How to calculate an address from an IP address - a proven way

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How to calculate an address from an IP address - a proven way
How to calculate an address from an IP address - a proven way

In our age of information technology, the Internet occupies a serious place in the life of almost any person. And it so happened that the worldwide web has become a haven for various kinds of scammers, hooligans and other cyber-criminals.

how to calculate computer ip address
how to calculate computer ip address

Perhaps the reader received threats on social networks or by e-mail, which boil down to the fact that the opponent will identify him by his IP address and apply various sanctions against him, starting with "stuffing" his face and ending with physical elimination.

Or another option, you are insulted on the Internet, taking advantage of the complete anonymity provided by the World Wide Web. And I really want to find the offender. Or you may have been the victim of an online scam and may be wondering how to find the scammer. How to calculate address from IP address? First, some theory.

Network protocol and IP address

The term "IP" of English origin. Stands for Internet Protocol, which literally means "internet protocol".

Let's introduce some terms anddefinitions.

how to calculate someone else's ip address
how to calculate someone else's ip address

Network protocol - a specific set of rules, conditions and actions (sequence of actions) for establishing a connection and exchanging data between two or more networked devices.

And where does the “ah-pee”? It was he who united computer networks (CNs) into the World Wide Web. In "locals", along with it, other protocols can be used.

IP-address is a unique identifier of the network node, which is built on the basis of the protocol in question. Moreover, the CS can be global (for example, the Internet) and local (within a company, institute, etc.). Of course, the uniqueness of an address on the Internet must be global, and in the case of a local network, only within it.

A CS node generally means not only a laptop or desktop computer, but also a pocket computer, as well as a mobile phone and special devices (hub, router, etc.).

IP protocol versions and types of addresses

Information technology is constantly evolving. The most widely used version is currently version 4 (IPv4). The IP address in it is represented as four numbers in the range from 0 to 255, separated by a dot, for example But using a set of numbers is inconvenient, therefore, for example, for websites, the address is tied to a domain name. And the user in the browser line is typing, not Although, if you enter these numbers, you can also get to the Mail. Ru website. The sixth version of the protocol (IPv6) is also in progress, but we will not dwell on it.

IP-There are two types of addresses:

  • static (permanent, unchangeable) – assigned to a specific device in the CS and cannot be assigned to another;
  • dynamic (non-permanent, changeable) - assigned automatically when a node connects to the network and is used by it during the time specified in a special service.

If you look at the contract with the provider, then, most likely, it is noted there that your IP is dynamic. What does it give us? A user with this address each time accesses the Internet under a new IP. This can be checked on the resources below. That's all with theory, let's move on.

Get IP from network device

calculate the ip address of someone else's computer
calculate the ip address of someone else's computer

Since each computer in the CS is assigned a unique address, the question arises as to whether it is possible to calculate the IP address. The answer is simple: you can. And very simple, but only the address of your computer. To do this, you can use, for example, two Internet resources: and SpeedTester. Info.

On the first one you will see information about the current address, browser, operating system of your computer, whether you use a proxy or not, and some other data. On SpeedTester. Info - almost the same, as well as the location of this "IP" on the map. Hooray! The problem of how to calculate an address from an IP address is solved! However, not all so simple. The map shows the provider that gave you access to the Internet, not the location of your computer.

So, it's clear with your own. How to calculate someone else's IP address?

Get IP from another computer

how to calculate by ip address
how to calculate by ip address

It takes a little work. Speed-Tester. Info has a special service - "find someone else's IP". Just click on the menu item and go to the page with this service. And now, to calculate the IP address of someone else's computer, we do it simply: enter your email address and the name of the user we are interested in (instead of the name there may be a nickname, e -mail). The service generates a short link, and we send it to the interlocutor. As soon as he crosses it, we receive his “IP” in the mail.

The accepted address can be checked on the mentioned resources or on any of the "whois" services, which are abundant on the Internet. If you have a UNIX-like operating system and you need to get information, for example, about the address, then just type the command "~$ whois" in the terminal and you will see on the screen everything about the provider that provided it.

So, we figured out how to calculate the IP address of a computer.

Proxy, Tor and more…

To provide anonymization on the Internet, proxy servers are often used, i.e. servers that take over the client's request, receive the necessary information and transmit it to the user. In this case, you will get the IP address of this node, which can be anywhere, even in Zimbabwe. There are also distorting proxies that transmit false information about the real user. Then things get much worse.

However, lately, the use of proxies has shifted more from anonymization to the area of providing access to legallimited resources that have a filter by "IP". For example, Russian computers cannot connect to them, while Zimbabwean computers can easily.

Also, the so-called "onion routing" system of Tor provides quite good protection. It is a set of proxy servers for establishing an anonymous network connection, protected from eavesdropping by encrypting transmitted information.

Thus, if your opponent works through the Tor browser, then you will not get his real IP address, not being a hacker or an employee of the technical department of the special services.


There is a commercial organization that provides Internet access. It is called "Internet Service Provider" or simply "provider". Such a company has a license to provide this type of service, issued by Roskomnadzor (for Russia). Naturally, her database has all the necessary information.

Each computer connected through an ISP has a unique name, internal IP address, MAC address. Of course, the database also reflects where the device is installed.

And even if you have a dynamic address, special electronic journals (log-files) reflect which computer this or that “IP” is assigned to, which pages the user of this device visited, etc. That is there is a complete compromising evidence on everyone.

All this information is stored by the provider for three to five years.

Mobile operators

how to calculate ip addresscomputer
how to calculate ip addresscomputer

As many people know, mobile operators (OSS) also provide services for access to the World Wide Web. Here we will consider the use of mobile communication technologies, such as EDGE or CDMA, to access the worldwide network.

In this case, too, everything is quite simple. It does not matter whether a mobile phone is used as a modem to connect a desktop computer or laptop to the World Wide Web or is itself a device for accessing the Internet. The main thing is that it also receives an IP address, which can be static or dynamic, depending on the connected services.

When a person buys a SIM card, in most cases he provides passport data, which is stored by the OSS. And on the operator's servers there are also log files, where information is stored about which SIM card was assigned to this or that IP.

And if the subscriber's IP address is determined using the above methods, we will get the address of the mobile operator.

User identification by "IP"

So we figured out how to calculate an address from an IP address. But in this case, we get the location of the provider or its division. For example, if you check your IP address, then, being in Moscow, you may find that you are somewhere near Krasnoyarsk.

It is clear that most readers are interested in another question: "How to calculate a person's IP address?"

is it possible to calculate the ip address
is it possible to calculate the ip address

No legal means. Internet Service Providers and Cellular Operators are not eligibledisclose such information. And if you contact them and ask for such information under any pretext, you will get a refusal, most often polite.

If the reader has hacking skills sufficient to get the log files of providers or OSS, then you can try. Just don't be surprised if employees of Department "K" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia or their colleagues in another country knock on his door. provider firms to share valuable information. But to say that you managed to calculate a person by IP address is hardly appropriate. You did not determine the location of the user using computer technology, but only obtained information about him and moreover illegally.

In closing

We figured out how to calculate an address from an IP address. An ordinary person, using various services, including online, can only find out the location of the provider. So if you are threatened that they will find you by IP and apply various punitive measures, all this is nonsense. The provider, if he does not want to lose his license, will not provide such information. But in any case, while online, be polite and correct. Good luck.

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