Virus-miner: how to find and remove

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Virus-miner: how to find and remove
Virus-miner: how to find and remove

Computer security is a rather complicated issue. And few of the users are able to quickly and efficiently provide this process to their operating system. Quite often there are situations in which a computer becomes infected with viruses. And, of course, they have to be removed. Today we will learn how to find and eliminate a miner virus. It should be noted right away that this is far from the easiest process. After all, our today's infection has a somewhat non-standard purpose and origin. Let's try to deal with the problem before us as soon as possible.

virus miner
virus miner

What is this

Before you remove the miner virus, you should generally understand what we will be dealing with. After all, this will help to somehow tune in to eliminate the infection. Sometimes it is much more logical and easier to just reinstall the operating system. But in our case, this is not entirely true.

The point is that a miner virus is a kind of Trojan. It penetrates the operating system, loads the computer processor, and also begins to use all computer resources for its work. Due to this, the creators of the virus receive the so-called "bitcoins" -an electronic currency that can be turned into real money.

In addition, some users say that our today's Trojan is able to work like any other infection on the computer - steal data, destroy the operating system, and also facilitate the penetration of other viruses into the system. Sometimes this is true. But the main purpose of our today's infection is the illegal enrichment of a hacker at the expense of the resources of the user's computer.

how to remove miner virus
how to remove miner virus

Appearances on the computer

So we found out what a miner virus is. How to detect this infection on a computer? There are several options for the development of events. The first of these is simply to pay attention to the behavior of the operating system. Often, it is the manifestation of the miner that betrays the fact of infection.

What happens to the computer in this period of time? First, it starts to "slow down". And work very, very slowly. This is the first sign that you have a miner virus. However, if infected with any Trojan, the operating system will start to work slowly.

Secondly, you should pay attention to the processes in the computer. If you open the task manager, you will notice that lines appear in the corresponding tab that load the computer quite heavily. And these are not necessarily some suspicious processes. Quite often, the miner is encrypted under software that has already been installed before. For example, chrome.exe, steam.exe and so on.

Third, you may notice that evenwhen applications are disabled, as well as directly when the system is rebooted, the central processor still remains as loaded as possible. From 90 to 99%. The video card, by the way, can start to work very loudly, or rather, heat up. All this indicates that you will have to think about how to find the miner virus and get rid of it.

miner virus how to detect
miner virus how to detect


But for an accurate diagnosis of a computer, to be honest, some manifestations of a Trojan are not enough. Supplementary content is often used. And in general, you need to be able to prepare for the removal of a computer infection. So that you don't regret what you've done.

First, save all your important data to some removable media. This will help you avoid unexpected losses. If there are no important documents, you can skip this step.

Next - stock up on an anti-virus system, as well as additional content for scanning your computer. You can use Dr. Web or NOD32 (the best antiviruses according to users). And as additional software - SpyHunter, CCleaner and Dr. Web CureIT. You can do without it, but then it’s not a fact that you can eliminate the miner virus. How to find and remove it 100%?

Among other things, it would be nice to have the installation disk of your operating system handy. Just in case. And have a few hours of free time. After all, the treatment of a computer is not such a fast process. Let's start it as soon as possible.

how to find virus miner
how to find virus miner

To avoid mistakes

And the process begins with the fact that we need to eliminate all situations in which the operating system is able not to show us a miner virus. What needs to be done for this? Close all applications running in the background. Don't forget that the fewer programs you run, the better.

Why? After all, the miner, as already mentioned, loves to register in various applications and disguise himself as them. And such a step will allow you to see the infection in time. It is advisable to leave only "Windows Update" and antivirus running. Close all download managers and background programs. It will be possible to launch them only after the end of the fight against the virus.


Now you can try to remove the miner virus. How to check its presence on the computer? First, it has already been said - according to manifestations in the operating system. And secondly, any modern antivirus will see this infection. Do a deep scan of your computer and then look at the result.

All potentially dangerous files need to be "cured". In any antivirus, there is a special button for this. True, in the case of a miner, quite often this technique does not work. You just have to remove all threats. In principle, if you have encountered viruses, then this process will not surprise you. Nothing complicated, right?

miner virus how to check
miner virus how to check

Remove Threats

How to find a miner virus and remove it? Think carefully, after which you began to change the operating system. Maybe you installed somesoft?

Most likely, this is true. Therefore, in order to finally get rid of the virus, you will have to find a malicious application and get rid of it. As a rule, miners are distributed by torrents (especially the latest version of UTorrent), download managers and some online games. In particular, GameNet products. Using the control panel, remove all such applications and only then continue the fight against the infection.

End processes

Next, you have to work with the Windows Task Manager. Call this service and take a look at the "Processes" tab. A miner virus will be shown here. How to check exactly which line refers to it? For example, take a look at how much computer resources a particular task consumes. If the figure is more than 5% (with the main application turned off) or more than 20% when the mode is on, this is our infection.

What should be done? End the process. Just select the desired line, and then click on the right mouse button. In the list that appears, select "Finish". Accept the warning (it says that unsaved app data will be lost) and confirm your action.

Control sweep

How to remove the miner virus? Now that almost all possible steps have been taken, it is worth turning to the help of additional software. We are talking about SpyHunter, CCleaner and Dr. Web CureIT. The first and last application should be launched in turn and put on a system scan. After issuing the results - exactly the same as in the case ofantivirus, all dangerous objects are disinfected or removed. In principle, after using CureIT, the miner virus usually disappears.

miner virus how to find and remove
miner virus how to find and remove

But to be sure, it's worth a little work with the computer's registry. Launch CCleaner, and then click on "Analyze" in the lower right corner of the window. Please note that in the settings (left panel of the program), all sections of the hard disk, as well as browsers and background applications (if possible), must be checked in the scan. After the process is completed, click on "Cleanup". That's all. We restart the computer and look at the result. Now we know how to remove the miner virus. In some cases, if the operating system has not been cured, a complete reinstallation of the computer with formatting the hard drive will be required.

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