Skyrim Secrets: The Headless Horseman

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Skyrim Secrets: The Headless Horseman
Skyrim Secrets: The Headless Horseman

Skyrim is an amazing game. Even after spending hundreds of hours in it, you will find something new on your way every time you play it again. Moreover, the developers did not disappoint and added a lot of curious "easter eggs". For example, did you know that in the vastness of Skyrim you can meet a real headless horseman? If not, then you will definitely enjoy this article.

How to find?

So you've decided to find the headless horseman in Skyrim. From this point on, your problems begin. The fact is that this character appears at an arbitrary point in the game world, which cannot be determined in advance. That is, not at all. The only thing left is just to take long walks around the territory of "Skyrim" and hope for luck.

Headless Rider of Skyrim
Headless Rider of Skyrim

The second thing to consider when looking for a headless horseman is that he, like any self-respecting ghost, appearsexclusively during the hours of darkness. If we talk specifically about game mechanics, then this is the time between ten o'clock in the evening and five o'clock in the morning. Be sure to pay attention to this if you want to succeed in your business.


Of course, it is quite difficult to confuse a headless horseman with someone else up close. But if you have never seen a character before, and even look from afar, you may well mistake him for an ordinary cast. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you first study the description of this NPC and only then start searching for it.

Headless rider without a horse
Headless rider without a horse

In Skyrim, the headless horseman looks like a ghost wearing a set of heavy plate armor. For obvious reasons, he, of course, does not wear a helmet. The character most often rides on a ghostly horse, but under certain circumstances can be on foot. This NPC also has his own weapon, which is a random ax corresponding to the level of your hero.


With the information above, you will find the Headless Horseman one way or another. After that, you will most likely have a question: “What to do with it next?” Unfortunately, you won't be able to talk to the ghost. In addition, he does not react to hits from both the hero and NPC enemies. The latter, by the way, will actively attack the headless horseman if they meet on his way.

headless horseman
headless horseman

You can still follow the ghost. AThe will eventually lead you to Hamvir's Rest, where you will find a helmet with good stats. There is also a closed chest with a Master level lock. Its content directly depends on the level of your hero.


If you like the headless horseman, you can use a special mod that allows you to make a ghost your companion. The modification is called Headless Horseman Companion, and you can download it from any specialized site.

This companion is excellent with any one-handed weapon, and can also use one weapon in each hand. In addition, all sorts of mines and traps do not affect him, but this is understandable, because he is still a ghost. And finally, the headless horseman companion is upgraded at the same time as your hero, which means that he will be an effective companion at any stage of the game.

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