The best Skyrim artifacts: ebony mail

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The best Skyrim artifacts: ebony mail
The best Skyrim artifacts: ebony mail

One of the most powerful and powerful artifacts in the game "Skyrim" is ebony mail. You can receive this armor as a gift from a Daedra named Boethiah. But not everything is so simple, because in order to become the owner of the artifact, you will have to complete several tasks in the Skyrim game.

ebony mail
ebony mail

Ebony mail. Features

This heavy armor will appeal to those who prefer ste alth. Wearing it, the character moves silently and can sneak up on any opponent unnoticed. In addition, while in ste alth or combat mode, ebony mail deals 5 points of poison damage to all nearby enemies. At the initial level, the armor has 45 points of defense. But this indicator can be increased with the Blacksmithing skill pumped. To upgrade, you will need one ebony ingot. The only drawback of the armor is its heavy weight (45 kg). So if you want to move fast in this cuirass, you will have to upgrade the Heavy Armor skill.

Ebony Mail is an artifact that cannot be used on the Pentagram of Souls. That's whydon't expect to transfer this item's enchantment to other things. The armor is present in the game in one copy, and below you will learn how to find it.

Quest passage

The Ebony Chain Mail quest will become available only after your character reaches level 30. To activate the quest, find the Sanctuary of Boethiah, located east of Windhelm. There you will meet a priestess who will tell you about the Daedric Prince.

Now you need to bring a sacrifice to the altar. It can be any companion, but it is better to choose a mercenary for these purposes. After all, losing a housecarl because of armor is not entirely advisable. Next, ask the companion to ascend the altar and touch the pillar. After that, the victim will be paralyzed, and you will need to kill him with a dagger.

skyrim ebony mail
skyrim ebony mail

Boethiah will inhabit the body of a former companion and order the destruction of his followers. Get ready for a fierce fight, because there will be at least five opponents. They are well armed and trained in battle. After the victory, Boethiah will turn to you again and order you to kill the leader of the robbers who have settled in the Knife Edge Ridge camp. Go there and clear the location from opponents. It is advisable that you complete this mission in ste alth. Therefore, before you go to clear out, stock up on invisibility potions - this will greatly facilitate the task.

There are eight robbers in the camp. On the corpse of the leader you will find the armor you are looking for. After that, Boethiah will recognize your hero as his protector and new champion. And you will add to your collection one ofthe best Skyrim artifacts.

skyrim ebony mail mod
skyrim ebony mail mod

Mod for ebony mail

Since this armor belongs to the "Heavy Armor" class, if you put it on without a pumped skill, you will not be able to move quickly. Of course, you can use special cheats that increase the level of any skill to the maximum. But not all players agree to use such "unsportsmanlike" tricks. Therefore, it is better to download and install a special add-on. The Light Ebony mod changes the class of chain mail and makes it lighter and more maneuverable. With this modification, you can quickly run and jump without losing stamina in your favorite armor.

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