How to open SVG files: basic aspects

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How to open SVG files: basic aspects
How to open SVG files: basic aspects

Very few users encounter files with the.svg extension, and in most cases, not only some, but almost all users delete such files, as they say, indiscriminately, completely without thinking about what program was originally mapped SVG file. Now we will talk about exactly how you can open a file for editing and in general, is it worth it.

.svg extension: how to open it?

To begin with, let's consider the simplest concepts. For an uninitiated user, the question of how to open an SVG file may remain incomprehensible. Here it is worth paying attention to the fact that initially files of this type are intended for processing graphics with a change in raster or vector mode. If the end user is, as they say, a layman in this matter, then there is nothing to explain to him.

how to open svg
how to open svg

For the rest of the audience, we note that the problem itself than opening the SVG format, in most cases, is only related to choosing the appropriate application, installed by default or similar.

How to open SVG files by default?

As you know, the easiest way to open a file of any type is to double-click in the usual "Explorer". In this case, the operating system (in this case, Windows) itself determines which tool from its set will be used to open a file of a given type. At the same time, the SVG file is, in fact, universal.

svg extension than open
svg extension than open

Basically any program that supports the Scalable Vector Graphics standard, which is where the acronym comes from, can work with it without problems. In principle, the same Adobe Illustrator or the latest version of the Corel Draw package or similar software packages are capable of processing files of this type. With installed applications, there should be no problems.

svg file
svg file

But if you use some simple utility like the usual Microsoft Paint, Paint. NET or editors that are part of the main Microsoft Office package of any version and year of release, then you can’t count on something special. Although they can work with such data, they are not always the best editing utilities. The SVG file may not be recognized by them.

In the best case, you can just view the image, change its position on the sheet, "edit" colors or saturation a little, but otherwise everything will remain as it was (or even worse). Let's try to look at how to open an SVG file in terms of editing using related programs and applications.

SVG data processing tools

Surprisinglyit sounds, but the.svg extension itself is not considered to have ownership in the sense of the associated program, although it is considered a scalable graphics format. How to open the SVG file doesn't really matter. In principle, with a sufficient number of installed programs and applications, the operating system itself will offer to choose the most suitable application (any Adobe package, variations of Paint, Corel, etc.).

how to open svg
how to open svg

Here, by the way, we should not forget that the same problem related to how and with what to open an SVG file has the other side of the coin. The fact is that files of this type can contain HTML or XML markup. So you will have to edit such data using specialized utilities.


In general, if we evaluate this issue, so to speak, globally, it can be noted that opening SVG files does not go beyond generally accepted concepts.

And this is understandable, because the format itself and its accompanying extension are related to graphics, which means that both opening for viewing and the ability to edit are provided initially, and regardless of the presence of special editors, and even more so, operating systems.

In general, we can only recommend installing universal clients like ACDSee or something similar, which are able not only to recognize the SVG file at the initial level (initialization, association with applications, viewers, etc.), but also work with it in a full-fledged editing mode, the use of which can even change the very structure of the desiredfile. In this sense, an SVG format file can support any internal external changes, even regarding attributes.

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