GCC Compiler for Windows

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GCC Compiler for Windows
GCC Compiler for Windows

GCC is familiar to many people who are involved in software development. This compiler is a tool for free software developers. Initially, this tool was created for Linux systems. But there is also a GCC implementation for Windows. It's called MinGW.


gcc for windows
gcc for windows

The tools traditionally used to develop programs for open operating systems are the GNU tools. The project with this name was created by Richard Stallman in 1984. The need for it was due to the fact that in those days cooperation between software developers was difficult. This was due to the fact that the owners of commercial programs arranged many obstacles to such cooperation. The goal of the project was to create a set of software bundled under one license that would not allow someone to assign exclusive rights to such software. It is part of this set that the tool for programmers, GCC, is. For Windows, an analogue was created later.

What is a compiler?

It is worth explaining what kind of software this is. What is it for? In general, a GCC compiler for Windows or Linux is a program that can convert source code written by a programmer into machine code that a computer can understand. There is also such a thing as "interpreter". Its functions are the same as those of the compiler, but it performs the translation line by line, and not entirely. In this case, the program is converted into bytecode - an intermediate form, which is a binary code. It is then interpreted at runtime by a special virtual machine.


gcc compiler for windows
gcc compiler for windows

Files containing source codes are created as plain text documents. They can be created using any simple text editor. In addition, you can use special development environments in which editors are built-in. This tool is KDevelop. It is an environment that contains both an editor and an embedded console that is located below the editor. The developer gets the opportunity in one program to both edit the code and give console commands without switching between windows.

Before creating a project, you need to create a directory, and in it - a text document.


gcc arm windows
gcc arm windows

GCC for Windows MinGW assigns by default all executable files that are created to be named a.out. If you need to give a different name, you need to command oncompile add flag -o with name. This is just one of many flags. In order to see everything, you need to type the command man gcc at the command line. For Windows, the command is the same as for Linux. The compiler help system will appear before the user. Here you can see what each flag means. To exit the help system, press Q.

The work of GCC includes three stages:

  • preprocessor-assisted processing;
  • compilation;
  • layout.

At the first stage, the contents of the header files specified in the directives at the beginning of the program are included in the main file.

At the second stage, the program text written in the programming language is converted into a set of machine instructions, and the result is saved to an object file. It is worth noting that the format of this file may differ on different computers. That is why it is more convenient to distribute programs in the form of source code so that they can be made available for any architecture. This is exactly what GCC does. ARM, Windows, Intel, Unix - programs can run anywhere.

At the last stage, all object files are linked into one. The result is an executable file.

Thus, GCC is a handy tool for developers to use when creating programs.

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