"Stalker: Clear Sky": walkthrough and game tips

"Stalker: Clear Sky": walkthrough and game tips
"Stalker: Clear Sky": walkthrough and game tips

"Stalker: Clear Sky" is a kind of separate story that tells about the fate of one of the conductors of the zone. It should be noted that in comparison with the first part, a lot of new things and features have appeared in the game. For example, the X-Ray 1.5 engine provides support for DirectX 10, which makes the picture even more spectacular and photographic. A huge selection of new weapons, equipment, upgrades, new monsters, locations and characters. Well, now let's take a look at "Clear Sky" separately. The passage of the game consists of a number of stages, the mechanics of which are intuitive and simple.

clear sky walkthrough
clear sky walkthrough


It all starts with watching the introductory video, in which our main character, along with a group of scientists, falls under the blowout, where only he survives. Waking up, we find ourselves at one of the strongholds located in the swamps, where we are taught the basic aspects of the game. The first task is to go to the bartender and get all the necessary equipment from him. Next, you should talk with Lebedev - the main person in this camp. During the conversation, he will ask ushelp repulse an attack at one of the outposts. With a sensitive and compassionate heart, we agree. At the very exit, the hero will be provided with the most important thing - a pistol, a shotgun and cartridges. Having beaten off the attack, we are exposed to a not very pleasant thing - another ejection. And again the main character wakes up in the same bed in the same camp. Now you can go to the bartender and collect your reward. Throughout the game "Stalker: Clear Sky", the passage of which is intertwined with the completion of tasks, the hero will be given rewards in the form of money, artifacts or rare equipment.

stalker clear sky walkthrough
stalker clear sky walkthrough

Growing Influence

Lebedev will ask you to complete one more task - to strengthen the influence of his group ("Clear Sky") in the swamps. The main character will need to go there with the guide. Next, a random map will be loaded (tower, fishing farm or other), where you need to help the allies fend off an attack or conquer a new stronghold. As you already understood, we have to play exclusively for the Clear Sky grouping. The passage of the game will repeatedly throw up missions of this kind: capture or protect. When the influence of our grouping in the swamps becomes dominant, a new task will be available - to capture the farm where the base of the Renegades (the opposing side) is located. Having de alt with the problems in the swamps, you need to go to the cordon to Sidorovich, familiar to many players from the first part of the game Shadow Of Chernobyl. Now the old friend showed up in the game "Stalker: Clear Sky",the passage of which several times will bring the main character with him.

clear skies serpentine walkthrough
clear skies serpentine walkthrough

Old friend

Sidorovich, just like Lebedev, will give us various tasks, mainly related to confronting the opposing group. In this case, the military is the main problem of our old friend. An interesting point in the game "Clear Sky", the passage of which is a separate storyline, is that there is the ability to quickly move from one location to another, so as not to waste time on long walks (but for someone, on the contrary, this is a pleasure). Having destroyed the main base of the military, we talk with Sidorovich and get a new task - to pick up a case with swag. The word "swag" in the game "Stalker: Clear Sky", the passage of which will be filled with such surprises, is understood as a kind of stash, which has a rather high cost. The rest of the tasks are similar to past missions, consisting in capturing new areas, fighting enemy factions or searching for rare artifacts. Among other things, it is recommended to install the "Clear Sky - Serpentine" mod, the passage of which will add many new features and adventures to the game.

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