How to flash BIOS on PC

How to flash BIOS on PC
How to flash BIOS on PC

Considering the question of how to flash the "Bios", it is necessary to distinguish between this concept in relation to individual components to which this operation is applied. "Bios" - an individual system firmware responsible for the correct functioning of the device. Its systematic updating is simply necessary for the correct operation of the equipment. The article will consider the features and stages of flashing a video card and motherboard.

how to flash bios
how to flash bios

Choice of method

Before proceeding to the description of the process of updating the "Bios", you need to consider in what ways this can be done. To date, the following methods are considered the most popular and in demand: using a USB drive and through a special utility. Each of the methods is individual, but the result is the same. Both the first and the second method can flash the BIOS of the video card and motherboard. It's just that for each device an individual firmware and program will be applied. Now about each method in more detail.

Flash drive to help

So, the first method is called "creatingboot disk". The word "disk" here means the space itself, on which the updated version of the "Bios" will be written, and not the CD. For this task, it is best to use a USB drive, that is, a flash drive. After the most suitable drive, you need to start creating a bootable USB flash drive so that it can be read and loaded in the "Bios". To do this, there is a whole list of programs that carry out such an operation. For example, the MKBT application is perfect for burning a bootable flash drive.

update asus motherboard bios
update asus motherboard bios

It is not difficult to understand it, everything is extremely simple and clear. After that, you need to upload the BIOS update files with the ".exe" extension to the prepared USB drive, as well as the corresponding application file with which the firmware will be implemented (for example, AFUDOS.exe). Then, when you restart your computer, enter the "Bios" and select the USB drive in the "First Boot Device" item. Its exact name will depend on the model of the inserted flash drive, but this should not be a problem. Next, in the command line that appears, you need to enter the command AFUDOS (file name). ROM and press the "Enter" key. After that, the computer will do everything itself and, by rebooting it, we will get an updated BIOS. Answering the question of how to flash the BIOS and how, it must be said that the choice of the program that creates the boot drive and the utility that updates the BIOS is carried out individually, according toto your desire. As one of the relevant options, you can take MKBT, as mentioned above. In this way, you can, for example, update the "Bios" of the Asus motherboard.

Process automation

For those who do not like to manually reflash "Bios" and spend their time on it, there is a second way, the easiest and fastest. The essence of this method is that a special utility automatically reflashes the BIOS

flash video card bios
flash video card bios

video card/motherboard without even logging out. All that is required from the user is to go to the website of the manufacturer of the device on which the BIOS firmware is planned, download its new version, and special utilities can also be found there. For example, you can find a very handy @BIOS program on the net, which has the function of automatically searching for a new BIOS version all over the Internet. How to flash the BIOS if this function does not work or does not exist at all? Simply (as mentioned above) download the latest version from the manufacturer's website and open it using the utility. Then she will complete the process herself and require a reboot. That's all, it's done. As you can see for yourself, you don’t even need to talk a lot about how to flash the BIOS using a special program. In fact, for a successful update, you just need to know the address of the manufacturer's official website, and there you will already find your bearings and decide.

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