ERIP "Calculation" system: connection and opportunities

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ERIP "Calculation" system: connection and opportunities
ERIP "Calculation" system: connection and opportunities

The ERIP "Settlement" system is provided and supported by JSC "Non-bank financial institution ERIP", which provides all the necessary technical and legal tools for making electronic payments for service providers.

Erip calculation system
Erip calculation system

The possibility of onLine and offLine connection is provided. In the first case, the service provider interacts through an aggregator, that is, through an organization that, for an additional fee, provides a range of services for interacting with the AIS "Raschet". In the second case, the connection to the ERIP system is performed by the service provider himself, having formalized legal relations with NKFO ERIP OJSC, having developed and debugged his own tools for interacting with the server with the help of Banking and Financial Teleset CJSC.

General conditions of participation

The service provider formalizes legal relations with NKFO ERIP OJSC, technically provides FTP access to the server with the help of BFT CJSC and has the ability to organize payment acceptance on its resource on the Internet,for example, a goods store, a service website, a payment terminal for utility or other payments.

connection to the system Erip calculation
connection to the system Erip calculation

It doesn't matter what kind of services or goods the service provider offers, it is important that there is a connection, and the ERIP "Settlement" system gives him the opportunity to receive payment in any way. Whatever the customer, no matter how he pays, the payment will be received and accounted for.

In fact, the connection logic is simple:

  • there is a service, a product;
  • there is a buyer, a client;
  • on the site (web resource) the buyer makes a choice;
  • choice=unique code and details of the buyer;
  • payment=any mobile banking, info-kiosk, bank cash desk, etc.

As a result, the payment is ensured at the desired point of the ERIP tree to a specific service provider.

Connection information

On its web resource (website, store), the service provider places standard information offered by the regulation of interaction with a single settlement and information space.

The resource is available in the tree, the "Calculation" ERIP system is connected. How to use? You need your own version of the identification of the selected service (goods) and the details of the client (buyer, consumer).

As a result of the client's actions, a payment request is formed, which can be paid by any of the options connected to the AIS "Settlement". If a payment is made, the service (goods) can be provided, and payment for it will be received and accounted for.

The ERIP "Calculation" system worked outlegal and technical regulations and protocols for all payment, reversal, accounting options. But for their effective use, it is very important to correctly place the necessary information and control the actions of the client (buyer, consumer).

After registration of contractual relations with NKFO ERIP OJSC and BFT CJSC, the necessary information becomes available and full support of the service provider is provided.

Serving and receiving payments securely

The ERIP "Calculation" system has a characteristic feature. First of all, it gives a lot of payment options. But by ensuring that each service provider's payment requirements are met, it remembers all transactions.

However, one should not rely on the ideal operation of communication networks, hardware, servers, software. All this is outside the competence of NKFO OJSC and BFT CJSC, although it is controlled by them to the maximum extent possible.

Own control of invoices, received (reversed) payments is important and necessary. In addition, any organization always has its own accounting and control. Communication between your information space and ERIP will be necessary.

Optimal connection to ERIP

For a small organization, or when the organization's payment amounts are small, you can limit yourself to just an aggregator and the payment option only through SMS messages. This is not difficult. The only drawback is that you have to pay the aggregator for its services.

Erip calculation system how to use
Erip calculation system how to use

If speechwe are talking about a solid store, about payments that are too large for SMS payments, and there is a qualified programmer on staff, the best option is to connect to ERIP on your own. This is much more than legal documents, technical difficulties, but the organization can fully secure its place in a single settlement and information space.

For many objective reasons, it makes sense for each organization to think about its presence in the ERIP.

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