Web browsers: which one is better?

Web browsers: which one is better?
Web browsers: which one is better?

In the era of mass dominance of Internet technologies, web browsers began to play a special role in everyday life. Until recently, the only player in the crowded field was the long-suffering IE, but due to the complete indifference of Microsoft itself (which had not updated it for five years), it was quickly replaced by products from more dynamic and sensible companies.

web browsers
web browsers

It is generally accepted that today there are several strong players in the browser market. Web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE 10 (yes, a good browser) have firmly captured the hearts of millions of users of the World Wide Web. To this day, among regular Internet users there is such a thing as "browser wars". Simply put, this promising term refers to thousands of pages of forums where users behave worse than monkeys. Throwing insults at each other as they try to figure out the benefits of their products.

It should be said that in such a dispute, not truth is born, butstreams of informational garbage that do not carry absolutely any semantic load. But what about the beginners, who from all this "noise" begin to doubt even more, and do not know which web browser to install?

install web browser
install web browser

To answer this question, insults and mentioning the closest relatives of the opponent will not be enough, since it is necessary to casually talk about each participant in the competition. Let's start with Firefox.

Its signature feature is extensions, thanks to which the functionality of the browser can be extended indefinitely. Regulars of thematic forums joke that if you install all the available extensions, you can get a new operating system. Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the scanty initial functionality, which will have to be “finished” with all the same extensions, which is not available to all beginners. Despite this, web browsers of this family (including all forks) are among the most common.

The next two contributors, Chrome & Opera, will be considered together. The fact is that not so long ago, the Norwegian company, which is developing Opera, changed its Presto engine to WebKit, so the advantages and disadvantages of both products are approximately the same today. Their positive qualities include speed and security.

web browser setting
web browser setting

Cons - some indistinctness in the settings and the paucity of the latter. You definitely won't be able to poke around in them. In addition, the "Opera" in its last incarnation is completelylost many of its "features", which promise to return back in a foggy future … But these web browsers are one of the most popular in our country, and the number of their fans is in the millions. A good community (chat) is always ready to give inexperienced users the answer or solution to almost any problem.

Finally, IE. Despite the many "witty" remarks about this browser, one cannot but admit that recent years have not been in vain for him. Today, the old "donkey" no longer looks like a stranger at the consumer celebration of life, being a fairly fast, secure and integrated product with MS services.

Thus, tweaking your web browser (any of the list above) will give equally positive results, so don't be afraid to experiment!

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