Fallout 4 building limit bypass

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Fallout 4 building limit bypass
Fallout 4 building limit bypass

Fallout 4 is a video game developed by Bethesda Softworks. The project was released on November 10, 2015 and is the fifth part of the continuation of the Fallout series. The plot is that the main character lives in 2077, when a nuclear war is brewing. He reserves a place for himself in Vault 111, and soon the war itself begins. The protagonist and his family are subjected to cryosleep until the confrontation is over.

fallout 4 building limit
fallout 4 building limit

After some time, cryosleep passes, and the hero sees how unknown persons take away the child from his wife. Without even having time to do something, the character falls asleep again and wakes up the next time only after 210 years. In the next capsule, the hero's wife was already dead for a long time, and the child was absent, the rest of the inhabitants of the shelter also showed no signs of life. For 210 years, the world has changed a lot, and the main character will have a difficult survival in search of his son.

The game has many options for crafting weapons and clothes, cooking and evenbuilding their own base, which was previously absent. Construction requires various resources that can be obtained along the way, bought from merchants, or dismantled an item for its further processing.

fallout 4 building limit mod
fallout 4 building limit mod

Building itself is, in principle, unlimited and has many opportunities for the player's creativity. You can build anywhere and anytime, over time, the built base can be populated by people and already engaged in arranging their life. The player can even create a high-tech base equipped with automatic structures. To do this, there is electricity and everything necessary for it.

All that can limit a player in Fallout 4 is the building limit. It was created so that in a certain area there was no spamming of objects. If you have a powerful computer, and the Fallout 4 building limit is too much for you, then you can turn it off or try to bypass it. There are many ways to do this.

How to increase the building limit in Fallout 4 using the console?

You can increase the limit of buildings using the console, mods for the game and regular cleaning on the territory. In order to do this in a certain territory, you will first need to fill the limit, then go to the workshop, call the console and enter the following commands in turn:

  • setav 349 3675555555.00;
  • 34B 3675555555.00.
how to increase building limit in fallout 4
how to increase building limit in fallout 4

If you did everything right, then your dataare canceled and you can continue to build and develop your base without worrying about the Fallout 4 building limit.

Increase building limit without console and programs

The following method does not require the use of the console or other third-party programs. You only need to clean up the area where you create. You must sweep away houses, cars, mountains of garbage and all unnecessary rubbish on your way. By the way, in this way you will also add a significant amount to yourself for further construction. This method, of course, is good, but sooner or later what can be dismantled will end, and construction will come to a standstill.

Cancellation of the building limit using third-party programs

You can also download the Cheat Engine program. To do this, you need to start the game and open the table in the Cheat Engine, then find the process with the game. At the bottom, you need to check the Infinite Size line and change the value to 0. Thus, the Fallout 4 building limit will always be at zero.

fallout 4 building limit
fallout 4 building limit

The last way is that you need to install a mod on the game, which at the moment there are already a lot with the function of resetting the limit of buildings. To do this, you will need to find the appropriate mod and install according to its instructions. Also in the manual must be the rules for its use. But remember that by installing a mod on the Fallout 4 building limit, you can corrupt the root files of the game and disrupt its performance.

How to protect yourself from possible riskslose game save?

By installing third-party software, you can break or spoil your saves, then all your work and the fruits of your work will be in vain. To do this, you need to always have an additional save and put your saves in a separate folder before installing the mod.

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