Chinese program QQPCtray.exe: how to remove from the computer? Instruction

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Chinese program QQPCtray.exe: how to remove from the computer? Instruction
Chinese program QQPCtray.exe: how to remove from the computer? Instruction

Computer viruses are a huge headache for many users. Perhaps, now it is simply impossible to find a user who would not have encountered a computer infection at least once. Chinese viruses have become very common lately. Getting rid of them is not so easy. For example, many people see QQPCtray.exe on their computer. How to remove this infection? What is it all about? All this - further.

qqpctray.exe how to remove
qqpctray.exe how to remove


As you might guess, we are dealing with the most common computer infection. Our today's file program is nothing more than a Chinese virus. It comes from a supposedly useful app called Tencent. Of course, it is also Chinese.

What is this utility? A special antivirus client that helps to find viruses and spyware, and also deals with their removal. This is such nonsense - an infection, but disguised as a useful program. In any case, after installing Tencent, you will have QQPCtray.exe. How to remove this infection? We'll have to prepare a lot.

What is dangerous

But before that, you should decide for yourself: is it necessary to deal with the removal of this application at all. May be,It's not really that dangerous, is it? Chinese programs most often do not carry much harm. This is what many users claim.

In fact, QQPCtray.exe just needs to be deleted. This is a kind of Trojan that not only jams the operation of the operating system, but also collects your personal data. A kind of stealer of important information. In addition, after its appearance in the operating system, spam and advertising will begin to appear - also the work of Tencent. It turns out that our current virus is a data thief, which also contributes to the penetration of new spies and other infections into the computer, as well as slowing down its work. It turns out that you need to get rid of it, and as soon as possible.

Chinese virus
Chinese virus


How to remove the program QQPCtray.exe? To do this is not so easy. We will have to work hard to complete the task set before us. For this, it is advisable to be prepared. You can do without this moment, but it's better not to. After all, proper preparation is the key to success in the fight against viruses.

First of all, save all important data to some removable media (for example, to a portable hard drive). Chinese programs often not only infect a computer, but also delete your documents. I don't want to lose important information because of a Trojan!

Ready? Then let's move on. Now you have to try hard and download to your computer (as well as install) several programs that will help in the fight against viruses. First, you need an antivirus system. GoodDr. Web and Nod32 are suitable, but Avast can also be used. Secondly, an anti-spyware application. The leader here is SpyHunter. The last utility we need (you can do without it, but it will make your work much easier) is CCleaner.

It would also be nice to have an installation disk with your operating system on hand. The Chinese virus can damage your computer to such an extent that any attempt to remove it will turn out badly. As users say, "fly" of the operating system. In this case, you will have to install it again on your computer.

Chinese programs
Chinese programs

One more thing. Have you encountered QQPCtray.exe? How to remove it once and for all? What does that require? Time. Give the whole process a few hours. On average, not the most successful fight with a Chinese brainchild lasts about 3-4 hours.

From process

Everything is ready to solve the task set before us today. You can start removing Tencent and its process that scares users so much. The first step is to pay attention to the tasks performed on the computer. This is a mandatory step, without it you will not succeed.

Open "Task Manager" (Ctrl + "Image" + Del), then go to the "Processes" tab. There you need to find QQPCtray.exe and Tencent (and everything connected with these inscriptions, usually Chinese characters are in the description). Close the main program first and remove it from the tray. It's easy, just a few clicks of the mouse.

Now select allsuspicious processes and end them. To do this, click on the corresponding button in the lower right part of the "Task Manager". Agree with all warnings. Be sure to end QQPCtray.exe. How to get rid of this computer infection? Now you can do it without any problems. It was the process that brought a lot of problems to users.

how to get rid of qqpctray exe
how to get rid of qqpctray exe

From the program

The next step is to remove Tencent directly. Remember one rule - until you complete all the steps, you cannot restart the computer. Even if the operating system says otherwise. Otherwise, there will be no effect, everything will have to start over.

To uninstall Tencent, use the "Control Panel". Find the "Add/Remove Programs" tab there, click on it. You will see a list of all installed content. Find Tencent (and other Chinese programs that you suddenly got) in it, then click on "Delete". Just agree with all the points (white button, then red, left hieroglyph), and then rejoice at the result.

Important: save or remember the location of Tencent, we will need it later to get rid of QQPCtray.exe once and for all. Usually the program is stored in Program Files.

From documents

Chinese viruses are software that is not so easy to get rid of. For example, if you are wondering how to remove QQPCtray.exe from your computer after directly cleaning the system from the main programyou have to get rid of the leftover files. If you have already deleted the process of the same name from the "Task Manager", there will be no problems.

Just find the folder where Tencent was kept. Usually it is located under the same name in Program Files (the partition with the operating system most often). Now, in order not to deal with the process for a long time, select the detected object with the mouse, then hold Shift on the keyboard. Next, click on Del and agree with the irreversibility of the process. The folder will be permanently deleted from the operating system. This is what we need.

how to uninstall qqpctray exe
how to uninstall qqpctray exe


Now, if you are wondering how to remove the QQPCtray.exe program from your computer once and for all, you can compare the process with getting rid of a common computer infection. You can run the anti-virus system, and then set it to "Deep scan" as a scan.

All detected potentially dangerous objects will have to be deleted. But first, try to treat them. Separate buttons are provided for these operations. Ready? Then you can close the antivirus and continue working.

From spies

Are you worried about QQPCtray.exe? How to remove it once and for all? Now that the antivirus has done its job, you need to make sure that there are no spyware on the computer. And if there are, get rid of them. It's not that hard because we have SpyHunter.

Run this utility, then in the program settings set all partitions of the hard disk, all the media that are available, and also(if possible) browsers. Click on "Scan" and wait. The work of SpyHunter is comparable to an antivirus. After the results are displayed, you can safely delete all malicious objects.

PC registry

Basically, that's all. But it is better to play it safe and take one more small and simple action. Have you encountered QQPCtray.exe? How to remove it from the operating system once and for all? The final step is cleaning the computer registry. There, this infection loves to register, which complicates the process of cleaning the system.

how to remove qqpctray exe from computer
how to remove qqpctray exe from computer

Ccleaner will help us here. Run it, and then set it to scan the system in the same way as you did with the antivirus. On the right side (bottom) you will see the inscription "Analysis". You need to click on it. Next, click on Cleanup. That's all. Now you will no longer be bothered by QQPCtray.exe. How to get rid of this virus, now you know. You can restart your computer and enjoy the result.

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