Notebook Asus x55a - specifications and description

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Notebook Asus x55a - specifications and description
Notebook Asus x55a - specifications and description

Asus x55a, the characteristics of which we are considering today, has long been out of production. You can buy this laptop only with hands. Considering that the Asus x55a price was low even "in life", now it will cost the buyer mere pennies and is ideal for teaching someone the basics of working with computer equipment.

asus x55a specs
asus x55a specs


There are several different modifications of this model. Depending on the specific assembly, laptop components can vary significantly. For example, its processor. There are two options that could be used and both include a dual core processor:

  1. Intel Celeron Dual-Core 1.6 GHz. It is based on the Ivy bridge kernel and has a L3 memory size of 2 MB. If you are unlucky and got a laptop with this particular processor model, then you will have to use it carefully. The device does not have a "turbo mode", which means that it is not necessary to count on an increase in power.
  2. Intel Pentium Dual-Core 2.4 GHz. This processor is already much better. It will provide high performance and allow you to support even the newest operating systems. Of course, calling a laptop a gaming one still fails, but most applications andgames 2-3 years old will run on it.

In general, the characteristics of the Asus x55a laptop correspond to the level of the processor and are on the same level of performance. You will see for yourself now.

asus x55a price
asus x55a price


We continue to consider various configurations of Asus x55a, the characteristics also change. Before you may be a modification with 2 and 4 gigabytes of RAM. This is too little for any modern technology, given the cost of new applications in terms of resources.

However, there is a positive side. The Asus x55a laptop motherboard supports expansion up to 8 gigabytes of RAM, so if you need a little more than what the manufacturer offers, you can always contact the workshop for an increase in volume.

Video card

Whatever the characteristics of the Asus x55a laptop, it has one big drawback - an integrated graphics card. Depending on the manufacturer, it may also differ, but the very name Intel HD Graphics may sound like a sentence.

The most common model installed in the Asus x55a laptop is marked 3000. To better demonstrate its capabilities, we have compiled a list of the most demanding games that run on it:

  • Fallout: New Vegas;
  • Left 4 Dead 2;
  • Mass Effect 2;
  • Metro 2033;
  • Need For Speed: World 2010;
  • StarCraft 2;
  • Dragon Age: Origins Awakening.

As you can see, good enough for2012 (notebook release date), and given that the system requirements for games are usually very high, it is quite possible to run newer applications on this device model.

windows 7 asus x55a
windows 7 asus x55a

Operating system

In the original, any operating system could be installed on the laptop in question, starting with Windows 7. Asus x55a is a universal machine that can support both the "seven" and the "eight". This means that an advanced user can easily install any operating system on it. The main thing is to know most of the intricacies of such a process and be able to change the format of the hard disk.

Additional parameters

Another number of characteristics worth talking about separately. Depending on the manufacturer, a certain hard drive is installed on the Asus x55a. Its size can vary from 360 to 750 gigabytes. However, the motherboard is capable of supporting up to one terabyte. It is connected via the Serial ATA interface, which is why the speed of working with information is very modest. This can lead to minor performance issues and makes it difficult to install Windows 10 operating system on it, as it consumes a lot of resources.

Also, a standard Wi-Fi module is installed on the laptop. Depending on the model, a Bluetooth interface may be placed on it. However, this is not such a big problem, since it can also be connected via a USB connector.


To connect an additionalequipment on the outer panel of the laptop has several connectors. For example, there is an HDMI interface that allows you to connect the device to a TV. You can also connect a standard monitor to it with a VGA cable.

asus x55a motherboard
asus x55a motherboard

A nice addition will be the ability to connect not only headphones, but also a microphone to the laptop, which means you can avoid the inconvenience when handling the built-in sound device, as happens on more modern models.

The main problem for the Asus x55a user will be USB interfaces. There are only two of them in it. One is version 2.0 and the other is version 3.0. This can be solved with a special hub, but the unpleasant aftertaste remains.


As we have already said, the laptop in question has not been produced for a long time. It is problematic to meet him on store shelves now, but at the time of his popularity he cost a little - around eleven thousand rubles. This is not a big sum for the provided specifications of the Asus x55a. The price today should not exceed 5-6 thousand when buying from hand. Thus, it will be a good purchase and educational material for a child, as well as a fully functional version of an office computer.

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