"Nancy Drew: Last Train to Moongorge": walkthrough, description, features

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"Nancy Drew: Last Train to Moongorge": walkthrough, description, features
"Nancy Drew: Last Train to Moongorge": walkthrough, description, features

The adventures of a young detective Nancy Drew called "The Last Train to Moongorge" is already the 13th game in the series. The plot begins with the fact that the rich daughter of a millionaire named Gloria Duran invites Nancy's old acquaintances, the Hardy brothers, on a short trip on the train of the once deceased gold digger. Of course, along with the brothers, our heroine goes to the meeting, and several other people who also received an invitation.

During the trip, the train suddenly finds itself in a tunnel. After he leaves it, the passengers realize that the initiator of the adventure, Gloria Duran, has disappeared somewhere. From this moment, the main passage of the "Last Train to the Moon Gorge" begins.

Let's go looking

The very first task before us is to find Gloria Duran. First, let's talk to all the remaining passengers. The Hardys will be skeptical that Duran set up her ownkidnapping. Writer Bertha Purcell, another old acquaintance of Nancy's, will be of the same opinion as the brothers. We do not pay attention to the general skepticism and set off to investigate the loss on our own. We go into the restaurant car and try to contact the driver through the phone hanging in the kitchen. We report what happened, however, as expected, we do not find help here either.

Chasing First Clues (In the Dining Car)

After an unsuccessful conversation with the driver, let's examine the location where we are. We take a picture of two symbols on the stove, then we find the valve and, after reading the warning, we try to turn it. After that, we will move from the kitchen to the restaurant. We notice that the chandelier is decorated with a precious stone, and the picture with the white-tailed eagle cannot be removed from the wall. Before moving on to explore the bar, let's examine the ballet shoes - they will have a name on them that must be written down or captured in a photograph.

Image"Last Train to Moongorge" walkthrough (Nancy Drew)
Image"Last Train to Moongorge" walkthrough (Nancy Drew)

We will meet the writer at the bar. We do not enter into any dialogues, but simply study the photograph of the Harley spouses, which flaunts on the wall. Leaving the location.

Assembling the first puzzle (in the sleeping car)

We find ourselves in a new location and immediately meet face to face with a stuffed deer. We notice that one of his eyes is decorated with some kind of precious stone. We turn around and proceed to solve the first puzzle - this is a box that needs to be opened by assembling a picture from moving pieces. Doing the job and discoveringinside is a note supposedly left by Hurley himself.

We return to the exit and notice the grate below - open it and find another door, which is protected by a four-digit code. Alas, here we are still powerless, so we leave the bars and head to the next location.

Camila Hurley Apartments (first visit)

We reach the end of the car, turn right and go inside. In the room we will meet with John Gray - a paranormal hunter. We will talk to him, and then we will continue to inspect the room. We check what secrets are hidden behind a box near one of the walls - we find a drawing with another doll, similar to those that we saw earlier in one of the cars.

It's time to inspect the sofa. We pick up a small weight marked with the number 7. In addition, on the sofa there will be a book dedicated to the history of embroidery - we will look through it and find information that will help us understand the origin of those symbols that we photographed earlier.

Play Horse Racing

Next to the couch is an arcade machine with one of the "Last Train to Moon Gorge" extra mini-games. The key to victory in this little game lies in the successful passage of the jockey all the obstacles that come his way. In those moments when the hero needs help - press LMB. Tip: It's better to click the mouse constantly or often, as the jockey may gape and not receive an order in time.

After we win the mini-game, we will be rewarded with a sheet of music. The decryption can be found inside the dressing table. There will also be another piece of evidence -ribbon with the name of the new doll. In addition to this, there will be a sealed box on the table - we cannot open it yet.

Continue exploring Camila's apartment

Image"Last Train to Moon Gorge" Walkthrough
Image"Last Train to Moon Gorge" Walkthrough

In the Scottish kilt there will be an empty box in which the doll once lay. By the way, her name can be read there, on the label. We approach the piano and try to play a melody from a sheet of music. Alas, the hunter John will not let us play music, who will report that his "high-precision" devices can junk from the piano.

We notice a panel with embroidery on one of the walls. We come closer and see a few numbers that fit the previously found symbols - write them down or take a picture. In addition, another doll is depicted on the panel - we make a note.

Jack Hurley Apartments (first visit)

We reach Jack's room at the end of the car, where the imposing Tino Balducci is already located. We talk with him and, as if by chance, we hint at what we saw, how immediately after the abduction of Gloria, he found something on the floor. Balducci will reveal a mysterious object - this is another weight marked with the number 3. We take the find and go to search the apartment.

