What is a Hot Spot and how to use it correctly?

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What is a Hot Spot and how to use it correctly?
What is a Hot Spot and how to use it correctly?

The term "Hot Spot" is modern, and its meaning is known to people connected with the Internet, IT-sphere, electronics. But ordinary users also want to know what a Hot Spot is. They often see this phrase in their mobile phone.

what is hot spot
what is hot spot

What is a Hot Spot?

Translated from English, Hot Spot means "hot spot". Such a literal translation does not mean anything, so this term requires clarification. So, a Wi-Fi Hot Spot is a place where you can connect to the Internet using a Wi-Fi interface. For example, you come to a cafe, drink coffee and read the latest news on your mobile phone, chat on social networks or post new photos. This means that this cafe has a Hot Spot, that is, a hot spot. But in this case, we are interested in the functionality of the phone.

What is the "Hot Spot" function in a mobile phone?

If the usual access point in the same cafe is a Wi-Fi router, then in the phone itself, such a device is itself. That is, this functionality allows you to make a hot spot out of a regular mobile phone, which will provide Internet access to other users. In other words, a smartphonethe Hot Spot function will be able to distribute the Internet to other devices.

hot spot
hot spot


Imagine the situation: you are sitting with your friends in a cafe, and only you have access to 3g / 4g Internet, and your friends do not have it for any reason. After all, they also want to go to their social network, for example. And if your phone has the Hot Spot function, then you can make an access point from your mobile phone.

Your 3g/4g internet will be shared over Wi-Fi to your friends, making it available to everyone. Basically, your friends will use your 3g/4g internet.

Also, the function of creating an access point from your phone eliminates the need to buy a 3g / 4g modem for your computer. If in some country house you do not have Internet on a computer or laptop, but a GSM network is available on a smartphone, then you can connect to the Internet using your phone and distribute it via Wi-Fi or via cable. So you can provide access to the Web on a desktop computer or laptop.

hot spot wifi
hot spot wifi


The main disadvantage is the drop in speed. And again, an example: if the standard speed of your Internet connection is 2 Mbps, then when distributing access to another user, the speed will be divided by two. Now when downloading data, the speed will be 1 Mbps. If other users connect to your smartphone, the speed will drop even more. Of course, this is all very approximate, but in theory this is how it works.

The more devices will be connectedto your internet channel, the slower the internet will be. And if the Internet bandwidth is already small, then using the Hot Spot will be unbearable.

Another drawback is traffic billing. Many telecom operators have a tariff at which the subscriber must pay for each downloaded megabyte. The cost may increase if the allowable volume is exceeded. Therefore, when distributing Internet Hot Spot Wi-Fi, it is worth remembering that connected users can download large amounts of traffic. And you will have to pay for it or what this Internet distributes. Of course, with an unlimited plan, this disadvantage does not exist.

hot spot
hot spot

How do I enable Wi-Fi HotSpot?

Depending on the phone model and operating system, this function is enabled in different ways. On Android it looks something like this:

  1. Make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet via 3g/4g or EDGE.
  2. Go to the main menu of your smartphone.
  3. Click on the Wi-Fi Hotspot icon. In Russian, it may say "Access Point".
  4. In some phones, after pressing, a small message may be displayed about what a Hot Spot is. Read and press OK.
  5. Settings will appear in front of you. There you need to enter the name of the access point (SSID). This is the name of the Wi-Fi connection. You can just enter your name or phone model. You also need to select an encryption method. Choose WPA2 (AES). Next, set a password to connect to your access point. It must be 8 characters. Think of any password. It can be all ones.
  6. Check the "Activate hotspot" box.

Now other users can connect to your smartphone and use your internet. They will find your phone by the Wi-Fi name and connect by entering the password you previously set. Now you know what Hot Spot is and how to use it correctly.

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