Error "Incompatible application with Windows 7". How to fix and run the desired program?

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Error "Incompatible application with Windows 7". How to fix and run the desired program?
Error "Incompatible application with Windows 7". How to fix and run the desired program?

Good operating system Windows 7. No wonder it is called one of the best representatives of the Microsoft family. But, despite all its merits, it is very critical of the programs that were developed before its release. In general, there are certain problems with integration.

Application compatibility concept

The fact is that with the release of Vista and the next Windows 7, there were important changes in the architecture of the system kernel. This was done to improve the safety of work. But incompatible applications with Windows 7 became a side effect. Naturally, this is not critical and this problem can be fixed, although it is somewhat unpleasant when the program simply stops working one day.

Windows 7 incompatible applications
Windows 7 incompatible applications

The fact is that the architecture of Windows 7 programs is fundamentally different from those inWindows XP. And attempts to restore compatibility may not always be positive.

Therefore, there is an alternative solution - download or update current applications to updated versions integrated under the "seven". For example, you can take "Skype" - an incompatible Windows 7 application. How to fix this problem using the system? No way - it's much easier and more expedient to just download a new version that will be adapted to the "seven", rather than trying to fix the compatibility problem.

Causes of inconvenience

There are obstacles that cannot be removed by updating the right application. Even with an upgrade, the status "incompatible Windows 7 application" may still persist. How to fix this problem? The fact is that Windows 7 brought innovations with an increased level of security to the world of computer technology. These are User Account Control (UAC) and WRP (Windows System Resource Protection).

Incompatible Windows 7 application - how to fix
Incompatible Windows 7 application - how to fix

Main problems may arise in the operation of old programs integrated under previous versions of the operating system. This is usually a forced close or startup error message.

Another likely option is the lack of system libraries in the files of the required program that interact with the OS. But in this case, you need to look for the reasons not in the system, but in the application itself.

Troubleshooting compatibility issues

Don't give up if your computer still has an incompatible application withWindows 7. How to fix it yourself - yes, very simple. First you need to figure out what exactly is the problem. After all, there are two options - the application does not start at all or unexpectedly "flies" during operation, informing the user about compatibility problems.

Skype incompatible application Windows 7 - how to fix
Skype incompatible application Windows 7 - how to fix

Here is a list of possible troubleshooting solutions:

  • start in compatibility mode with previous OS versions;
  • app testing;
  • disable User Account Control mode (recommended for advanced users only).

Method 1: Compatibility with earlier versions of Windows

It's worth mentioning right away that this method does not always work. There are programs that are incompatible with Windows 7 that will not start even when launched under the guise of a previous version of the OS. This is anti-virus software, all kinds of system utilities (cleaners, registries, etc.). Attempting to run them in this way may affect the system, as well as cause irreparable damage to it in the form of corrupted system files.

Incompatible programs with Windows 7
Incompatible programs with Windows 7

So, in order to fix the compatibility problem in this way, you need to follow a clear instruction:

  1. Click PMK on the launching application file.
  2. Select "Fix compatibility issues".
  3. The system automatically tries to determine the problem, after which it gives two options - "use recommended settings" and "Program diagnostics".
  4. Needselect the first item, after which automatic adjustments of the application to the current OS version will be applied.
  5. If this does not help, then the error "incompatible application with Windows 7" will be displayed again. How to fix it? You need to apply the second method - manual compatibility setting.
  6. You need to right-click on the application icon and select "Properties".
  7. Select the Compatibility tab.
  8. Check the box "Run this program in compatibility mode for…", select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" from the drop-down list.
  9. Press apply - "OK".
  10. Additionally, you can check the "Run this program as an administrator" box.

Normally this works and the app starts up normally.

Method 2: Easier app launch

Strictly speaking, this solution is an addition to the first method. It concerns a small offload of the operating system by disabling some services.

How to remove "Incompatible application with Windows 7":

  • RMB click on the program icon;
  • choose item "Properties";
  • Compatibility tab;
  • in the window that opens, check the boxes for the following items: "Use 256 colors", "Disable visual design", "Use 640x480 resolution", "Disable desktop composition", "Disable image scaling at high screen resolution";
  • Give the program Administrator rights, click "Apply" and "OK".
Incompatible Windows 7 application - how to remove
Incompatible Windows 7 application - how to remove

These items help if there is an additional load on the graphics, problems with displaying fonts, unrecognizable colors (in the old "OSes" a registry of 256 colors was used), stabilize the size of the application window.

You can also combine both compatibility troubleshooting methods by checking the boxes selectively depending on which related issues you are experiencing.

Method 3: Use Windows 7 features

A few more effective methods to help in cases where there is an incompatible Windows 7 application. How to fix this problem? This is a special set of tools to ensure the normal functionality of old applications.

Under the version of Windows 7, developers have released a special ACT package, which is designed to automatically configure programs for the current version of the system. The important thing is that this package is perfectly adapted to the current security components of Windows 7, so that blocking old applications can be bypassed in a completely legal way.

And finally, do not forget about the virtual OS, which is also an innovative solution to Windows 7. To implement this method, there is Windows Virtual PC technology, which creates a shell for early versions of the operating system. It is noteworthy that it starts from an ordinary shortcut on the computer desktop and does not affect system performance in any way.

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