How to install programs without administrator rights? Computer literacy

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How to install programs without administrator rights? Computer literacy
How to install programs without administrator rights? Computer literacy

Can I install the program without having administrator rights in the system? This question is often asked by users who are faced with limitations in Windows. Even an experienced person in computer matters can be difficult to figure out how to install programs without administrator rights on the system. However, there are ways to solve this problem. The user is left to choose the most suitable option for himself.

how to install programs without administrator rights
how to install programs without administrator rights

Using Portable versions of programs

First of all, consider the easiest way to bypass the restrictions imposed by the administrator. Today there is a huge selection of portable versions of programs that do not require installation for their use. You can even find special selections of the popular Portable software.

Applications are copied to a flash drive or other media, after which they can be run on any computer with standard user rights. They do not require installation. Users for whom the computerliteracy is not just an empty phrase, be aware of this possibility. If someone needs to use a popular program, you just need to enter its name in the search engine with the addition Portable. Google and Yandex will provide a large number of pages where you can download the corresponding portable version of the application.

Restrictions on using portable software

And one more small nuance. It should be borne in mind that starting the program in the Portable version may take a few seconds longer. Minor functional restrictions are possible. Therefore, if possible, it is recommended to perform a full installation of the application, as provided in the standard scheme. If this option does not suit the user, the portable version of the program will be enough for him to solve everyday tasks.

The proposed solution is also suitable for people who need popular software. If we are talking about some specific programs that are used by limited categories of users, then this option will not help. After all, it will simply be impossible to find a portable version of such an application.

program launch
program launch

How to install programs without administrator rights: password reset and privilege escalation

The method involves the use of a special utility. The name of the program is Offline NT Password and Registry Editor. It allows you to work with Windows systems versions XP / 7 / 8/10, as well as Vista. The utility can be downloaded from a flash drive, CD or DVD. It can help all those who are looking for an answer to the question of howinstall programs without administrator rights. It does not provide a graphical interface, but you do not need to be afraid of this fact.

The application interface is simple and intuitive, even though all menu items are in English. Convenience is added by the fact that the required option is offered to the user by default. After the system administrator password is reset, the installation of programs on the disk will become available in the normal mode.

To use Offline NT PRE, you need to create a multi-boot flash drive by downloading the utility image first. Detailed instructions on this subject are abundant on the Internet. You should search for the key “creating a multiboot flash drive”. Now it is worth dwelling in more detail on working with the application itself.

computer literacy
computer literacy

How to reset the administrator password on a Windows system and get privileges to install programs

To reset the administrator password, follow the steps below.

  1. In the BIOS or UEFI (in new motherboards) of the computer, boot from a flash drive is set (the desired device can also be selected by calling a special menu with the F12 key).
  2. Next, the user needs to boot from a removable drive. Usually, no additional options need to be used.
  3. After the program is launched, the number of the partition where Windows is installed is selected. Here you need to focus on size. If at this stage the user specifies something incorrectly, nothingbad things won't happen. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated from scratch.
  4. Next, the program asks you to set the path to the folder where the SAM files are stored. The default option is: " X:/Windows/System32/config ". This path immediately offers the program. You can change it if needed.
  5. Item 1 labeled as Password Reset is selected.
  6. Then you should click on the "Edit user data and password" category. She also runs at number one.
  7. Next, the user name or identifier (RID) is entered. It contains the first column. RID is needed when the user name has an incorrect display, or it cannot be set (for example, if it consists of Cyrillic characters).
  8. Another step for those who are trying to figure out how to install programs without administrator rights on a Windows system is to select option 1 (reset password) or 2 (change password) for the specified administrator. To exit the password editing mode, type an exclamation point and click the Enter button.
  9. The operation is completed by entering Q and confirming the changes made. The password has now been reset. You can boot Windows and check the result.

After completing the procedure, it will be possible not only to install any applications, but also change the installation path, work with system parameters. Any settings will become available

change installation path
change installation path

Alternative password reset methods

For Windows 7 and above, there are alternative ways to change the cherished combination. However, these methods are more time-consuming and not suitable for all users who are trying to figure out how to install programs without administrator rights.

They involve working with the Windows 7 installation disc (less time-consuming operation) and making specific edits to the registry (more complicated). The methods are suitable for qualified users who are well versed in how the operating system works. There is no point in using them with a simple and functional Offline NT Password and Registry Editor utility, unless for educational purposes.

installing software on disk
installing software on disk

Pitfalls of bypassing administrator restrictions

If the above procedure is performed on an office computer, the user must understand the degree of responsibility for their actions. After all, computer literacy implies a responsible attitude to the restrictions set by the administrator. And unauthorized changes in system settings violate this concept. Sooner or later, the administrator will detect an unauthorized password change and may punish the violator. Therefore, it is recommended to use military cunning. The password must not only be reset, but a specific combination of characters must be specified. In this case, it will be possible to extinguish the incident with a reference to forgetfulness or an admin error.

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