Europa Universalis 4: guide for beginners, the basics of the game

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Europa Universalis 4: guide for beginners, the basics of the game
Europa Universalis 4: guide for beginners, the basics of the game

Probably every fan of computer strategies, if not played Europa Universalis 4, then at least heard about it. No wonder - the game is really exciting and striking in its globality - here the gamer has to follow, without exaggeration, all spheres of the life of the state. So even the most experienced player will have a hard time. That is why it will be useful to compile a Europa Universalis 4 guide for beginners to help create a sufficiently powerful state at first and be able to complete the game to the end.

A little about the game

Let's start with the fact that the game was announced in 2012, and the release took place in 2013. The strategy supported languages such as English, German, Spanish and French. But there is no Russian in this list. Therefore, for Europa Universalis 4, a crack is needed if you do not own one of the above foreign ones. Fortunately, you can download it from many sites.

The game itself is a global strategy, covering almost the entire territory of Europe, as well as parts of America, Australia, Asia and Africa. The passage begins in 1444 and ends in 1821, that is, it covers almost four centuries.

Game cover
Game cover

An important advantage of the game is globality. That is, the gamer is responsible for all spheres of public life: the economy, the army, the navy, trade, the prestige of the state and the ruler, and many others. Keeping track of all the indicators will not be easy, so it is almost impossible to really play fully the first time.

Having chosen a suitable country (and there are a lot of them in the game, each with certain features, unique missions and goals), you need to try to survive, and in some cases expand the sphere of influence, increase the power and prestige of the state on the world stage. So gamers have a great opportunity, albeit virtually, to change the history of the whole world!

How to choose a country

As mentioned above, there are a lot of countries in Europa Universalis 4. Each of them has a real prototype. Some exist to this day, while others have long disappeared from the map of the world or have become a small province of more powerful states, headed by talented politicians. So right after installing the crack on Europa Universalis 4 and the first launch, you need to select the appropriate country.

If you are playing this strategy for the first time, then it is definitely not worth choosing a tiny state sandwiched between powerful neighbors - there is simply not enough time and energy to resist such dangerous opponents. Yes, and they are not very interesting to play. In most cases, they do not have difficult and exciting missions -it is enough just to live up to a certain date. However, even this can be very difficult to do due to the small amount of starting resources.

It is better to choose a sufficiently powerful and large country, separated from the rest. For example, for a beginner, Castile or Portugal can be called a good choice. On the one hand, these are quite strong states with considerable potential for development and interesting tasks. On the other hand, they are located on the outskirts of Europe. Therefore, all wars unfolding between European powers will take place on foreign territories. Even if someone decides to attack these countries, they will have to travel a considerable distance, which will weaken the troops or navy.

Dealing with the economy

Now let's make a small Europa Universalis 4 economics guide. Still, this most complex science directly affects the success of the development of the state and its well-being. Without a developed economy, any power, even a fairly powerful one with excellent potential, will be doomed.

We follow the numbers
We follow the numbers

By clicking on the button at the top right, similar to a shield, go to the first tab. It displays information about the government, as well as court advisers. The latter can bring considerable benefits, but are quite expensive. Therefore, at first it makes sense to refuse their services, but later, when the income increases decently, you can hire several good experts.

The economy is revealed in the second tab. Here the player will see a large number of different sliders that allow you to properly distribute the state budget. movethem to increase or decrease the cost of maintaining missionaries, navies, armies, colonies.

No need to increase all expenses to the maximum - it is desirable to do this only in wartime. The exception is the fleet - it is desirable to set it to 100 percent. Then the trading of light ships will be as efficient as possible, which will increase income and compensate for expenses.

The budget of the army should be cut to 50-60 percent. Yes, the rate of retraining and hiring of soldiers will decrease, and morale will also decrease a little. But the costs will be reduced by almost two times. If there are no unfriendly neighbors in the neighborhood, this scenario can be considered quite successful.

Other sliders should be set to 50 percent - lower is undesirable.

Don't forget about the army

Now let's talk more about the army and the war. Without this, the guide to Europa Universalis 4 would simply be incomplete.

In the game, not the quality of the troops, but their quantity is much more important. Therefore, in most cases, the states that pay a lot of attention to the recruitment of recruits win here in most cases.

