Deus Ex walkthrough and highlights

Deus Ex walkthrough and highlights
Deus Ex walkthrough and highlights

Today we will talk about one of the most original RPG games - Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It should be said right away that this project is entirely replayable, that is, it can be played several times. A very interesting and versatile game with a deep storyline. So, let's start with the highlights of Deus Ex, the passage of which is a must for every player.

deus ex walkthrough
deus ex walkthrough

New Age

Humanity has moved into a new age. Other technologies have emerged to replace missing or dysfunctional human body parts with high-tech implants. Mankind has divided into two groups - those who oppose the 'robotics' of the human body, and those who have become an active user of these technologies. In the game Deus Ex, the passage of which will take more than a dozen days, gamers will play the role of Adam Jensen. This is the head of security for Sharif Industries, the largest implant company, who is solving the case of a mysterious attack on the company and kidnapping of personnel.

Which way to approach

The walkthrough of Deus Ex is literally varied. The game providesthe user has the right to decide for himself what style he wants to pass it. You can reduce the number of killed and stunned opponents to a minimum, or you can arrange a bloodbath and deadly skirmishes in every nook and cranny. Naturally, the player will receive the greatest number of achievements and awards when completing the game in the first way, since it is much more difficult and longer. Almost always, the game will provide a choice of how to act in a given situation. This can be reflected in dialogues or actions.

walkthrough deus ex
walkthrough deus ex

Important points

Passage of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is based on an extensive quest system. At certain points, it will be possible to take on additional quests. Passing them guarantees the player various kinds of rewards, expressed in additional 'Praxis' points, bonus XP, or rare models of weapons and their improvements. The whole plot is divided into several large and full-fledged chapters, in each of which the player will have to visit different parts of the world, from Detroit to Hengsh. In Deus X, it is important to pay special attention to each chapter, try to complete all the side tasks available at this level, and thereby earn the maximum possible amount of experience, so that there will be fewer problems in the future. In the game Deus Ex, the passage of which is associated with the search for certain rare items, there are (scattered throughout all levels of the game) 29 e-books that describe the current situation in the world and technology in general. Such material is a kindan additional feature that contributes to a deeper immersion in the game. In addition, for each such book found, the player will receive an additional 200 points. As for character upgrades, first of all, you need to upgrade your hacking and disguise skills in order to go into hard-to-reach places and avoid unwanted skirmishes with enemies. It is important to always make peaceful decisions in any situation, thereby proving your humanity. Even having in his arsenal a huge set of cutting-edge technologies instead of organs, a person is able to remain a person. At the end of the game, a choice of 4 endings is offered, in any case leading to the logical conclusion of the plot.

deus x
deus x

To act and make decisions is the motto of Deus Ex. The passage of the game is individual for each gamer, which makes this project popular and discussed.

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