To begin with, let's spend a little time studying the periodic table, namely, its highlighted part. After that, let's get acquainted with the book dedicated to precious stones and look at the photo of Camila, in which she holds two dolls.

Continue exploring Jack's apartment

Not far from the table is another grate, fortunately open. We look inside and find several pipes - they were mentioned in that warning about the valve in the very first location. It is necessary to connect all (!) Pipes in such a way that they form a solid pipeline.

Let's go to the exit, grabbing along the way a piece of paper lying by the sofa, with another clue - the name of another doll. We leave the compartment and go to the end of the corridor.

Solve the riddle with weights

Continue the passage of "Nancy Drew: The Last Train to the Moon Gorge". Before us are scales, on the scale of which various symbols and red lights are marked. The first among the symbols will be "cherry" and "owl". Let us turn to our notes, which we made earlier at the panel. It turns out that "cherry" corresponds to a value of ten units, and "owl" - to seven units.

Image"Nancy Drew: Last Train to Moongorge" (nocd)
Image"Nancy Drew: Last Train to Moongorge" (nocd)

The riddle is solved as follows: put in one bowl (the one on the right) first a weight marked with a seven, and then a three. Thus, we get the value 10, which opens the passage to the next location.

In the engine room (first visit)

We look around and come closer to the table with various drawers. We begin to search each box in order - they contain several interesting items:

  • torn note with information about another doll;
  • a drawing with detailed instructions for starting the machine, as well as a list of all missing parts;
  • weight marked 8;
  • another note with a code that opensbox in Jack's compartment.

Go to the entrance to the next car, open the door with the number pad and… surprise (interesting spoilers)!

Luggage compartment

After talking with Gloria, we will receive Jack's letter, which he once wrote for his niece. The letter contains many useful hints that will help us a lot when passing the Last Train to Moon Gorge.

Our first stop is a table with a screen where different letters are flashing. We must find the names of all 6 cities mentioned in Jack's letter. As soon as the last city is found, we will notice that the remaining letters form the phrase "my map". We remember it and get out of the car.

Camila Hurley Apartments (second visit)

Go back to Camila's room and find the ballet shoes we spotted earlier. We recall Jack's letter, where he mentioned the manufacturer of these same shoes. Unfortunately, the label has long been erased, so you will have to look for another solution. We take the phone and call Bess and Jess, who at this time are busy painting the room. The friends agree to help us, so we take a picture of the erased label and send it in a message.

Image"Nancy Drew: Last Train to Moongorge" walkthrough, tips
Image"Nancy Drew: Last Train to Moongorge" walkthrough, tips

Let's stay in the room for a while to look around the doll closet. After that, we will replenish our inventory with a wrench from the chest by the door and go out into the corridor with peace of mind.

In the engine room (second visit)

We return to the location where we previously solvedriddle with cities, and we approach the screen located on the pedestal. Enter the code "my card" and look at the result. Congratulations, we managed to complete the first part of the task and open the map! Let's take a closer look at it to find a specific place where the mine is located. We leave the engine room through the front door.

Jack Hurley Apartments (second visit)

We return to Jack's room and do not miss the opportunity to show off our successes to Tino. Then we find a closed box and use on it the "color" code found in the engine room. Inside we find instructions with dance movements, as well as a strange letter in which a certain person named Thomas Wilson talks about the principles of the lamp. It turns out that the lamp needs carbide, so let's take some from the box behind Balducci's back. We take the tiger's eye with us and leave the room.

Dance time

Let's look again at the instruction from that same Jack's box and copy it onto a separate sheet of paper. The dance itself is quite simple: first, with the left foot, we go one square forward, then with the right foot we go two squares forward, and so on. If everything is done according to the instructions, then a small part of the tourmaline mineral will fall out of the hidden cache. We now have two gems in our inventory.

Solve the doll puzzle

We contact Bess and Jess and find out information about the manufacturer of ballet shoes. The resulting name is associated with a riddle about dolls, whose names we found here and there during the passage of the Last Train to Lunargorge." The clue is this: the capital letters in the dolls' names must match the letters on the label of the shoes. We solve the riddle and open the cache, which contains two weights marked 1 and 2.

Before heading to the scales, you can chat with Gloria.

