DEXP laptops: specifications, instructions, reviews and reviews. Should you buy DEXP laptops?

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DEXP laptops: specifications, instructions, reviews and reviews. Should you buy DEXP laptops?
DEXP laptops: specifications, instructions, reviews and reviews. Should you buy DEXP laptops?

The market for computer technology, in particular laptops, in our time is striking in its diversity. All kinds of manufacturers, both popular world brands and not the most famous companies, provide their equipment to everyone. All modern laptop models meet different consumer needs and capabilities. You can choose a device for typing and browsing the Internet, which will cost relatively inexpensively, or consider purchasing a powerful machine that will be able to withstand complex graphic loads, and its owner will be able to play most modern games at maximum graphics settings.

One of the most reliable companies, according to user reviews, is DEXP, a company engaged in the production of various equipment, which includes phones, tablets, TVs and, of course, computers.

With all the diversity of the market, DEXP laptops hold the brand, they have a stylish design, correspond to modern ideas about what power a computer should have, and at the same time they differ in a really adequate price. Should I buy a laptop of this brand? Whichcharacteristics need to pay attention in the first place? We will talk about all this now.

Origin of DEXP

Before you start choosing a laptop, you always want to know at least some minimum about the company that produces it in order to form your first opinion. Of course, there are many brands whose name speaks for itself. However, DEXP laptops, whose manufacturer is referred to by the same four Latin letters, are not among them, and there are quite a few people who either have not heard anything about this manufacturer or know too little about it.

Are dexp laptops worth buying?
Are dexp laptops worth buying?

So, DEXP first came out in 1988. One of the most remarkable facts is that this is one of the few companies that is positioned in the vastness of Russia, and its head office and place of origin is in the city of Vladivostok.

Initially, the company was engaged in the production of conventional desktop stationary computers, and the first DEXP laptops were released in 2009. Yes, this is not so long ago, but if we consider the company's previous experience, then the assembly of laptops in Russia only indicates its growth, and also that this brand can still be trusted. Today, this company is one of the largest manufacturers of computer equipment in Europe, and cooperation with corporations in China and Taiwan allows DEXP to equip its laptops with world-famous and high-quality stuffing in the form of processors, RAM cards, video cards and otherelectronics.

Notebook DEXP Ares e104 specifications

In order to most clearly form a picture of what DEXP laptops are, it is worth considering several models that belong to different price categories. To begin with, let's take a fairly productive and relatively expensive laptop called DEXP e104. This machine is considered by many to be a gaming machine, since it has quite good powers at its disposal, which we’ll talk about now. And let's start with the most important thing - general and system characteristics.


This laptop has a very powerful by today's standards processor Intel Core i7 model 4720HQ architecture Haswell. At the same time, this device has at its disposal 4 cores and an operating frequency of 2.6 GHz, which can automatically overclock to 3.6 GHz in high load mode. What else is interesting about DEXP laptops? The processor in these machines is really impressive, especially if you pay attention to its price again.

dexp laptop disassembly
dexp laptop disassembly


As for the stock of RAM Ares e104, then its volume reaches 8 gigabytes, but this is not the limit. The two existing slots can accommodate other sticks if desired, and the maximum amount of RAM supported by this laptop is 16 GB.


Now let's pay attention to the screen. DEXP Ares e104 is equipped with a 15.6-inch IPS display. The screen resolution is 1920 by 1080 pixels, which corresponds to the Full HD format. DisplayIt has a matte finish, which means it's less susceptible to smudges, fingerprints, and sun glare.


The DEXP Ares e104 laptop has both a discrete and a built-in graphics accelerator. As for the discrete graphics card, there is a 2 GB GeForce GTX 960M model and an integrated chip from Intel (HD 4600 model). As you can see, with the graphics of such a unit, everything is more than in order, it fully corresponds to the definition of a "powerful laptop".

laptops dexp manufacturer
laptops dexp manufacturer

Built-in memory

DEXP laptops are mostly equipped with a conventional HDD hard drive, which is 1000 gigabytes (1 terabyte). However, the DEXP Ares e104 also has a 128 GB SSD hard drive, which means that the performance in solving system tasks and data processing speed, combined with a powerful quad-core processor and 8 GB of RAM, will be a great reason to please the owner of this machine.

Review of the secondary qualities of the DEXP Ares e104 laptop

As you can see from everything written above, the main characteristics of this laptop are really at a high level, and if you compare its price with similar machines, for example, from Hewlett Packard or even ASUS, then it will be at least 10 thousand rubles.

Now let's talk about the other characteristics of the laptop. Here everything will be about the same as with analogues. DEXP Ares e104 containsWi-Fi modules, Bluetooth, a 2 megapixel webcam, a built-in microphone, a card reader that supports most of the necessary cards, 4 USB 3.0 ports and, of course, a DVD-RW optical drive. The DEXP laptop is well equipped. The instruction in the box is also included, but few people will take advantage of reading it.

dexp laptop won't turn on
dexp laptop won't turn on

The battery of this model is designed for continuous operation up to 4 hours, after which the laptop will have to be connected to the network to charge it. As for the dimensions of this device, it has a width of 385 millimeters, a height of 268 millimeters and a thickness of 28.5 millimeters. The laptop weighs no more than 2.7 kilograms.

