center of the mountain, and in the second, the characters end up on a mysterious island.

In addition to the standard role-playing game components, such as leveling up and finding equipment, there are also riddles in Legend of Grimrock. You will have to sweat a lot, solving them, but the reward will fully justify all the efforts expended. In addition, in the game you can not only fight against numerous monsters, but also engage in fishing, making potions, searching for treasures and exploring locations.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Remember everything that was said in this article about The Elder Scrolls series? Huge open world, interesting plot, many different quests and so on. Now imagine everything the same, but on a scalemultiplayer game - this will be The Elder Scrolls Online. Here you are still destined for great feats, but for the most part you will not do them alone, but in the company of faithful companions.

At the same time, even if you don't like multiplayer projects, TESO will work great as a quality single. It is interesting to follow history, to participate in it and to some extent even influence it. Moreover, the developers regularly add new content, so the game's story unfolds right before your eyes.

First-Person Multiplayer RPG The Elder Scrolls Online
First-Person Multiplayer RPG The Elder Scrolls Online

The only thing that can scare you away is that the project is distributed on a paid basis. You will have to buy every new expansion if you want to participate in all the adventures.

Vampire: The Masqerade – Bloodlines

One of the few first person RPGs about vampires. The game begins with an unexpected bite, after which you have to comprehend all the delights of nightlife. It is noteworthy that the local vampires, unlike their bookish, and even more so cinematic counterparts, are devoid of all sorts of clichéd weaknesses like the fear of crosses, garlic and holy water. However, sunlight still kills them.

First-person RPG Vampire: The Masqerade – Bloodlines
First-person RPG Vampire: The Masqerade – Bloodlines

A hero who has just become a vampire will have to master his new role, and you, accordingly, will help him in every possible way on this difficult path. Along the way, you will complete a variety of quests, which, fortunately, are not limited to "bringkill”, as well as make new acquaintances. As a result, the story, which began very banal, will develop into a large-scale conflict, in which, of course, you have a key role.


It's hard to believe, but Nehrim is not a game with a big budget, developed by a famous studio, but just a global modification for TES IV: Oblivion. I must say that the creators of this first-person RPG did their best and made it completely different from the original. Nehrim has a completely different leveling system, improved graphics, a world full of random events and a completely non-trivial plot. What can we say, if the developers drew each location by hand, and did not use procedural generation.

Also, the overall atmosphere in Nehrim is much darker than in Oblivion. For example, completing one of the quests, you have to fall into slavery and endure all the hardships of a slave life. The plot itself revolves around the desire of people not to blindly obey the will of the gods, but to decide their own destinies.

Deus Ex: The Fall

Great first-person RPG on Android. The Fall is a mobile spin-off of the PC version of Deus Ex. Nevertheless, the project is completely independent and in no way repeats the original.

RPG from the first person on "Android" Deus Ex: The Fall
RPG from the first person on "Android" Deus Ex: The Fall

The game takes place in the same recognizable futuristic setting, and the plot is mostly devoted to modified people. As in the original Deus Ex, you will find interesting tasks, difficult situations with different solutions, andalso a lot of elaborate dialogues. It is also worth noting the deep development system of the main character, thanks to which you can implement completely different pumping options.

And a little more about Android

Also, do not forget that you can install the so-called emulator on your Android phone. This is a special program that allows you to run games from various consoles and consoles on your mobile device.

For example, games from PlayStation 1 will work perfectly even on an old smartphone, and even applications from PlayStation 2 and PSP will run on powerful models. In other words, the range of first-person RPGs is by no means limited to only those projects that came out specifically for Android.

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