Top 10 antiviruses: description, main tasks, advantages and disadvantages

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Top 10 antiviruses: description, main tasks, advantages and disadvantages
Top 10 antiviruses: description, main tasks, advantages and disadvantages

Today, more than ever, anti-virus software is not only the most demanded in the security system of any operating system, but also one of its main components. And if earlier the user had a very limited, modest choice, now there are a lot of such programs. But if you look at the list of "Top 10 antiviruses", you will notice that not all of them are equal in terms of functionality. Consider the most popular packages. At the same time, the analysis will include both paid and shareware (anti-virus for 30 days), and freely distributed applications. But first things first.

Top 10 Antivirus for Windows: Test Criteria

Before you start compiling some kind of rating, perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the main criteria that in most cases are used when testing such software.

top 10 antiviruses
top 10 antiviruses

Of course, it is simply impossible to consider all known packages. However, among all software products designed to protect a computer system in the broadest sense, the most popular ones can be distinguished. At the same time, we take into account the official ratingsindependent laboratories, and feedback from users who use a particular software product in practice. In addition, mobile programs will not be affected, we will focus on stationary systems.

As for conducting basic tests, as a rule, they include several main aspects:

  • presence of paid and free versions and restrictions related to functionality;
  • normal scan speed;
  • quick identification of potential threats and the ability to remove or quarantine them using built-in algorithms;
  • frequency of updating anti-virus databases;
  • self-protection and reliability;
  • false positive;
  • load on system resources;
  • availability of additional features.

As you can see from the above list, checking the operation of antivirus software allows you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a particular product. Next, I will consider the most popular software packages included in the Top 10 antiviruses, as well as their main characteristics, of course, taking into account the opinions of people who use them in their daily work.

Kaspersky Lab software products

First, let's look at the software modules developed by Kaspersky Lab, which are extremely popular in the post-Soviet space.

avast pro antivirus
avast pro antivirus

Here it is impossible to single out any one program, because among them you can find a regular scanner of Kaspersky Antivirus, and modules like Internet Security, andportable utilities like the Virus Removal Tool, and even boot disks for corrupted Rescue Disc systems.

Immediately it is worth noting two main disadvantages: firstly, judging by the reviews, almost all programs, with rare exceptions, are paid or shareware, and secondly, the system requirements are unreasonably high, which makes them impossible application in relatively weak configurations. Naturally, this scares off many ordinary users, although activation keys for Kaspersky Antivirus or Internet Security can easily be found on the World Wide Web.

On the other hand, the activation situation can be fixed in another way. For example, Kaspersky keys can be generated using special applications like Key Manager. True, this approach is, to put it mildly, illegal, however, as a way out, it is used by many users.

The speed of work on modern machines is average (for some reason, more and more heavy versions are created for new configurations), but constantly updated databases, unique technologies for detecting and removing known viruses and potentially dangerous programs are on top here. It's no surprise that Kapersky Lab is now a leader among security software developers.

And two more words about the recovery disk. It is unique in its own way, because it loads a scanner with a graphical interface even before the start of Windows itself, allowing you to remove threats even from RAM.

The same applies to the portable utility Virus Removal Tool, capable oftrace any threat on the infected terminal. It can only be compared with a similar utility from Dr. Web.

Protection from Dr. Web

Before us is another of the strongest representatives in the field of security - the famous "Doctor Web", who stood at the origins of the creation of all anti-virus software from time immemorial.

dr web katana
dr web katana

Among the huge number of programs, you can also find regular scanners, and protection tools for Internet surfing, and portable utilities, and recovery disks. You can't list everything.

The main factor in favor of this developer's software is high speed, instant detection of threats with the possibility of either complete removal or isolation, as well as a moderate load on the system as a whole. In general, from the point of view of most users, this is a kind of lightweight version of Kaspersky. Nevertheless, there is still something interesting here. In particular, this is Dr. web katana. It is believed that this is a new generation software product. It is focused on the use of "sand" technologies, i.e. placing a threat in the "cloud" or "sandbox" (whatever you want to call it) for analysis before it penetrates the system. However, if you look, there are no special innovations here, because this technique was used in the free Panda antivirus. In addition, according to many users, Dr. Web Katana is a kind of Security Space with the same technologies. However, speaking in general, any software from this developer is quite stable and powerful. Not surprisingly, many usersgive preference to such packages.

