How to become immortal in the game "Stalker"?

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How to become immortal in the game "Stalker"?
How to become immortal in the game "Stalker"?

It's no secret that there are users who would like to enjoy an interesting video game, but can't complete it due to the difficulty level. Someone prefers a passage that challenges, while someone prefers a simple observation of the development of history. Especially for such players, the possibility of obtaining infinite life was created. With its help, you can completely forget about what is in-game death, enjoying the passage, like an interactive movie.

Today we will talk about how to become immortal in "Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl", GTA and other popular projects. This information is useful for those gamers who want to get everything from the game at once.

S. T. A. L. K. E. R. and endless life

How to become immortal in the game?
How to become immortal in the game?

The game "Stalker" is loved by many, and this is not surprising, because it has everything that attracts a modern gamer. This is an impressive post-apocalyptic world, and an addictive atmosphere, and an interesting plot, and much more. In order for players to feel more confident during the passage,codes have been created. With their help, you can get endless money, expand your inventory capacity, and even gain invulnerability.

Before you become immortal in "Stalker", you need to deal with one important thing - the configuration of the game. The actor file with the ltx extension is important to us. It can be opened using the usual "Notepad" pre-installed in each Windows OS. The file contains information about a variety of characteristics of the main character, but we are only interested in the one that relates to he alth indicators. With her help, we can become immortal.

How does it work?

As mentioned earlier, we will have to fiddle with the configuration, otherwise nothing will work. We find the first line called satiety_critical=0.0 - it is responsible for the satiety of the hero. After that, we turn to the line radiation_he alth_v=0.004, indicating the decrease in the he alth of the main character after exposure to negative radiation waves.

The next lines we need are he alth_hit_part=1.0 and power_hit_part=0.1. Both refer to the percentage of hit that takes away certain parameters from the protagonist. In the first case, we are talking about he alth, while in the second - about the spent forces.

How to become immortal in "Stalker"
How to become immortal in "Stalker"

And finally, go to the line bleeding_v=0.002;0.0005, which is responsible for blood loss (nominal wound in 1 sec.).

How to become immortal in the game "Stalker", knowing all the parameters that we described above? Nextthe main step is to set the overall value to 0.0 - this will help reset the custom settings and get full invulnerability. It is also worth mentioning the mandatory saving of any changes, which must be performed immediately after completing the required tasks.

How to become immortal in "Shadow of Chernobyl": additional ways

It is not always possible to achieve the invulnerability of the main character using the configuration settings. There are several additional methods that are also worth paying attention to. For some, they can be easier than manually changing the internal parameters of the game, but for someone - a little more difficult.

"Shadow of Chernobyl" is one of the parts of the "Stalker" series and the very first chapter in the history of the characters. In it, as well as in other games, you can achieve the invulnerability of the protagonist by making changes to the configuration. However, there are a couple more ways that include special mods or cheats.

How to become immortal in GTA
How to become immortal in GTA

About Codes

For players involved in the passage of any of the parts of the "Stalker", sooner or later the question arises about the existence of cheats. This is especially true of the very first game in the series - "Shadow of Chernobyl", which has not very convenient gameplay, various bugs and already outdated graphics.

As a rule, development teams themselves provide all the possibilities to change the game according to user preferences. This is done so that the players do not experience any discomfort during the passage andreceived only the best impressions from him.

The most common way to achieve these changes is to use various cheats and codes. With their help, you can not only influence the appearance of the game and its mechanics, but also endow your character with a wide variety of qualities, including invulnerability.

How codes work

In order to become immortal in "Stalker" with the help of cheats, you will first have to figure out how the game console functions. It is opened using the tilde key, which is indicated by the "~" sign (equivalent to the "E" button).

Become immortal in "Shadow of Chernobyl"
Become immortal in "Shadow of Chernobyl"

The original version of "Shadow of Chernobyl" boasts a good cheat mod that allows you to get not only immortality, but also other bonuses, including unlimited money, additional weapons and much more. In addition, with its help you can get almost everything - in-game loot and quest artifacts, the number of which is unlimited.

You can choose cheats or mods to suit your taste on any thematic sites and forums. All files are generally distributed free of charge.

Invulnerability in the GTA series

In the next part of our article, we will move away from the Stalker series a bit and talk about how to become immortal in GTA 4. Despite the fact that now the fifth part of this popular game franchise has the main popularity, GTA IV is still in no hurry to give up its positions. Besidesit was the long period of existence that allowed the fourth part to acquire a large number of various modifications, fan additions and cheats.

The main character of "GTA 4" can say goodbye to his life in a variety of ways. He can be killed with a gun, hit by a car, fall from a great height and even fly at high speed through the windshield. The well-known Wasted inscription appears on the screen with enviable frequency, so it is not surprising that players are trying to find ways to cheat death.

Become immortal in GTA
Become immortal in GTA

It also happens that users are so fascinated by the GTA 4 storyline that they absolutely do not want to waste time and effort on endless skirmishes. In this case, the invulnerability status for the protagonist may also come in handy.

How to achieve immortality in GTA

On the Internet, you can find a huge number of offers with files that promise invulnerability for a particular game. Therefore, it is so important to always be extremely careful when choosing, because many of them can turn out to be an ordinary scam.

Complete immortality in the fourth part of "GTA" can only be achieved by downloading additional content. Of course, there are special cheats that are also suitable for this purpose, but their use is often not recommended. The fact is that codes can block other in-game functions, which greatly affects the balance of the gameplay.

So what is the way in thisbest case? We recommend that you turn to the Alice trainer, which will not only help you gain invulnerability, but at the same time will not break anything in the gameplay mechanics. It works with special scripts that activate three functions: more convenient saving, infinite ammo and, of course, gaining immortality. With such a trainer, you can not be afraid that the character will suddenly die and force you to replay the same mission in a circle.

How to become immortal in Minecraft
How to become immortal in Minecraft

Getting invulnerability in Minecraft

Minecraft gameplay is not particularly difficult, especially after sufficient leveling of the user. However, what about players who do not have enough time and patience? How to become immortal in Minecraft without pumping? In this case, you can seek help from special programs that make certain changes to the game configuration. In our case, this is getting invulnerability.

Programs contain cheats required when installing "eternal life" for the main character. This ability will allow you to emerge victorious from any multiplayer sessions and achieve all your goals. You can forget about the fear of being killed by night monsters or the sudden awakening of hunger.

At the same time, installing cheats is far from the only way to get immortality. In the next chapter, we will talk about how you can become invulnerable in the Minecraft game without the help of third-party programs.

Totem of immortality - what is it?

become immortal in "Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl"
become immortal in "Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl"

Each owner of this artifact can avoid in-game death. It is enough to take the totem in any hand, however, this must be done before the player is attacked by one of the opponents. As a result, the effect of lethal damage will be absorbed, and the character's he alth will be slightly restored. After the artifact is used once, it will self-destruct.

The Totem of Immortality can be found in the Dark Forest or knocked out of the Summoner mob.

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