Learn how to add an audio recording to "Contact"

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Learn how to add an audio recording to "Contact"
Learn how to add an audio recording to "Contact"

VKontakte is the most famous social network in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. People appreciate it not only for its pleasant and convenient interface and the ability to chat with any acquaintance, relative, friend or stranger, but also for pleasant entertainment bonuses, which include videos, images, game applications and, of course, music. It is about the latter that we will talk, or rather, about how to add an audio recording to the "Contact". It turns out that not everyone can do it. Anyone who does not know the algorithm of actions simply does not know how easy it is, but even a first grader will cope with such a thing.

How to add an audio recording to a contact
How to add an audio recording to a contact

Thanks to various innovations, music in your playlist can appear in several ways, the main thing is to know how. You can add an audio recording to "Contact" either by briefly searching for a song on the site itself, or by adding your own music, which is located right on your computer.

Adding an existing song to an audio recording

As mentioned earlier, VKontakte is the most famous social network. It regularly appears something new, including music. Now you will learn how to addaudio recording in "Contact" in just a second.

  • Go to "My Audio Recordings" (you can also click on the word "music" in the header of the site).
  • Enter the name of the song we need.
  • Move the mouse cursor towards the duration of the composition, we see a plus appearing and the inscription "Add to my audio recordings".
  • Let's boldly click on this "+" and see how it has changed to a check mark, which means that the mission has been completed, the song has been added.
  • Enjoy the appearance of the desired audio in your playlist.
  • How to add an audio recording to a contact
    How to add an audio recording to a contact

P. S. You can add an unlimited number of songs this way. True, after every tenth you will have to enter a captcha.

Add audio recording from computer

If you did not find the desired song from the ones already on the site, or you plan to upload your own created music, or you have an interesting unique recording, or you just want to feel like the master of all music, then you need to learn how to upload an audio recording to Contact.

This is no more difficult than adding a regular song, just a little longer (depending on the file size). Forward:

  • Go to "My Audio Recordings".
  • We move the mouse cursor to the left to get to the inscription "My Audio Recordings", then click on the plus.
  • We see a pop-up window where the following is written: "Select an audio recording on your computer", click on "Select file".
  • Double click on the song we need and wait for the download to finish. That's it!

Addingaudio recordings on the wall

If you realized that the song you heard is so beautiful that it is not for her to rest quietly and modestly in audio recordings, then it's time to learn how to share it with others. A wall is ideal for this - a place where both your friends and random people regularly go. This is where you need to send your wonderful song (or even not one, but diluted with pictures). This is where knowledge of how to attach an audio recording in "Contact" to the wall comes in handy. Let's get started:

  • Press "My Page" and get ready to post on the wall.
  • Move the mouse cursor to "Attach", select "Audio recording" in the drop-down list.
  • A window with the inscription "Attaching an audio recording" pops up, where there is a search bar and already added music. If the one we have suits us, select "Add an audio recording", if not, enter the desired song, and then press the same button.
  • We see how the song has already been attached to the record on the wall. Up to ten songs can be added to one post.
  • Click "Submit" and admire the result.
  • How to attach an audio recording to a contact
    How to attach an audio recording to a contact

Adding an audio recording to private messages

Rereading the previous paragraphs about the great song, but slightly changing the ending. If the composition is so chic that it is strictly forbidden to share it with everyone, but only with the elite, then you need to send it only to a friend in order to please him alone, and not everyone. Well, the last lesson:

  • Go to "Dialogues" and choose a friend,with whom you want to share a song.
  • Just like on the wall, click "Attach" -> "Audio", then select the desired one and send it along with the message.
  • That's it, waiting for the verdict of a friend.
How to add an audio recording to a contact
How to add an audio recording to a contact

So, now you know how to add an audio recording to the "Contact", and to any section. Upload music and enjoy it whenever you want.

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