Image"Nancy Drew: Last Train to Moongorge" (quack)
Image"Nancy Drew: Last Train to Moongorge" (quack)

Another weight puzzle

Let's go back to the puzzle with our favorite weights and symbols. This time we are interested in completely different images. The numbers with the panel will tell us that these symbols are suitable for the values 4 and 1, respectively. The riddle is quite simple and is solved according to the following scheme:

  • cup on the right - values 3+8, bowl on the right - 7;
  • cup on the left - values 3+1+2, bowl on the left - 7.

If everything is done correctly, then we will open the oven door, which is located in the restaurant car.

What is behind bars? (Camila Hurley Apartments)

Once again in Camila's room, we take out the wrench and find the grate, which is located under the panel. Let's start another puzzle. To open the grate, you need to make a similar thread on the screws with the one on the nuts. The work ahead is not difficult, but diligent. When the grate is removed, we will have another set of pipes that need to be connected into a solid water supply. At the end of the task, we will receive another stone.

In Search of the Fourth Jewel

Checking the cache in the furnace, which we opened through the riddle with scales - it will contain a check with information on the driver's salary. Then let's go back to the Hardys and ask them some questions. They will share information on where to find the lamp and the instrument.

If you examine the floor by the table, you can see the button that Gloria used to disappear unnoticed. We raise our eyes - a chandelier with another precious stone hangs on the ceiling. We take out the stone and keep our way to the bar where Charlene is sitting. After a short conversation, we return to the brothers and share new details with them. We leave the car just at the moment when someone presses the stopcock.

Looking for the culprit

Someone from the passengers pulled the stopcock. We interrogate all the suspects and inspect the place of the "crime". Surely Balducci has already managed to scout everything before us. We go to his room and ask about the evidence found. The only thing Tino found was a thermometer, which, according to the detective, belongs to our ghost hunter friend.

Image"Nancy Drew: Last Train to Moongorge"
Image"Nancy Drew: Last Train to Moongorge"

Let's go talk to John Gray. In response to suspicions, the hunter will hasten to explain that the thermometer was stolen from him and blame Balducci himself for what happened. Now we go back to Tino, but before that we notice the package of thermometers, which looks very familiar. Once in the detective's room, carefully examine the floor. So it is - the same packaging from a thermometer is lying below! Ask the appropriate question and Tino will immediately split.

Let's make our way back to the dining car, where the Hardy brothers will meet us with new information regardingdriver. The train will be arriving at Koper George very soon, which means we can get off at the station.

In the Buell Museum

Continue our walkthrough of Nancy Drew: The Last Train to Lunar Gorge in a completely new location. We carefully examine the museum until we find a chest on which Jack Hurley's initials are visible. We go to talk with the local owner. At the request to open the chest, we are refused - instead, we are offered to take part in several games that can be found in the museum store. Then we decide to barter: we get the autograph of the writer Bertha Purcell for the owner, and in return we get Jack's chest. This time the offer is accepted. However, we still have to play games.

There are 2 games in total: horse racing and gold rush. In the races, you will have to bet on horses and hope that it is our horse that will come to the finish line first. It all depends on luck. As for the “gold rush”, everything is also quite simple here: we must climb the golden mountain, and we need to do this faster than our rival, Bigfoot. As a reward for winning both games, we will be given golden tokens. Let's use the machine, where you can exchange tokens for prizes, and go look for Berta.

Getting an autograph

Berta agrees to sign a photo for the owner of the museum, but she needs a pen for this. Then we go to Tino Balducci - he certainly has what we need! The detective seems to be happy to share the pen, but only on one condition - we must play the game "Nimble lizards" with him. Game principlevery simple and somewhat reminiscent of checkers. We defeat Balducci, pick up the pen and go back to Bertha. On the way back to the museum, we will meet the Hardy brothers, who will tell you that several heroes decided to go in search of the mine. We do not miss the moment and rush back to the train to properly search other people's compartments.

Image"Nancy Drew: Last Train to Moongorge" (Key)
Image"Nancy Drew: Last Train to Moongorge" (Key)

This concludes our walkthrough of The Last Train to Lunar Gorge. Nance Drew is a really interesting series of detective games that you should try on your own. You can buy the game for PC on almost all digital marketplaces. This is an official purchase, without any additional "pills" and cracks for the "Last Train to the Moon Gorge". Of course, you can also use torrents by downloading an unlicensed copy. In order for the game to start without problems and not require a disc, we recommend downloading Last Train to the Moon Gorge NoCd.

Good luck in solving this complicated case to all detectives and detectives!

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