Initialization - what is it?

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Initialization - what is it?
Initialization - what is it?

When creating software products, you must be able to clearly and efficiently operate with all the necessary terminology. Here, for example, take such a word as initialization. What is it, you know? I doubt it, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this article. Therefore, let's look at what is meant by this term, what types there are, and also analyze a few problems that may arise when using electronics.

Initialization - what is it?

What is initialization
What is initialization

This is the name of the processes of creation, activation, preparation for work and determination of the necessary parameters so that the application can work efficiently and without errors. This is a mandatory step to bring any device or program to a state where it can be used. The initialization action itself can be externally directed relative to the object of influence. In most cases, only the configuration of the necessary parameters, as well as the rules, is on which the program will operate.


initialization error when starting the game
initialization error when starting the game

Let's look at what initialization is. What is this? It will be easiest to understand using a few real examples:

  1. Under the initialization of the magnetic disk of a hard drive, we mean its formatting. The recording of control information (volume labels, track descriptors, and similar manipulations) may also be included here.
  2. Program initialization means setting the necessary variables or setting the program variables (counters, addresses, switches, pointers) to zero before the application itself is executed. Everything is installed according to what is done for this type of software or contained in the form of instructions in the file itself.
  3. Initialization for printing subsystem data to the printer. This is a definition that implies the following: on which device it is necessary to transfer data to paper and take into account all the needs. So, you should determine the print format, extension, whether to use color (if any) and other parameters. First, a control signal is applied to the device and its capabilities are scanned in order to make an initial printer setup and offer the user an option that can be implemented by existing equipment.

Now let's consider the case in practice of launching an application. Let's say there is an initialization error when starting the game. The Sims 3 was chosen as the base - quite popularan application in which you want to manage a person, creating a secure life for him.

Cause of what happens in Sims-3 (initialization error)?

update initialization error
update initialization error

The most common variant of the problem is 0x0175dcbb. This number is used to specifically identify problems with application initialization. It can occur due to the fact that the base game conflicts with add-ons, mods and video card drivers that were installed on the computer. Moreover, you are not insured even when buying a licensed game - if there is a problem, the license will not automatically solve it.

What to do if error 0×0175dcbb already exists?

So, an error has occurred. Now let's figure out how we can remove it. Although we will consider the game, but many of the knowledge written below can be useful when working with serious applications. Remember that the oldest problem is archaic software components. First of all, we are interested in video card drivers. They can be downloaded from manufacturers' websites, which we actually did. It would also be useful to install or update to the latest version of the NET Framework - it is advisable to do this from a developer resource, which is Microsoft.

And now let's note the most popular causes of the problem: additional mods that were written by third-party developers. In such cases, alas, you will have to remove the extension itself. If there is information that you do not want to do this, then you can simply rename the Mods folder. If an error occurs after installation, you mustuninstall the program itself using the uninstaller and reinstall it again. If all this did not help (and this happens often), then we can conclude that the disk where the game itself is located is damaged. And the only prudent solution is to exchange it (or download a pirated version from a torrent).


sims 3 initialization error
sims 3 initialization error

What to install on your computer is up to you. But from now on, before adding third-party content to a stable working product, you need to think carefully and show considerable attention to the quality of the downloaded add-ons. Because there may be an update initialization error, and the possibility of rollback is usually not provided. And then you have to delete the entire program and install it again. If it was already decided to do so, then it is necessary to take care of the safety of the accumulated data. A copy of them should be placed somewhere safe and private, such as your desktop or flash drive. That's all, we have considered initialization in detail. What is this, you probably understand. After all, we have analyzed not only the text component, but also considered several specific examples.

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