Skinny Body Care: work, reviews, features

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Skinny Body Care: work, reviews, features
Skinny Body Care: work, reviews, features

Network marketing in Russia is spreading with great speed. Its popularity is due to the ability to quickly earn big money without spending a lot of effort and money on it. Skinny Body Care is a marketing company. It appeared five years ago and already has branches in Europe and Australia.

skinny body care work reviews
skinny body care work reviews

What is this

Working at Skinny Body Care (company reviews below) involves selling weight loss and personal care products, as well as finding new members to build a marketing network.

Skinny Body Care is an MLM company with a small range of products. It includes:

  • Ageless Anti-Aging - serum to preserve and restore youthfulness of facial skin;
  • Skinny Fiber - slimming capsules (BAA);
  • Ageless - a skin remedy for wrinkles and age spots.

The company has a high rating, it has more than a hundred partner countries, including Russia. Slimming capsules consist of 100% natural ingredients. The manufacturer emphasizes that they canuse without diet and exercise, and do not limit your daily diet.

Anti-aging anti-aging serum also has a natural composition. In 2012, this product was recognized as the best cosmetic anti-aging product in the United States. The serum consists of aloe, a mixture of citrus fruits, elastin, collagen, panthenol and other beneficial substances.

skinny body care reviews
skinny body care reviews

Working principle

Everyone who has come across this marketing campaign knows that working for Skinny Body Care, and the reviews confirm this, is not the best way to get rich quick. If you want to try your hand at the company, fill out the registration form on the official website, make an initial deposit.

Next, you need to purchase goods for a certain amount offered by the company. In order to build your network and start earning, it is important to attract as many people as possible and invite them to register. The built network will bring income if each of its participants sells products.

In addition, all beginners must be trained. The company provides paid and free video materials of trainings and seminars. If a participant is invited by an already registered user, the training materials are provided free of charge.

skinny body care company
skinny body care company


To get started with the company, you need to explore the products on Skinny Body Contraindications for use - individual intolerance to the components and allergic reactions.

Skinny Fiber slimming capsules are not a drug, but a dietary supplement. It is only effective when combined with diet and exercise, although the manufacturer claims otherwise. Cosmetics have a therapeutic effect due to the active substances in the composition. For example, Ageless brightens or completely removes age spots, and also smoothes fine wrinkles.

On the other hand, the company's products are not cheap, so you can always find an alternative.

skinny body care com contraindications
skinny body care com contraindications


Skinny Body Care is a job that requires the participant to have a certain temperament, the ability to sell and even impose goods on the buyer. You can earn here if you set such a goal and go towards it, overcoming obstacles. Ideally, it suits people who have extra money for investments, sociable and sociable individuals. Anyone who wants to realize themselves in the MLM business and achieve success.

The company provides jobs for everyone. You can devote your free time to it or make it your main source of income. The advantages of a marketing company include: additional income, freedom of action, lack of immediate superiors, personal growth.


Working at Skinny Body Care (mostly negative reviews) is not a business for everyone. This company is not something new that has arisen recently. Marketing networks are widespread. One of the most famous in Russia are Avon and Faberlic. Concerningcompany "Skinny body care", she did not inspire confidence in users. The disadvantages of the network include large contributions that must be made monthly. The registration fee is five thousand rubles.

skinny body care work
skinny body care work

In order to start working, you should purchase the company's goods for a certain amount, as well as offer an assortment to potential buyers. The participant is required to build their own network, invite them to register on the official website. The big downside of this MLM company:

  • meager assortment;
  • no certificate for products;
  • Seller will be responsible for possible side effects.

If a registered user has no income for a month or he goes into negative territory, the company will have to pay the debt.


Should I contact Skinny Body Care? Reviews say that many who start working in the MLM business are quickly disappointed. This is a scam, earnings are very small or non-existent. In addition, initial contributions are required from new participants, the company's products are untested, there are no quality certificates for it, and the network building system is strange and incomprehensible. In order to register, you need to pay a considerable amount. The company is a marketing pyramid, promoted on the Internet from the positive side.

Working at Skinny Body Care involves cheating customers. A new user needs to sell a product for weight loss provided by the company and invite new ones to workparticipants. Earnings are made from sales. Other downsides include a cunning marketing plan and monthly fees, whether you have income or not.

The advantages of working in Skinny Body Care are user reviews that include a good, but small assortment, an understandable work plan, some liked the slimming capsules and the facial product. Work in the company is an additional incentive to lose weight.

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