ESET software

Speaking of the Top 10 antiviruses, one cannot fail to mention another brightest representative of this area - ESET, which became famous for such a well-known product as NOD32. A little later, the ESET Smart Security module was born.

kaspersky keys
kaspersky keys

If we consider these programs, we can note an interesting point. To activate the full functionality of any package, you can do two things. On the one hand, this is the acquisition of an official license. On the other hand, you can install a trial antivirus for free, but activate it every 30 days. Activation is also an interesting situation.

As absolutely all users note, for ESET Smart Security (or for a regular antivirus) on the official website one could find freely distributed keys in the form of a login and password. Until recently, only this data could be used. Now the process has become somewhat more complicated: first you need a login and password on a special site, convert it into a license number, and only then enter it in the registration field already in the program itself. However, if you do not pay attention to such trifles, it can be noted that this antivirus is one of the best. Benefits reported by users:

  • Virus signature databases are updated several times a day,
  • high-level threat detection,
  • there are no conflicts with system components (firewall),
  • package has the strongest self-protection,
  • no false alarms, etc.

It is worth noting separately that the load on the system is minimal, and the use of the Anti-Theft module even allows you to protect data from theft or misuse for personal gain.

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus is paid software designed to provide comprehensive security for computer systems (there is also a free truncated version). And although today this package is no longer among the top five, nevertheless, it demonstrates a fairly high speed and stability.

eset smart security
eset smart security

In principle, it is ideal for home use, because, in addition to the speed of work, it has a convenient Russified interface and more or less stable behavior. True, as some users note, sometimes it is able to skip threats. And this is not about viruses per se, but rather about spyware or adware called Malware and Adware. The program's own module, although widely advertised, still, according to users, looks somewhat unfinished. Yes, and an additional firewall can often cause conflicts with the "native" Windows firewall if both modules are in the active state.

Avira package

Avira is another member of the antivirus family. Fundamentally, it does not differ from most similar packages. However, if you read user reviews about it, you can find quite interesting posts.

free trial antivirus
free trial antivirus

Many by no meansIt is recommended to use the free version, since some modules are simply missing in it. To ensure reliable protection, you will have to purchase a paid product. But such an antivirus is suitable for the 8th and 10th versions, in which the system itself uses a lot of resources, and the package uses them at the lowest level. In principle, Avira is best suited, say, for budget laptops and weak computers. A network installation, however, is out of the question.

Panda Cloud service

Free antivirus Panda once became almost a revolution in the field of antivirus technology. The use of the so-called "sandbox" to send suspicious content for analysis before it enters the system has made this application especially popular among users of all levels.

antivirus for a year without registration
antivirus for a year without registration

And it is with the "sandbox" that this antivirus is associated today. Yes, indeed, this technology, unlike other programs, allows you to keep the threat out of the system. For example, any virus first saves its body on the hard drive or in RAM, and only then begins its activity. Here, the matter does not come to preservation. First, a suspicious file is sent to the cloud service, where it is checked, and only then can it be saved in the system. True, according to eyewitnesses, alas, this can take quite a lot of time and unnecessarily heavily loads the system. On the other hand, here it is worth asking yourself what is more important: security or increased scan time? However, formodern computer configurations with an Internet connection speed of 100 Mbps or higher, it can be used without problems. By the way, our own protection is provided precisely through the "cloud", which sometimes causes criticism.

Scanner Avast Pro Antivirus

Now a few words about another bright representative of anti-virus programs. It is quite popular with many users, however, despite the presence of the same "sandbox", antispyware, network scanner, firewall and virtual office, unfortunately, Avast Pro Antivirus clearly loses to such giants as software products in terms of the main indicators of performance, functionality and reliability. Kaspersky Labs or applications using Bitdefender technologies, although they demonstrate high scanning speed and low resource consumption.

Russian antivirus
Russian antivirus

Users in this product are attracted mainly by the fact that the free version of the package is as functional as possible and does not differ much from paid software. In addition, this antivirus works on all versions of Windows, including Windows 10, and behaves perfectly even on outdated machines.