Using the terrain
Using the terrain

When attacked by a stronger country (and weaker ones usually do not attack), try not to go on a frontal attack, preferring a defensive war. Don't forget to use terrain properties - sometimes this is the key to victory. In general, it is desirable to hire a general, if possible, so that he would be engaged in the conduct of the war.

Attacked by a superpower? Try to gather all the troops at one point while negotiating in parallel. Find out under what conditionsthe enemy is ready to stop aggression. Sometimes it turns out to do without a bloody war that destroys the country, infrastructure and economy. If it didn’t work out, try to go on the defensive, inflicting maximum damage on the enemy. There is a high probability that one of the neighbors will attack the enemy engaged in the war, making the situation easier for the player.

Trade is the backbone of the economy

It is definitely worth compiling a trading guide. Europa Universalis 4 is a grand strategy, so you can't do without it.

Map of Europe
Map of Europe

Traders are needed for successful trading. At the beginning of the game, each country has only two slots for them. But thanks to ideas and solutions from the number can be increased. After directing the merchants to the trade node, give them a suitable task - to collect money or redirect trade.

Profit depends on trading power. And it is affected by the number of controlled provinces, the presence of advisors and the number of merchants in a particular region. One merchant increases trading power by 20 percent, two - by 30, and five - by 45.6 percent. It is pointless to send more specialists to one region - this figure will not increase further.

We care about the prestige of the state

A very important indicator is the prestige of the state. Thanks to him, you can influence other countries. In addition, the morale of the fleet and the army, the ability to detect spies, the cost of creating institutions, the cost of mercenaries and many other indicators depend on prestige. In general, the value can be from -100 to 100.

Manyevents in the game affect prestige - positively or negatively. Greatly reduce his removal of the heir or ruler from the throne.

Asia is well done
Asia is well done

But thanks to successful conquests, the conclusion of international treaties and the right foreign policy, prestige is noticeably increasing.

Create a powerful fleet

A strong, large fleet is the key to successful trade and military victories. Therefore, it is impossible to neglect them by any means.

The maximum number of ships and sailors depends on how many of your provinces land on the sea. It makes sense to postpone everything and build as many ships as possible - especially small ones. Thanks to them, you can dramatically increase trade, which will solve many economic problems.

True, some countries, for example, in America, cannot build ships right away - they will have to wait, which often leads to a slowdown in development.

Passing the game as Muscovy

Compiling a complete guide in Europa Universalis 4 for Muscovy is quite difficult. Therefore, we will only talk about the first actions that can bring victory.

In addition, there are elephants
In addition, there are elephants

The game starts from 1444. First you need to defeat the remnants of the Golden Horde and defeat Kazan. We build several large units, add two units of mercenaries and create a large army. When the enemies declare war, we send an army to Kasimov, dig in and wait for the attack. Fighting back in fortified positions is quite easy, so we finish off what is left of the enemy army. Now quickly capture provincesenemy, along the way destroying the hastily formed regiments - they do not pose a particular danger.

We impose favorable peace conditions on the enemy - a cash payment and the rejection of diplomatic ties with the Timurids and the Crimea - rather dangerous opponents.

Well, then - how will it go. We already have a good start, and it will be much easier to play further.

List the best fashions

The number of mods for Europa Universalis 4 is quite large. Let's talk about the most interesting.

Perhaps Common Universalis has become the most global - it affects almost all areas of the game: religion, government, diplomacy, relations with vassals and many others.

The Imperium Universalis mod is historical - it takes the action of the game almost two thousand years ago. In the yard - the sixth century BC with all the ensuing consequences. The Roman Empire has not yet gained its maximum power, and Hellas is still far from decline. And the Persian troops are gathering at its borders to deliver a terrible blow.

Ice and Fire Card
Ice and Fire Card

But fans of the series "Game of Thrones" will like the A Song of Ice and Fire mod, thanks to which you can participate in the wars of the Seven Kingdoms. You definitely won't be bored here!

Fans of the Warcraft universe will be interested in the mod of the same name. The map here is complex and really big - it contains not only Azeroth, but also Outland. Choose the right power - from the Burning Legion to Stormwind - and show all opponents who is the mostthe coolest in this world!


This concludes our article. Now you know enough about Europa Universalis 4 to defeat many dangerous enemies. So, get even more pleasure from passing. Good luck!

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