Business planning software: overview, types and use cases

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Business planning software: overview, types and use cases
Business planning software: overview, types and use cases

Today, the situation on the market of specialized computer programs is such that it is easy to find virtually any software, regardless of direction. So for business, as well as related work, there are a very large number of programs. Moreover, which allows you to feel a certain pride, a lot of high-quality software was developed by domestic programmers.

Programs for business planning and business management make it possible to speed up the development process, including fully automated calculations. In addition, many functions allow you to analyze and identify shortcomings at the current stage of work. Also, a system of hints and step-by-step templates is integrated into the functionality of each application, which will allow you to get a perfectly polished business plan at the end.

Correct selection of business planning software

Competition is very high, and therefore making the right choice is not so easy. Some are chasingfree, some are not satisfied with the interface and difficulty in handling. But first and foremost, applications in business planning must conform to the interchangeable equation: price-quality-availability.

Business planning - work program
Business planning - work program

Yes, the cost of good software is quite high, so many entrepreneurs refuse expensive programs in favor of free and cheap ones. This is a fundamentally wrong approach, since such applications usually have a number of flaws: few functions, limited time of use. There is an option with hacked license keys for such software, but you should not expect high-quality work and updates from this.

And if everything is more or less clear with the price, then it is much more difficult to decide on the main focus of the program for business planning. More precisely, how often and for what purposes it will be used.

Business Program Focus

So, first you need to understand for yourself that the project is being developed not for internal use, but for another consumer (controlling or financial authority, investors). And it depends on the quality of the business plan how viable the future enterprise looks, how profitable it is. You can use the old way and make a design document manually, but this is very long and does not always work out the way you want.

Business planning software
Business planning software

In addition to business orientation, this software also has an auxiliary development branch. In particular, the work program of the businessplanning for open source software allows you to more competently prepare future specialists in the field of entrepreneurship and trade, as well as the correct investment.

The benefits of planning software

Professional business planning software should have the following parameters:

  • accessibility to any category of users. Even an unprepared person should be able to understand the nuances of the program with the help of hints and instructions;
  • already at the first stages, a business plan should be formed for a specific audience, i.e. for recipients (sponsors, investors, etc.);
Application programs in business planning
Application programs in business planning
  • not a single detail should be missed, each stage of the plan should be as voluminous and informative as possible. This means that business planning programs should contain not only bare numbers and calculations, but also elements of analytics and description;
  • the project must be clearly structured so that the addressee retains a clear understanding and vision of the future enterprise to the end;
  • mandatory compatibility with office and other applications, in case you need to attach additional files;
  • all options and tools of the software should be available without unnecessary clicks and searches.

Now you can go to the review of applications that have such a list of advantages.

Project Expert – quality and affordability

This is essentially automated business planning. A work program favored by tens of thousandsusers and professionals. No wonder Project Expert is valued as a general template for creating professional business plans.

The program of discipline "Business planning"
The program of discipline "Business planning"

The main essence of it is to create a solid enterprise project model, in which no investment is actually required. "Business from scratch", so to speak. Advanced functionality allows you to present multi-level schemes, calculations, development prospects to recipients, with a detailed indication of costs and investments. The final analysis, carried out automatically, will display such important indicators as profitability, efficiency and feasibility of investing.

The main environment of Project Expert application is large companies, trusts that provide financial support to small and medium-sized businesses. But it also looks good as a business planning curriculum due to its accessibility and intuitive interface.

Supports work in all operating systems, as well as multilingualism (Russian, English, Ukrainian).

The financial model of the enterprise - everything ingenious is simple

Another major software for creating business projects, "Enterprise Financial Model", has a wide range of working options and tools. In addition to the standard set, it includes, in addition to the standard set, financial calculation and evaluation of cash injections, the creation of a voluminous material base, an in-depth analysis of all business branches, problematic moments and even funding.

Study program "Business planning"
Study program "Business planning"

This software boldly claims titled "Business Planning Fundamentals Program" because it contains educational information with videos and clickable links. The developers of the program have tried to create all the conditions for comfortable work, as evidenced by tooltips and comments.

Supports all operating systems of the Windows family, Russian, English and Ukrainian languages. The only negative is the need to purchase the full version. Only a demo version with a trial period is available for review.

Business Plan Pro - the choice of entrepreneurs

But the Business Plan Pro application is a multifunctional professional tool for creating business plans. However, the number of options in this program is very large:

  • detailed analysis of current markets with the identification of the most profitable areas;
  • clear infographics of the profitable and costly part of the business;
  • a huge set of business plan templates (about 500 units);
  • separation of the analytical and mathematical components of the project (information and calculations are placed in strict accordance with the plan, making the overall picture clear).
Program "Fundamentals of business planning"
Program "Fundamentals of business planning"

Despite the fact that this is professional software, Business Plan Pro is quite suitable as a business planning training program for the open source software discipline. So simple and clear interface. In addition, hints and interaction with program elements are available.

Software is installed on any OS, from Win XP to Win 10, has Russification. Unfortunately, infree access is available for a limited time, to open the full functionality you need to purchase a licensed version.

"Business Planning Workshop" - the first step in business

If the user is taking the first steps in his difficult journey to the top of the business, the Business Planning Workshop software is the best choice. Elementary controls, an accessible and intuitive interface, simple and clear templates - all this is a first aid to beginners.

Work program "business planning" for open source software
Work program "business planning" for open source software

On the other hand, despite its apparent simplicity, this program has all the solid set of features that make the work of creating a business plan comfortable for a beginner, and fast and profitable (in terms of earnings) for professionals. There is also a chic methodological base and tools for creating a high-quality business project (templates, illustrative examples, tips, comments, tips).


I would like to say that today's market conditions are such that it is not so easy to invest wisely and plunge headlong into the world of business. That is why business planning programs are needed in order to have at least some idea of your future activities already at the initial stages. In addition, the use of such software will make it possible to correctly calculate the expenditure part, conduct an analysis and eliminate possible errors in the work.

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