360 Security Packages

Before us is probably one of the fastest antiviruses of our time - 360 Security, developed by Chinese specialists. In general, all products labeled "360" are distinguished by an enviable speed of work (the same Internet browser 360 Safety Browser).

antivirus for 30 days
antivirus for 30 days

Despite its main purpose, the program has additionalmodules for eliminating operating system vulnerabilities and optimizing it. But neither the speed of work nor the free distribution can be compared with false alarms. In the list of programs that have the highest indicators for this criterion, this software occupies one of the first places. According to many experts, conflicts arise at the system level due to additional optimizers, the action of which intersects with the tasks of the OS itself.

Software products based on Bitdefender technologies

Another "old man" among the most famous defenders of "OSes" is Bitdefender. Unfortunately, in 2015 he lost the palm to Kaspersky Lab products, nevertheless, in anti-virus fashion, so to speak, he is one of the trendsetters.

antivirus for 8
antivirus for 8

If you look a little more closely, you will notice that many modern programs (the same 360 Security package) in different variations are made on the basis of these technologies. Despite the rich functional base, it also has its shortcomings. Firstly, you will not find the Russian antivirus (Russified) Bitdefender, since it does not exist in nature at all. Secondly, despite the use of the latest technological developments in terms of system protection, alas, it shows too high a number of false positives (by the way, according to experts, this is typical for the entire group of programs created on the basis of Bitdefender). The presence of additional optimizer components and your own firewalls generally affectsthe behavior of such antiviruses is not for the better. But you can't refuse the speed of this application. In addition, peer-to-peer P2P networks are used for verification, but real-time email verification is completely absent, which many do not like.

Microsoft Antivirus

Another app that's been known to fire enviably with or without reason is Microsoft's own product called Security Essentials.

top 10 antiviruses
top 10 antiviruses

This package is included in the Top 10 antiviruses, apparently, only because it was developed exclusively for Windows systems, which means that it does not cause absolutely no conflicts at the system level. Besides, who, if not specialists from Microsoft, should know all the security holes and vulnerabilities of their own operating systems. By the way, an interesting fact is that the initial builds of Windows 7 and Windows 8 had MSE in the basic configuration, but then for some reason this kit was abandoned. However, it is for Windows that it can become the simplest solution in terms of protection, although you can’t count on special functionality.

McAfee app

As for this application, it looks quite interesting. True, it earned the greatest popularity in the field of application on mobile devices with all kinds of blocking, nevertheless, this antivirus behaves no worse on stationary computers.

avast pro antivirus
avast pro antivirus

The program has low-level support for P2P networks when sharing Instant filesMessenger, and also offers 2-level protection, in which the main role is assigned to the WormStopper and ScriptStopper modules. But in general, according to consumers, the functional set is average, and the program itself is focused more on detecting spyware, computer worms and trojans and preventing executable scripts or malicious codes from entering the system.

Combined antiviruses and optimizers

Of course, only the most popular programs included in the Top 10 antiviruses were considered here. If we talk about the rest of the software of this kind, we can note some packages that contain anti-virus modules in their sets.

dr web katana
dr web katana

Most of these are anti-spyware and anti-advertising utilities, as well as system optimizers. Among them, based on reviews, the most prominent representatives are Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Advanced SystemCare Ultimate.

Which would you prefer?

Naturally, all antiviruses have certain similarities and differences. What to install? Here you need to proceed from the needs and the level of protection provided. As a rule, corporate clients should purchase something more powerful with the possibility of network installation (Kaspersky, Dr. Web, ESET). As for home use, here the user himself chooses what he needs (if you wish, you can even find an antivirus for a year - without registration or purchase). But, if you look at user reviews, it is better to install Panda Cloud, even despite some additional load on the system and verification time in"sandbox". But it is here that there is a full guarantee that the threat will not penetrate the system in any way. However, everyone is free to choose what he needs. If activation does not make it difficult, please: ESET products work fine in home systems. But using optimizers with anti-virus modules as the main means of protection is highly undesirable. Well, it’s also impossible to say which program takes first place: how many users, so many opinions.

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