As for the build quality, here the DEXP company keeps the brand and provides equipment in a really high-quality form. There are no errors and gaps on the case, each cable and board are fixed in good faith, the design is well thought out and pleasing to the eye, while there are necessary ventilation sluices, which allows even such a powerful unit to be evenly cooled. By the way, the backlighting of the keyboard and its assembly are also at a high level. All this makes DEXP laptops quite popular. Is it worth taking such a device? You can no doubt answer that it is.

Notebook DEXP Atlas h105 specifications

As mentioned earlier, considering DEXP laptops, the specifications should be studied not only on the example of one model, so let's take another device for consideration, which is simpler and cheaper.

dexp laptops
dexp laptops

DEXP laptopThe Atlas h105 doesn't really have the same impressive power output as the Ares e104, but this machine is designed for other tasks. This laptop is the so-called workhorse, it is perfect for work in the office or at home, bookkeeping, typing or surfing the Internet. You can also watch movies and other videos successfully on it. However, it is beyond its power to perform complex graphical tasks and pull modern games at high settings. Consider its characteristics and draw conclusions about the products of the company in question.


This model has a less powerful Intel Core i5 processor, which has two cores at 2.5 GHz. All this is backed up by two slots for RAM, which in the factory can accommodate strips with a total capacity of 4 gigabytes. Such capacities may well cope with not too difficult tasks. On such a laptop, you can even play some modern games at low settings or use Photoshop. But get ready that this machine will be quite difficult to cope with such tasks.

Graphics and hard drive

When reviewing a DEXP laptop, you should pay attention to its video card - NVIDIA GeForce 840M with a capacity of 2 gigabytes. As for the hard drive, there is only one - HDD with a capacity of 500 gigabytes. It must be said that this is quite enough for a machine of such power, and everyone has the opportunity to acquire an external hard drive in case of urgent need.

Screen andsecondary characteristics

We should not forget about the DEXP Atlas h105 screen, it also has a diagonal of 15.6 inches, but the resolution in this model is slightly lower - only 1366 by 768 pixels. Of course, it cannot be said that this is not enough, but the fact remains.

dexp laptops specifications
dexp laptops specifications

Otherwise, this device almost completely meets all the necessary requirements of any modern laptop:

  • presence of a built-in Wi-Fi module;
  • bluetooth;
  • DVD-RW drive;
  • webcam;
  • card reader;
  • one USB 2.0 socket, three USB 3.0 sockets and more.

Considering all these characteristics, it is also necessary to take into account that this device is inexpensive and is already included in the concept of "budget laptops". In this it differs from the unit discussed above called Ares e104. How good are DEXP laptops? Is it worth taking them? It is worth noting that there is nothing wrong with them, especially when you recall the build quality and experience of the company in the digital market.

DEXP laptop reviews

If we take into account the laptops discussed above in particular and the entire DEXP lineup as a whole, this product has a wide variety of reviews. As we all understand, there will always be people who are dissatisfied with something. Someone was unlucky with transportation, and the laptop was hit during transportation. There are also factory marriages, this is also impossible to avoid one hundred percent. However, there are still a lot of positive reviews, and they greatly outweigh the negative ones.

Many users praise the products of a domestic manufacturer, and it's not just about supporting "their own". People are really satisfied with the purchased equipment, because it works almost flawlessly, the operating system is installed without difficulty or already installed is attached, etc.

dexp laptops
dexp laptops

Another bonus in the DEXP piggy bank is the fact that the cost of its laptops is really an order of magnitude lower than foreign famous brands in America, China, Korea and other countries. At the same time, the build quality, cooperation with leading manufacturers of boards, microcircuits and other fillings of each laptop make the products of this company no worse than others, and in some ways even better. As for the reviews that the DEXP laptop does not turn on, then the owner himself is more likely to blame, who does not take good care of his property.

By the way, there is also a question on the Internet about how to open the disk drive on a DEXP laptop. As you understand, all drives are opened by pressing the appropriate button, but it is very important to make sure that this device is included in the machine package, as some rare models simply do not have it.


Looking at all the pros and cons, as well as considering the above, it becomes clear that DEXP products are a worthy competitor to foreign analogues. And if a person wants to get a quality product without overpaying money for the name of the company, you can safely trust the domestic manufacturer. In addition, disassembling a DEXP laptop, its subsequent repair or cleaning,if they are required over time, they can be carried out by an official service center. At the same time, there is no need to travel your device abroad and wait for an unacceptably long time. Thus, there is no reason not to trust this company. You can freely buy her products, as they are no worse than foreign ones.

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