Warcraft III Bear Druid: stats and talents

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Warcraft III Bear Druid: stats and talents
Warcraft III Bear Druid: stats and talents

A Bear Druid character is a stable and resilient tank for both magical and physical attacks. Thanks to the skills that allow him to enhance the healing and defensive skills, he independently performs part of the work for the healers. The main resource of such a Guardian is the accumulation of rage. It increases with each new activation of abilities or automatic attacks.

About the characteristics of the Bear Druid in Warcraft III

Among the most important indicators of the hero are armor and endurance - they are recruited with the help of equipment. The following are the characteristics:

  • stamina;
  • versatility;
  • mastery;
  • speeds;
  • crit;
  • dexterity.

The versatility stat allows the Druid to not only take less damage from enemies, but also increase his own healing. The increase effect also applies to damage de alt.

Bear Druids from WWII
Bear Druids from WWII

Mastery grants the hero access to maximum he alth, attack power, andhealing. The speed characteristic has a positive effect on the time spent on the cooldown of various abilities and automatic attacks. Crit is associated with critical attacks - with an increase in the possibility of their casting and with the return evasion of the Druid.

Legion Hero Talents: Levels 15 and 30

When it comes to the main task of a Druid with the specialization of the Guardian, it means the standard behavior of any tank - holding all opponents and surviving. To implement such tactics in Warcraft III, the Bear Druid has an impressive amount of he alth, special abilities to help withstand even the most powerful attack, and, of course, rage.

Below, we'll introduce a few talents that are best suited for characters who tank in the Legion at different levels.

Level 15:

  • Sharp Thorns - the talent absorbs and reflects several units of enemy damage. A one-time use of Barkskin will retaliate with natural forces against the opponent.
  • Sharp Fur - Damage taken also generates rage.
  • Blood Frenzy - Best used with Thrash. Activates passive rage recovery based on damage de alt.
Guide to Bear Druid
Guide to Bear Druid

Level 30:

  • Groaring Growl - Increases the range of Paralyzing Growl by 100%.
  • Alarm growl - Increases movement speed for all groups.
  • Intimidating roar - disorientation of all nearbyopponents.
  • Rapid dash - the hero is transferred to the selected teammate.

Legion Hero Talents: Levels 45, 60

Level 45:

  • Balance Affinity - All character abilities gain an increased range of five meters.
  • Affinity with bestial strength - increase the hero's movement speed by fifteen percent.
  • Affinity with healing power - passive he alth regeneration. If the Bear Druid from WWII has full HP, then the nearest teammate is healed by Ysera's Gift ability instead.

Level 60:

  • Ultimate stun - the enemy is immobilized for five seconds.
  • Mass Entanglement - immobilizes all enemies within 15 meters of the hero.
  • Typhoon - nearby enemies are knocked aside and gain a small stun.

Legion Hero Talents: Level 75, 90 and 100

Bear Druid
Bear Druid

Level 75:

  • Forest Soul is another talent of the Bear Druid that affects the Mangle ability, increasing its effectiveness.
  • Guardian of Ursoc - armor increase, roar recovery and melee attack recovery takes 1.5 seconds. The Mangle ability has an effect on three enemies at once.
  • Guardian of the Galaxy - Attacking one enemy inflicts additional Moonfire damage.

Level 90:

  • Guardian of the Earth - talent allows you to accumulate protection from subsequent enemy attacks. Activates only after dealing direct damage from Thrash.
  • Elune's Guardian - Mangle ability extends the effect of Ironfur by two seconds.
  • Survival of the Fittest - Reduces the cooldown of Barkskin and Survival Instincts.

Level 100:

  • Fury Rip - Thrash's effect increases damage de alt and reduces damage taken.
  • Moonlight - a moonbeam shines on the Bear Druid, which simultaneously restores the character's HP and hits his opponents with dark magic.
  • Crush is a melee strike that absorbs two charges from Thrash but deals massive damage to the enemy. Also causes the Druid Bear to take less enemy damage in turn.


Bear Druid
Bear Druid

We complete our Bear Druid guide with suitable relics, the priority of which is their level. Serrated Claws and Vicious Bites can be used to increase the damage de alt. The first relic is associated with Thrash (+10%), and the second with Mangle (+7%).

As for survivability, three artifacts are suitable here at once:

  • Ursoc's Endurance - Adds a second to Oakskin and Ironfur.
  • Wild Flesh - Furious Recovery's HP increase.
  • Sturdy Fur - The Ironfur effect grants an additional 4% armor boost.

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