How to register on Facebook. Where is my facebook page

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How to register on Facebook. Where is my facebook page
How to register on Facebook. Where is my facebook page

Most likely, you did not decide to read this article out of simple curiosity. You are probably looking for a way to find distant relatives or friends. Perhaps you want to chat in a circle of like-minded people: share your personal experience, impressions or enlist someone's support … The reasons for your question: "How to register on Facebook?" may be mass. However, in order to become a full member of the Facebook social network, you must follow certain rules, and in order to effectively use the capabilities of the service, you also need knowledge. However, you can find out about all this right now by studying the material of the attached article.

How to register on Facebook: the first "social" steps

How to register on facebook
How to register on facebook

First of all, you need to have an electronic mailbox (email adress), since its presence is required for the authorization process on the site. Well, if you have it, but if you do not have the necessary address - it does not matter. Today, almost any search engine withwill gladly offer you a free e-mail box, which in the future will become an indispensable tool for correspondence and receiving a variety of correspondence. In our case, you will need email to complete the registration process on the site. So let's get started…

You have the right to…

My facebook page
My facebook page

On the main page of the official Facebook website, you will be asked to fill out a short form: first name, last name, email, date of birth and gender. Yes, this is the first rule of the Facebook service: registration without email does not work. You should pay attention to a number of important points when entering data:

  • You can call yourself anyone, the accuracy of the information is not fundamental.
  • Information about you that will be entered during registration can be changed later.
  • True personal data can help people who are looking for you.

The service maintains a non-disclosure agreement about its users.

Protection must be absolute

Facebook registration without email
Facebook registration without email

Create a strong password. It is recommended to use a meaningless series of various characters and numbers (accompanied by lowering / raising the case), which will be a sign of high security. Of course, the "access code" must be written down and stored in a safe place. Don't be surprised by such a "spy" style of presentation: believe me, this approach will help you avoid big problems in the future, because the examplessome can be found on the web today in the form of eloquent headlines: "My Facebook page has been hacked." Therefore, always be careful, especially when it comes to protecting your personal data. Get into the habit of saving all passwords and login information in a separate notebook as notes. As for your page that you open, it will be located on one of the Facebook servers, the security of which meets the highest network security requirements. Therefore, only weak password strength can be the culprit in the loss of control over your data.

Step 1: Put it all together

After completing the initial registration stage, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to search for new friends and correlate account information with the Facebook service. Which will give you the opportunity to collect all the data of your environment directly on your new page. However, the user always has the option to skip this step by activating the link of the same name.

How to register on facebook?
How to register on facebook?

Step 2: important "landmarks"

Just a few clarifications and yours: "I want to register on Facebook, it will be practically achieved. On the current, so to speak, introductory page of the service, you will need to fill in the appropriate fields:

  • Hometown.
  • High school.
  • University.
  • Employer.

The first name, last name you entered earlier is already reflected in the information boxes, and on twolanguages: Russian and English. Now you have to clarify a few points from your biography in order to make a purposeful emphasis on the "historical" involvement in certain events in your life, around and in which a certain number of people were present. Believe me, among them there were and are those with whom you will be glad to meet again. Of course, the name you specify should reflect the reality of the existence of the educational institution. By the way, this is a kind of answer to a question that often arises among users, how to register on Facebook correctly. Write truthful data - this is the essence of effective interaction between the system and users. It may so happen that your classmates have long ago organized a community in which they will be glad to accept you. As you can see, the user is the main stakeholder in the accuracy of the information provided.

I want to register on facebook
I want to register on facebook

Step 3: Rendering

The easiest and most enjoyable part of registering is posting your own photo, so to speak, an "identifier" of the person. The service offers several ways to add your own image. One of which is the direct process of photographing. Using the computer's webcam, take a picture, and it will decorate with its presence the still empty area of the screen, the space allotted just for you on the site server, which you will later call "My Facebook Page". The second option is to find the mosta suitable photo in your collection and upload it to the site. Of course, instead of your own photo, you can put any graphic file in place of the avatar.

Can't sign up for facebook
Can't sign up for facebook

Final click process

Probably, we can state with confidence that the question "how to register on Facebook" has now become resolved for you. It remains only to support this statement with authorization on the site, which is a kind of check of your rights to the email you specified. Look in your email inbox and open the letter from the Facebook administration. Just one click on the blue button "Verify your account" - and you are a full member of the popular social network. Congratulations, the registration process is complete!

Profile setup

The "Home" tab is your, one might say, virtual office, which became available to you as a result of resolving the issue of how to register on Facebook. In this section, you can change personal data, supplement and edit the information you post. The variety of functionality can even confuse you at first. As you work with service applications, you will become more confident, and with experience comes mastery. After all, a social network is not only communication, games and entertainment. These are prospects: for creative and charitable activities, business and education. And it's all Facebook! Registration without e-mail is possible only on mediocreresources. The social network Facebook is a serious service that represents the interests of millions of people from all over the world. Now you have also become a member of a grandiose project that can unite thousands of communities into a single whole, help people find each other, keep in touch with foreign friends and immerse themselves in the boundless space of an exciting social journey.

In closing

As you have noticed, everything is quite simple and extremely clear. From you as a user, only a minimum of effort and maximum attention is required. And you can always share the experience and knowledge gained with those who are unable to register on Facebook. Perhaps such a person is nearby? Be happy and socially successful!

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