"Minecraft": characters are the most stupid NPCs

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"Minecraft": characters are the most stupid NPCs
"Minecraft": characters are the most stupid NPCs

"Minecraft" is a simple and at the same time very difficult sandbox game. Simple world generation, endless biomes and locations, dynamic battles with low-poly and square opponents, as well as construction. Characters in Minecraft deserve separate words.

minecraft characters
minecraft characters

Stupid AI

Many modern games have a common problem - it's AI. The artificial intelligence of NPCs has always been a cornerstone. However, in many exciting games, NPCs act logically and rationally, they interact with the outside world and use it. This does not apply to characters in Minecraft. The local NPCs are unusually stupid. It's not like they're controlled by anything resembling AI at all.

There isn't much to say about them. All their interaction with the world comes down to standing in one place, rare chaotic movements and salvation from aggressive monsters. From time to time, the player activates a script that allows them to trade with them. However, these are only peaceful or neutral NPCs, what can be said aboutothers?

Other characters in "Minecraft" are not smart either. Most of them are aggressive and heavily scripted. They can fight among themselves, but this is not a manifestation of AI, but the usual operation of the script. When a player approaches them, they begin to attack. They use the simplest possible set of attacks and do not use the surrounding terrain at all. The player can easily outwit them.

Power is in fashion

Modifications can drastically change the entire gameplay. They are global and small. Global mods change, literally, everything around. Textures are changing, models are being added, and even the style of the game is undergoing changes. Small modifications either change the textures, or add models, or make the AI much smarter. As a result, the characters in Minecraft become more interesting. They are no longer friendly and can attack, they start using weapons, potions and even cover. Aggressive NPCs become even more dangerous. Some of them gain the ability to subjugate others. In other words, modifications can make characters live their own lives, which depend little on the player. This is especially true for those mods that add states and factions.


For those who have played several hundred hours, the usual gameplay seems boring. If this happens, the mod for leveling the character in Minecraft saves. The game becomes a full-fledged RPG. You can pump not only the main character, but also your own settlement and even satellites. Of course it's more interesting.just the case with the main character.

minecraft character upgrade mod
minecraft character upgrade mod

Depending on the modifications, he has different skills. Interestingly, not all of them are equally useful. Some abilities allow you to increase stamina and regeneration, while others allow you to spawn a cake once a day. The list of pumped abilities depends on the specific modification.

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