Transcription is the translation of speech from audio or video into text

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Transcription is the translation of speech from audio or video into text
Transcription is the translation of speech from audio or video into text

There are many professions that only a few have heard of. Few can tell what a transcriber does. This gap can be filled in the article below. It will be of interest to anyone who wants to find an easy remote job.

transcription is
transcription is

What is this?

Transcription is the translation of speech from audio or video format into text. In other words, this is the name of the creation of printed, logically connected text suitable for subsequent editing from an audio or video recording. By the way, everyone is familiar with transcription examples. Surely everyone has seen a video with sub titles at least once.

The main thing that is required for those who decide to make money by transcription is a good ear, which allows you to clearly understand Russian or foreign speech. In addition, you need the ability to type text on a computer keyboard. Thus, no special skills and knowledge are required to engage in the provision of audio or video file "transcribing" services, especially when it comes to working with material in one's native language.

The only thing that can interfere with earningmoney by providing transcription services - slow typing. Remember that speed and skill come with practice quickly.

Audio to text transcription benefits

This occupation is chosen if there is a need to earn extra money, but there is no opportunity to get a suitable job, and there is also no education. Also, transcription helps:

  • learn to type faster on the keyboard;
  • develop memory, as you have to memorize large audio fragments for a short time;
  • become more attentive, more diligent, more patient;
  • learn how to write correctly.

Another plus that is inherent in transcription is the ability to work remotely, that is, at a convenient time for you and without the need to travel to work every day, spending money and time on the road. It is the latter circumstance that makes this activity extremely attractive for mothers on maternity leave and for full-time students.

audio to text transcription
audio to text transcription


The main disadvantage of working as a transcriber is the relatively low cost of the service. However, in any case, with a serious approach, you can get good money, given that you do not have to work outside the home.

The disadvantages include the need to sit in one place for a long time and the fact that there is no place for creativity in such an activity.

Who orders

Transcription of audio to text is usually chosen by those who take interviews, organize conferences, call clients, infobusiness and so on. At the same time, the qualityaudio or video recordings from the customer can be of both good and very poor quality.

Transcription required for audio recordings made during:

  • phone calls;
  • seminars/webinars;
  • interview;
  • audio podcasts;
  • TV shows.

In addition, there are many people of different professions who find it easier to record thoughts on a voice recorder, and then ask the transcriber to turn the audio into an article or book.

transcription software
transcription software

What do customers want?

Those who need to transcribe conversations, lectures or other audio into text may have different requirements, depending on the tasks assigned to them.

In the simplest case, you need to type the phrases you hear, breaking the text into sentences, and correctly punctuate.

If a dialogue or a conversation of several people is being transcribed, you will need to indicate who is speaking. This is usually done by marking things like "first (second) vote", "male", "female" and others.

If the text is being prepared for publication, then it will need to be corrected. Usually in such cases, customers require that parasitic words be removed from it. Sometimes you need to edit the text, removing clumsy phrases from the entry.

Where can I find customers?

If you are interested in making money on transcription, then freelance exchanges are the best place to find work. Almost daily there are orders for translating video and audio files into text.

Also, a beginner freelancer canplace ads on the Internet about their services on thematic sites. It's not the fastest way, but you might be able to get clients for permanent work this way. The most important thing is not to write in the ad that you work at a negotiated price. It is better to clearly indicate what services you are ready to provide and their cost.

Over time, you can contact special companies and offer them your services. If you fit them, you will no longer need to look for orders. In addition, in such companies, the rates are usually even more than the cost of services ordered through freelance exchanges.

transcription of conversations
transcription of conversations

How much can you earn?

Without straining, you can transcribe 2 hours of audio per day, even if it is of the worst quality. At the moment, in the freelance services market, the average price of 1 minute of sound-to-text translation is about 10 rubles.

When ordering large volumes, experienced transcribers are advised to agree to a lower rate. Eight rubles for 1 minute of audio processing with constant work is quite acceptable. However, orders below this price level should not be taken, since the amount received will not be able to recoup the time spent.

Suppose you have found a regular customer. Then your earnings, even at a price of 8 rubles per minute of transcription, are about 1000 rubles a day if you work only 2 hours. And this is not bad at all, especially for the inhabitants of the province.

What determines the price

The cost of an audio transcription order will be higher than usual if:

  • verypoor recording quality and interference present;
  • need to "decipher" the conversation of several people, and it is difficult to understand who is speaking;
  • phrases are long and there are terms that are difficult to understand for the uninitiated;
  • you need to "decipher" the text in a foreign language without or simultaneously with its translation (in the latter case, the payment can be quite high);
  • required to format the text in a special way (place time codes, make a literal translation, etc.);
  • need to get work done urgently.
transcription examples
transcription examples

How not to become a victim of dishonest customers

The main risk of transcribing is unscrupulous customers.

Unfortunately, at all times there have been swindlers who want to take advantage of the fruits of someone else's labor for free. Especially a lot of them are divorced on the Internet, where it is easy to "get lost" as soon as a freelancer sends an order.

It is quite difficult to identify such fraudulent customers, as they are extremely courteous and do not make excessive demands. The main sign of a "freeloader" is a high price and a recent registration on a freelance exchange.

The fact is that unfortunate customers like to create accounts for 1-2 fraudulent orders that are never used again. What to do? Work only with those clients who have been on the freelance exchange for a long time, do not hesitate to ask for an advance payment. You can also send the order in parts, with a separate payment for each of them. In some cases, it is better to do the following: the transcriber first sends a screenshot to the customerthe resulting text, and the text itself - only after receiving payment.

We recommend that you offer the customer to first check and pay for the screen of the text, after which you will send him a ready-made text document.

Suitable for

First of all, transcription is a good option for beginner freelancers. This type of online earnings is ideal for students and schoolchildren who have nothing else yet. It does not require investments and allows you to quickly start earning.

earn money from transcription
earn money from transcription

Transcription software

Of course, you can get started as a transcriber using any media player and Word text editor. However, as already mentioned, your income will be directly related to the speed of order fulfillment, so it is recommended to use special programs, such as Express Scribe. Although it does not have a Russian version, anyone who has the most primitive skills in working with computer software can deal with the interface.

Key benefits of Express Scribe include:

  • the presence of a field for typing, which eliminates the need to constantly switch between the player window and a text document;
  • the ability to change the speed of playing an audio file;
  • availability of customizable hotkeys that allow you to stop, play and rewind the audio recording.
  • adapted to work with Word office editor.
express scribe
express scribe

Good results can be achieved ifuse Lossplay. This program, like the previous transcription software, can be downloaded for free. Its advantages are almost the same as those of Express Scribe, but sometimes you have to switch between windows, which is not always convenient.

Now you know what transcription is and understand the features of this type of freelancing.

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