Skyrim mods: finishing moves. Overview of the mod "Dance of Death" (The Dance of Death)

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Skyrim mods: finishing moves. Overview of the mod "Dance of Death" (The Dance of Death)
Skyrim mods: finishing moves. Overview of the mod "Dance of Death" (The Dance of Death)

Modifications are created in order to diversify the game world with various improvements, for example: beautiful nature, realistic water, high-quality colors and detailed drawing of characters and environments. However, these are all graphical mods, but there are also those that can add new inventory to the character's backpack and provide new companions. This article will talk about a modification that affects the character's animation, making it possible to reproduce finishing moves in Skyrim.

Game Description

Game Description
Game Description

Skyrim is one of the provinces of the great kingdom of Tamriel, in which the main character begins his journey. The plot was based on the story of the dragonborn - people who possessed the power of flying reptiles. The player has to overcome many obstacles to overcome the universal evil. In addition to the main storyline, the character can participate in the life of many factions: the Guild of Thieves, the Dark Brotherhood, the College of Mages of Winterhold, Warrior Companions. With the advent of additional content, it became possible to visitthe island of the Dunmer Solstheim and become a vampire, and maybe a hunter of them.

The game allows you to control the character both in the first person and in the third. It all depends on the personal preferences of the player. RPG elements provide the ability to improve the player's skills depending on which combat style was chosen.

Weapons in the game

Weapons in the game
Weapons in the game

Finishing in "Skyrim" is affected by the choice of weapons and the style of combat. That is, one animation will be implemented in hand-to-hand combat, another animation with one-handed weapons, and a third animation with two-handed weapons. It also depends a lot on the degree of pumping the skill, since the higher the skill, the greater the chance that the animation with finishing in Skyrim will be played.

Daggers, maces, battle axes and swords are used as one-handed weapons. These types can be combined with each other and used in various variations: a shield with a sword or two daggers. As for two-handed weapons, there is little choice: an ax, a two-handed sword and a war hammer. However, the damage of a two-handed type of weapon is much greater than that of a one-handed one. But weapons in one hand can be used with greater speed, and it does not consume a large amount of stamina. For ranged combat, you can use a bow, crossbow (if the add-on is installed), a staff, or just spells from the School of Destruction.

Depending on the selected weapon, the finishing animations in Skyrim will also change. Power and hidden attacks with critical damage will provide a high chance of destroying the enemy. There are also finishing mods for"Skyrim".

Character skills

The main component in the game is to upgrade the character's skills, because by improving his skills in one or more directions, the hero can demonstrate his dexterity and lethality.

In order to activate new finishing moves in Skyrim, the player needs to develop those branches that are responsible for owning one-handed or two-handed weapons. In order for the skill to increase, you just need to use the type of weapon that is biased. For each level, the character receives one skill point, which allows you to improve performance.

Possible nuances
Possible nuances

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Variety of modifications

Varieties of modifications
Varieties of modifications

There are not so many mods for finishing off for Skyrim. Notable among them are The Dance of Death and New Vision.

"New Vision" is a modification that allows the player to carry out power attacks and then finish off not only ordinary game characters, but also such as the Vampire Lord, Corus, Gargoyles and Rieklings. These enemies can only be found in their expansion's territory.

AfterThe last update of the mod introduced new movements, which significantly increased the number of finishing animations. In terms of compatibility, there are three modifications that can work in combination with this addition:

  • Heart Breaker - A Killmove Mod allows you to perform a finishing move by tearing the heart out of the opponent's chest.
  • SPERG has advanced character skill settings.
  • Skyrim Redone is able to change the gameplay fundamentally, providing gameplay with additional settings for character skills, enemy power balance and damage system during combat.

Other mods that increase the number and quality of last hits, including The Dance of Death Skyrim, are not compatible with New Vision.

Installing this plugin is easy. You need to move all the files to the Data folder, including ".esp". Then, in the launcher, check the box next to the mod, activating it.

To remove it, you should make a manual save in the game, reset the settings, clear all modification files and load a manual save.

The Dance of Death

The Dance of Death
The Dance of Death

How to increase the chance of finishing in Skyrim? The answer is simple. You need to use mods to increase the chance of a spectacular attack. This modification not only adds a variety of animations, but also allows you to control the parameters of skills and finishing moves.

Now you can start describing combinations for the successful and effective destruction of the enemy. When a player places their character ina one-handed weapon in one hand and a shield in the other, then you can perform a beautiful action only if the character blocks the enemy’s attack with a shield while simultaneously striking with a weapon.

You don't actually need to use a shield to get a last hit, it just changes the animation. Then in one hand will be a one-handed weapon, and in the other - a spell.

Pros of fashion

Pros of fashion
Pros of fashion

There are two options for managing your skills. The first one allows you to feel the character's combat growth, as new animations will be added with each skill gained.

List of skills that need to be improved to activate spectacular finishing moves:

  • Fully upgraded "Strong hand" skill.
  • Two levels "Swordsman".
  • Two levels "Double Whirlwind".
  • Two levels of "Bruiser" ("Bone Breaker").
  • "Fighting stance".
  • "Jerk".
  • "Ruthless Strike".
  • "Double grinder".

For two-handed weapons:

  • Fully upgraded "Barbarian" skill.
  • Two levels of "Deep Wounds".
  • "Skull Crusher".
  • "Champion Stance".
  • "The Great Rush".
  • "Crushing Blow".
  • "Fan attack".

When blocking with a shield:

  • "Fast reflexes".
  • "Flat Power Strike".

The second option completely disablesskill limitation, and the player will be able to enjoy beautiful finishing moves from the Dance of Death mod from the very beginning.

Requirements and installation method

To install this mod, you must have a mod manager and a properly working plugin. For example, SKSE or Skyrim Ultimatum. Also requires the presence of all add-ons: "Guardian of the Dawn", "Dragonborn".

When all the necessary files are available, it is worth starting the installation. First you need to download and unpack the archive, then move all the data to the Data folder. To install, use the mod manager.

After moving the files, start the game and start a new gameplay, after checking the box to activate it. The fact is that for the best work of modifications, you need to start a new game, only then the plugins will be able to correctly reproduce the picture.

During the game, you can press Esc and select settings for finishing:

  • Percent chance to kill.
  • Possibility of decapitation.
  • Skill limitation (activation and deactivation of character skill growth).
  • The susceptibility of the main character to this mod. That is, the opponents may or may not be able to decapitate him.
  • Camera settings. When the last hit is activated, she will be more dynamic and change her position.

Possible nuances

Skyrim kill code
Skyrim kill code

This modification is not compatible with any other add-on that also provides a high chancefinishing moves.

To be able to destroy an opponent with a one-handed weapon, something must be in the other hand (spell, weapon or shield). Otherwise, the mod will not work.

Mod Manager will ensure correct installation and stable operation in a game as unpredictable as Skyrim.

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