"Odnoklassniki": what to do if your profile was hacked and blocked

"Odnoklassniki": what to do if your profile was hacked and blocked
"Odnoklassniki": what to do if your profile was hacked and blocked

Fans of using social networks sometimes face the problem of being unable to access the usual means of communication with friends and acquaintances. This can happen in any network, for example, in Odnoklassniki. So what should you do if your profile is hacked and blocked? No need to panic, try to figure out the reason. All further actions will depend on this.

your profile has been hacked and blocked
your profile has been hacked and blocked

There may be several reasons for what happened. Therefore, initially try to restore access in the standard way - using a mobile phone number. Well, if it didn’t work out, tune in to more serious actions. So your profile has been hacked and blocked. And now the site administration suspects that, for example, spam is being sent from your page. If the standard restore fails, try contactingtechnical support.

It also happens that from a mobile phone or other computer you go to your page without problems and you don’t find anything terrible there. With this scenario, everything becomes more or less clear. Some scoundrels hacked my profile. What to do? The attackers managed to successfully infect your computer with a virus that changed the PC system files in such a way that when you try to access the Odnoklassniki website, you get to a hackers page designed in a similar way. And you see an error message or a request to send a paid SMS to resume access. If you send a message, the money will be withdrawn, but you still won't get access.

classmates profile hacked and blocked
classmates profile hacked and blocked

If your profile has been hacked and blocked, then this was most likely achieved by adding a few lines to the system hosts file. It appears that this needs to be corrected. There are two ways to complete the task: using the AVZ system utility or manually. In the first case, download the free utility, unpack and run it. From the File menu, launch System Restore. After the operation is completed, restart the computer and use your favorite site. It happens that it doesn't work. Then we use the second method. To do this, in Notepad, running as an administrator, open the file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. This is what we need. We delete any records in which social networks appear, including Odnoklassniki. Save the hosts file. You may need to allow system folders and files to be displayed.

profile hacked what to do
profile hacked what to do

Reboot the computer again and try to access the site. If it doesn’t work now, then you’ll have to look for something extra in startup. After all, the problem that your profile has been hacked and it is blocked needs to be solved. We climb into the registry editor by pressing the Win + R buttons and using the Regedit command. We check programs that start automatically, along with the start of Windows. We save (you never know) the current version of the registry and clean it, removing any suspicious entries. We return to the hosts file again and repeat the operations done earlier there. We restart the PC. Another attempt to enter the site.

Most likely, the problem will be solved. In the event that you still do not get on Odnoklassniki, the profile is hacked and blocked, we proceed to cardinal actions. Temporarily remove your antivirus, install a full trial version of Kaspersky antivirus and check the entire system with it. So the question will be closed unambiguously - access to your profile will be opened.

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