How to make mods for Skyrim. And what to do if the game does not see mods

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How to make mods for Skyrim. And what to do if the game does not see mods
How to make mods for Skyrim. And what to do if the game does not see mods

The game world of Skyrim is full of things that after so many years you want to change, and modders are doing this. Changes can relate to nature (water, surface textures and colors), playable characters, the main character himself or his equipment. Some may even involve urban refurbishment or the addition of new satellites and missions. Below you can find out how to make mods for Skyrim.

Program for creating mods

Skyrim mods not visible
Skyrim mods not visible

How to make mods for Skyrim? The answer is simple - Creation Kit. This program was created so that enthusiasts can transform the Skyrim game world at their discretion. So, in order to understand how to make Skyrim mods, you need to download and install this program.

Most importantly, this method of editing the game is in no way affected by whether the game is pirated or licensed.

Brief Introduction

In the folder with the game there is a file calledSkyrimEditor.ini and needs to be opened with Notepad. In manual mode or using a key combination, look for a line called bBlockMessageBoxes=0 and replace the value "0" with the value "1".

Now it's time to launch the editor itself. After launching it, you need to select the File-Data path, where the program will prompt you to check the box next to the desired item. Attention should be paid to Skyri.esm and Update.esm. If there is a goal to edit add-on files, then you should check the box next to them too. Below we confirm our actions with the Ok button.

After that, you should wait a bit, as the editor will load the game files into its database. You can find out about the end of the download by looking in the lower right corner, where Done appears.

Then access to three windows at once opens, the first of which is responsible for the items in the game and their storage locations. The second window opens the game and allows you to see the finished object already in the game itself. The third window is the most global, as it displays all the locations in the game: cities, caves, and so on.

Mods for Skyrim game
Mods for Skyrim game

Each file has its own ID, so it will be easy to navigate the program. Here's how to make DIY Skyrim mods.

Initialization errors

Many users often wonder what to do if Skyrim does not see mods. In fact, there can be many reasons for this - from a poor assembly of the modification up to a faulty hardware.

To understand thatto do when "Skyrim" does not see mods, you need to check a few things:

  1. Game version.
  2. Software update.
  3. Build quality.
  4. The performance of the modification and its integrity.


When there is a problem connecting modifications, you should pay attention to the version of the game. The fact is that mods are created for a specific version of the game, so you need to carefully read the description for it before installing it. Note. Usually, if the game is old, like Skyrim, then the mods have long been updated to the latest version. If "Skyrim" does not see mods, what to do - we'll find out further.

If you do not update your graphics card drivers in a timely manner, the game may crash and crash. Sometimes for this reason, Skyrim crashes due to mods. What to do? First check if the driver is up to date.

Additional software is downloaded with any game "Setup Wizard" or "Network Client". Such as DirectX and Visual C++. You always need to check the box for the game to install the software, otherwise there will be problems not only with mods, but with the whole game.

When the game is downloaded from an external site, and not purchased from the store, then there may be a question about the quality of the repack assembly. The fact is that many repackers pack their games poorly, and this can cause a lot of problems.

Mods themselves can also cause crashes and freezes. To begin with, it is worth reading reviews about the desired modification, and ifusers are satisfied, then you can install it. It is necessary to carefully read the installation rules and its procedure. Common reasons for mods not being detected are improper installation. To avoid this problem, just use the mod manager.

Skyrim mods how to do
Skyrim mods how to do

After the mod files have been transferred, you need to start the game and look at the name of the mod in the launcher. If the desired object is found, you must check the box next to it, activating it.

What are skyrim mods
What are skyrim mods

One last thing to remember: some modifications may not be compatible with each other. Most often, these are mods that directly affect the gameplay: body replacers, finishing animations, and others.

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