Fights without rules on PC - we play on the computer

Fights without rules on PC - we play on the computer
Fights without rules on PC - we play on the computer

Many people like to watch fights without rules, and some are direct participants in this sport. Every day it is gaining momentum both in terms of the number of participants and in popularity among the audience. Hence all the films about fights, games and similar entertainment. It is worth paying attention to the next branch of fighting games - fights without rules on a PC (personal computer). First of all, due to the fact that today there is an extremely small selection of games in this genre, and among this minority it is necessary to figure out what is worth playing and what is not.

fights without rules on pc
fights without rules on pc

First of all, MMA games on PC have some kind of controls. Imagine how many tricks and false blows you can make in the rack, on the ground and in the clinch. The most important point in such games is to remember all the tricks and keys, onwhich should be pressed at the right time. Probably, in connection with this problem, fights without rules have become widespread on consoles, where it is possible to play on a convenient controller. However, this does not change the fact that such games exist on PC.

One of the most hit and popular games representing MMA on PC is the UFC Undisputed series of games, which combines the versatility of combat, high-quality animation of movements and a certain atmospheric gameplay. For those people who are unfamiliar with any game in this series, it may seem that there are no differences between the old and new versions (the same as in the Fifa games). But for true fans and fans of this genre, the changes seem to be quite significant, such as the addition of new fighters (already more than 100), moves, combos, animations of emotions and gestures.

games about fights without rules on pc
games about fights without rules on pc

"UFC Undisputed" will give the player the opportunity to merge with the image of a real fighter, feel like in the ring, learn all styles of martial arts. Any duel here must be approached wisely, and not just pressed random combinations of punches. Depending on the type of opponent and the style of combat chosen by him, it is necessary to apply effective and counteracting techniques that will help to gain superiority over the opponent. The game has the ability to modify your hero, move up the career ladder and grow as the best fighter without rules. All this makes this game one of the best, which shows the most vivid and realistic rules on PC.

Another interesting representative of this genre on PC is the game called "WWE Raw Ultimate Impact", which is a merciless and bloodthirsty fights with a fair amount of violence. It should immediately be said that this game is intended only for adults, so as not to injure the child's psyche. In this game, fighting without rules on the PC has taken on a real and brutal shape. The game takes with its realism the injuries and consequences that occur after a missed hit, or even a dozen hits. Each character is individual, both in terms of fighting style and appearance. An interesting and realistic game will not make the player bored for several weeks, and with the participation of friends and other like-minded people in the process, it will never get bored at all.

fights without rules on the computer
fights without rules on the computer

Someone says with confidence that fights without rules on the computer are uninteresting, have long outlived their usefulness and are of absolutely no interest to the public. Today we have seen that this is not so.

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