Verte in "Terraria": where can I get it and what is it used for?

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Verte in "Terraria": where can I get it and what is it used for?
Verte in "Terraria": where can I get it and what is it used for?

The vertebra in "Terraria" is an organic material, which is further actively used to lure especially dangerous monsters and create a powerful potion. Therefore, the importance of his farm remains at a high level, you just need to carefully consider the places where you can get it. But first, we will pay attention to the uniqueness of this element.

What is this item?

As we noted above, the vertebra in "Terraria" has an organic basis and is used as bait. You can use it as you like, but only with the help of it you can run into Cthulhu and other unpleasant creatures. What's the point, you ask? It's simple, you will have to fight such monsters in any case, since important ingredients fall out of them. It remains only to carefully consider the creatures that can help you get the specified resource. We will talk about them further.

Vertebrae are mined in dangerous places
Vertebrae are mined in dangerous places

What monsters does it come from?

Terraria recipes sometimes require constant battles. This case is a prime example of what you have to hunt formonsters. The loot list includes the following creatures:

  1. Facemonster is an upgraded zombie that can open doors and jump high. Be careful, this enemy is quite strong and dangerous.
  2. Krimera is a creepy and unpleasant creature that resembles a centipede. But if your character is well armed, then it will not be difficult to defeat this monster.
  3. The bloody crawler is a dangerous and unpleasant spider. He moves fast, can recover, and deals a lot of damage. You can deal with him with a direct hit from a bow.
  4. The Flying Bastard is another dangerous enemy that can not only deal a lot of damage and pass through walls, but also use invisibility. Be sure to use Hunter's Potion to see this monster.
  5. To farm, you have to fight dangerous monsters
    To farm, you have to fight dangerous monsters

You will have to fight long and hard, as the enemies are quite dangerous and unpredictable. Their only habitat is the Crimzone, where you can easily face a whole group of monsters. We recommend that you prepare well for this journey, as you will need the ingredients for the recipes in Terraria that drop from them anyway. As for the vertebra itself, it falls out with a probability of 33%, which, of course, pleases, since being in such an unpleasant environment for a long time is not the best pastime.

And if you manage to accumulate the necessary resources, do not rush to rejoice, because the difficult adventure is just beginning. After all, we are moving on to the question of the use of the ingredient, andas far as we know, it is used to summon dangerous enemies.

What can it be used for?

Now let's look at the main directions of what can be done from a vertebra in "Terraria". As we noted earlier, this ingredient is useful for summoning, but this is far from the only function. Therefore, we immediately suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of available actions:

  1. The bloody spine is a rather creepy item that is used exclusively to summon Cthulhu. You should not hope that such a formidable monster will appear in its entirety, since you will have to fight with its brain. To create, you need a bloody or demonic altar and vertebrae (15 pcs.).
  2. The Mechanical Worm is a universal lure that can summon the Destroyer himself to battle. But do not rush, first you have to create an orichalcum anvil, collect vertebrae (6 pcs.), Souls of the night (6 pcs.), And you will also need iron or lead ingots (6 pcs.).
  3. Potion of Battle is a curious item that allows you to arrange a massacre. When used, it speeds up the spawning of monsters by 50%, and also doubles their number. It is better for a well-trained hero to use such a potion. To create, you will have to find an alchemy table, you will need a bottle of water (1 pc.), Death-grass (1 pc.) And a vertebra (1 pc.).
  4. Vertebrae allow you to call a dangerous monster to fight
    Vertebrae allow you to call a dangerous monster to fight

Thanks to such an expanded assortment, you will discover many interesting possibilities. The main thing is to be ready for them and try to achievesuccess despite all the difficulties.

Why is this ingredient so important?

As a conclusion, I would like to note the importance of using the vertebrae (Vertebrae). Thanks to him, you can create not only a fairly powerful and effective potion, but also summon rare bosses. Yes, fighting them is quite difficult, but you should take into account good loot in the form of rare resources and items, as well as a large amount of experience for leveling. If you want to develop quickly and know no boundaries in crafting, you will have to use vertebrae in Terraria anyway. Your advantage in this case is the ability to prepare for a dangerous battle. Remember these nuances and succeed.

Vertebrae are important for further development
Vertebrae are important for further development

Now you have all the information about the vertebra in "Terraria". You learned about the spawn location, the monsters to kill, and even the useful effect in case of crafting. It remains to use all the information received and discover a lot of new opportunities.

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