Liquid's roster in Dota 2, the winner at TI7

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Liquid's roster in Dota 2, the winner at TI7
Liquid's roster in Dota 2, the winner at TI7

Dota 2 is a multiplayer video game announced on August 15, 2015. It is developed by Valve. Dota 2 was created as an independent sequel to Warcraft III. The bottom line is that 2 teams of 5 players each have their own bases, where the main building is located, which needs to be defended. Each participant can control one hero with their own unique skills. The team that destroys the enemy's main structure wins.

At the moment "Dota 2" is one of the biggest cyberdisciplines. Many world-famous teams fight in the game tournaments. One of them is Team Liquid. This article will talk about the composition of "Dota 2" - "Liquid".

Team Liquid

liquid dota 2 composition
liquid dota 2 composition

Team Liquid was formed in 2012. The first composition of the Liquid team in Dota 2 was created on December 6, 2012. At the moment the team is one of the strongest in the American region. At the TI3 tournament, the roster"Liquid" in "Dota 2" took 7-8th place, and this can be considered one of his most striking performances. The team also won many more victories.

The composition of "Liquid" in "Dota 2" has changed many times. In 2014, a DeMoN player joined the Liquid team, and it was a new breath of air for the team. At that time, the team managed to take 9-10th place at the annual TI4 tournament. At the end of the competition, the team dispersed around the world.

Often the team uses such tactics and picks that the opponents cannot even think of. "Liquids" can play aggressively, attacking opponents at any opportunity, they can also play a neat game, holding on to each of their towers and quickly gaining an advantage over the enemy. All team members have a large pool of characters. Thus, opponents do not know until the last which participant will use this or that character.

Revival of the team

On October 9, 2015, when the famous professional player KuroKy joined Liquid's roster in Dota 2, the team managed to reach 2nd place at The Shanghai Major 2016.

However, the team failed to achieve great success at TI6.

2016-2017 season was very difficult for the team. Exhausting training and team cohesion paid off. "Liquid" won three major tournaments, winning the hearts of their fans. Unfortunately, not a single Major was successful. The main achievement of the team in 2017 was the long-awaitedand triumphant victory at TI7.

Team Liquid win at TI7

liquid dota 2 team line-up
liquid dota 2 team line-up

Having received a direct invitation to the TI7 World Tournament, the team immediately showed their seriousness and took victories in 13 out of 16 matches. After the defeat of IG, the participants of "Liquid" flew to the playoffs. In the lower bracket, the Liquids beat all the teams and won the opportunity to fight in the final with the Newbee team.

It is worth paying due respect to the team captain for choosing the right strategy and action plan in a critical situation. Throughout the tournament, KuroKy did not panic and gave clear advice to the participants based on his experience.

Betting on an aggressive game played in favor of the team. Taking advantage early on, Liquid broke the two sides and forced the opposing team to submit in the first game.

The second game was not so easy for Liquid. The Chinese quickly took advantage in all respects, but "Liquid" did not give up, in a short time completely reduced the enemy's advantage to zero and won on the second map.

The last card was no less fierce. The Chinese team did not expect Liquid to hold on so strongly and not give up their towers. Newbee's tactics have not fully justified themselves. After acquiring the Aegis, "Liquid" immediately went to fight the enemy and won.

The skill and experience of the team's players did not disappoint, and the squad took the victory with a score of 3:0.

The team's award was 10.8 million

liquid teamDota 2
liquid teamDota 2

The current composition of the "Liquid" team in "Dota 2"



Kuro Salehi Takhasomi



Amer al-Barkawi



Maroon Merhei



Ivan Borislavov



Lasse Urpalainen

At the moment this is the best line-up of the team, according to the fans. Perhaps it will be changed soon, so we will watch with trepidation the future of the team and its members.

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