Browser shooter is a great way to pass the time

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Browser shooter is a great way to pass the time
Browser shooter is a great way to pass the time

Despite the fact that shooters are a rather bloody and aggressive type of computer games, many players like to spend time playing them. Moreover, most gamers believe that such entertainment relaxes, calms and allows you to escape from the daily hustle and bustle. If you don't want to bother with downloading torrents and installing the game, then an online shooter will be the best option.

browser shooter
browser shooter

What is a browser shooter?

The main task of any game of this kind is to destroy the enemy by any means available, and each shooter offers a huge selection of characters and conventional or fantastic weapons to kill their own kind, that is, other characters. A browser shooter is not necessarily a single-player shooting game that challenges the player to fight against a virtual intelligence.

More interesting are multiplayer shooters in which you have to fight with other players, because a person is the most dangerous and unpredictable creature. Also games are divided depending on the type of character. For example, in MMOFPS, the gamer merges with the character and sees reality as if through his eyes. In third-person shooters, the player peeks out from behind the character's back. Shooting games in which the gamer controls military equipment are no less popular. Top browser shooters will help you choose the game that suits you, which will give you a lot of positive emotions from passing.


Great browser-based third-person shooter that will immerse you in a fantastic world of galactic battles. A large selection of proposed weapons and characters with individual characteristics will not leave indifferent even the most biased gamer. The seed of the game is this: you enter into an intergalactic conflict in the struggle for resources.

best browser shooters
best browser shooters

WarFrame is a multiplayer shooter where you need to recruit and rally a team around you to win, and it also features a mode that brings together four friends in PvE missions. WarFrame is offered to play for free, but for real money you can upgrade your character much faster. According to the recommendations of the developers, it is better to download the game client, which will significantly increase the traffic speed and speed up the gameplay.


This multiplayer browser-based shooter is designed for fans of first-person games. The plot will immerse you in a post-apocalyptic world where there is a ruthless struggle for survival and anarchy rules.

top browser shooters
top browser shooters

In addition to other players who can become both enemies and allies, inThe shooter has a lot of anomalies and deadly traps, and only the smartest and most dexterous can pass them. But you can also find many pleasant surprises, such as artifacts that will help save lives in critical situations. Fans of the legendary S. T. A. L. K. E. R project will love this game, because it was created by the same developers.

Metal War Online

The game was created for those who like to drive heavy vehicles and combines such genres as a first-person shooter and racing. The plot is as follows: in the future, two global corporations have entered into an open struggle for a unique resource that is essential when creating synthetic blood. And the main soldiers in this fight are armored vehicles. It is for them that you will have to fight.

best browser shooter
best browser shooter

With each new level of pumping the character, new weapon or technical data upgrades are unlocked that make the car even more deadly. Metal War Online involves four classes of vehicles: reconnaissance, assault, engineering or artillery - which are characterized by certain functions and skills.

Battlestar Galactica Online

This game is not in vain included in the honorary list of "Best Browser Shooters", because it does not require client installation, and the graphics are striking in their realism. It all started when humanity came up with smart machines, the Cylons. But something went wrong, and the robots rebelled against their creators, and the player will have to enter into a long-standing struggle for survival in the distant depths of space. Can you resistruthless Cylons and bring your fleet home safely?

best browser shooter
best browser shooter

The specifications of Battlestar Galactica Online are amazing. It's probably not a lie to call this game one of the most colorful among browser shooters. And the fact that it's free to play makes it even more rated.

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