The best video editing software for PC

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The best video editing software for PC
The best video editing software for PC

Often there is a need or desire to edit a video. For example, adding a couple of effects, correcting the color balance, cutting out bad frames, merging several videos into one, etc. A user who has never encountered such tasks will have a completely logical question: how can this be done? It's simple - a special video editing program will help you cope with all these tasks.


The first video editing program I'll talk about is Avidemux. It's a free and open source video editor that comes with quite a few features.

The interface of the program is simple, it is easy to understand even for a beginner. The language of the operating system is used as the main language.

video editing softwareavidemux
video editing softwareavidemux

Working with video files is not very convenient. In order to start doing something, you need to select a codec in the "Video output" menu. Only after that the buttons "Filter" and "Settings" are activated. In the second paragraph, you can play with the codec settings, select the quality, bitrate and many other parameters.

But the first item "Filter" contains all the basic tools for work. For convenience, everything is divided into separate menus. For example, in the "Color" item, you can select tools for color correction, and in order to speed up or slow down some part of the video, you need to go to the "Transform" item.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of Avidemux is the reduced functionality. There are practically no transitions from one video to another, you can not overlay titles or just add text, there are no additional effects, etc. Avidemux is the simplest video editing program.


The next video editor on the list is VideoPad Video Editor. It must be said right away that the application has a trial period and after 14 days a restriction on video formats is activated. Videopad will only work with avi, wmv and asf files. The license is expensive, from 20 to 35 dollars.

VideoPad's interface is significantly different from the previous program. It is more complex, but at the same time it is more convenient. The language of the editor is selected during installation. English and Russian versions are available to choose from.

video editing software
video editing software

VideoPad lets youmerge several videos into one, add sub titles, effects, filters and much more. It is possible to slow down and speed up both certain parts of the video file and the entire video sequence. The program also has extensive tools for working with sound.

The main disadvantages of VideoPad are the trial period and the lack of a separate toolbar, as, for example, in Premiere Pro or Vegas.


Another simple video editing program in Russian is "Video Montage". As in the previous case, there is a trial version with limited functionality and a paid version with additional features. The license costs $15, which is slightly lower than the competition.

video editing software
video editing software

The work area of the editor is made as simple and clear as possible. Everything is divided into separate tabs. The first step is to add videos and photos to the timeline panel (located at the bottom). Then, in step 2, you can edit the material, such as adding titles, effects, slowing down or speeding up the video, cutting out unnecessary parts, color grading, and much more. Steps 3 and 4 allow you to add transitions and music. And in the last, fifth step, the output settings are set. Everything is done as simply and clearly as possible.

The disadvantages of the program include only a trial period and the mandatory purchase of a license for further use.

Movavi Video Editor

Third in the list of video editing softwarelocated Movavi Video Editor. This editor also has two types of license - free and paid. A number of useful features are available in the paid version, such as animation of various objects or additional media libraries (music, sounds, stickers, etc.). The cost of the license is 1290 rubles.

As for the free version, in addition to limited functionality, you can use it for only 7 days, which is certainly very little.

movavi video editor
movavi video editor

Movavi features allow you to edit video files in any way you like, adding various effects, transitions, animation elements, titles, text, etc. You can work with the color scheme of the image, adjust the sound, slow down and speed up the video sequence, glue several files into one and many, many more.

In addition, it is worth noting the possibility of quick editing using the built-in wizard for creating clips. You just need to add all the necessary videos, select music and click on the "Start" button. The video editing program will automatically cut the files, add effects, transitions and save the finished video on your computer.

Movavi has only one drawback - a 7-day free trial and a mandatory purchase for future use.


Well, the last video editing program for a computer today is Sony Vegas. Of all presented today, it is considered the most advanced and has the greatest functionality. The license in this editor is paid, although you can download any trial version (even the most expensive one) for review.

The cost of a license is quite high - from 3,000 to 48,000 rubles.

What is special about Vegas video editor? It has a very user friendly interface. Every menu, every tool, button, etc. is in its place, which saves a lot of time when working.

vegas pro video editing software
vegas pro video editing software

The program allows you to merge videos, slow down and speed up, add transitions, titles, text, edit audio tracks, apply various filters and much more.

Vegas also has a lot of very cool additional plugins that allow you to get incredible results. For example, you can add lightning or northern lights to the sky, or even create your own clouds.

The possibilities of the program are huge. Many users around the world use it with pleasure, but there is still one serious drawback in Vegas - the cost of a license. Not everyone can afford to pay 3000 rubles or even more for the full version of the program.


Which is the best video editing program? Here, everyone must decide for themselves on their own, based on their requirements. If you need the simplest functions, then you can get by with Avidemux or "Video Editing", and if, on the contrary, there is a desire to master the art of editing, then you should look towards Vegas and similar programs.

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