How to format an SSD: concept, formatting instructions, rules and methods of work

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How to format an SSD: concept, formatting instructions, rules and methods of work
How to format an SSD: concept, formatting instructions, rules and methods of work

The reasons for formatting an SSD drive are always different. Something could go wrong due to virus infection or damage to media parts. Or maybe it is completely new, and this procedure is necessary in order to start using it successfully. Anyway, there are several ways to format an SSD hard drive.

This article will cover the most basic of them.

What for?

Set of ssd disks
Set of ssd disks

It has been said before that there are many reasons to format an SSD. Each user may have their own unique case. However, it is also worth noting the most common options for what purpose it is necessary to format an SSD, new or old. Here is a list of them:

  • in order to create markup. To be able to work with the hard drive in the future. The process is performed after the disk was first attached to thecomputer. If not formatted, the SSD will not be displayed among other local media;
  • complete cleaning of accumulated debris. This procedure helps to clean the device from all those files that have accumulated on it over the years. If Windows is installed on the disk (for example), this will help increase the speed of the computer;
  • need to install an operating system. The best option for maximum computer performance on a new OS is to install it on a completely clean disk;
  • troubleshooting. If the device is infected with viruses that cannot be removed, then you should resort to the formatting procedure.

What types are there?

Currently, there are two options on how to format an SSD on Windows 10 or another operating system. Here are the ways:

  • quick format. From the name it becomes clear that such a procedure does not take much time from the user. However, this form has big disadvantages. The fast option does not provide for optimization. All existing files are not deleted anywhere. And in the event that any errors or malfunctions occurred in the operation of the SSD, they will not be corrected;
  • full formatting. The method helps to optimize the disk. The full cleanup process completely deletes the files. The system is checked, and all detected violations, malfunctions and errors are corrected.

Now it's time to move on to instructions on how toformat the SSD.

Work on Windows 7

One of the Windows 7 operating system logos
One of the Windows 7 operating system logos

This version of the operating system from Microsoft is still almost the most popular. And it still has quite a large number of users. Therefore, you should not deprive her of attention. Here are two ways to format an SSD under Windows 7.

Easy option

In this case, only those tools that are initially installed in the operating system itself are needed. To format in this way, just follow the instructions:

  • run the My Computer program using a shortcut or explorer;
  • among the list of drives connected to the device, find the required SSD;
  • click on it with the right mouse button to open the context menu;
Context menu for formatting selection
Context menu for formatting selection
  • among the list of actions, select "Format";
  • window will open. Before formatting an SSD drive, you need to set some parameters. In the event that you do not know how and what to change, just leave all the items intact;
  • after setting, you can start the procedure.

Complicated version

This way to format a new SSD (or old one) suggests using administration. The procedure is as follows:

  • by activating the "Start" menu, launch the "Control Panel";
  • here you need to find a section called "System and Security";
  • in it go to "Administration";
Control panel and administration section selection
Control panel and administration section selection
  • now double click on computer control;
  • on the left side of the window, find and activate the paragraph "Disk Management";
  • after opening the list, select the one you need for formatting. Right-click on it and launch the corresponding process in the context menu;
  • you will see the settings window again. Parameter values can be changed. But if you are not sure, then just leave it as it is;
  • press the button to start the procedure and just wait for it to finish.

Now let's figure out how to format an SSD via BIOS.

Working with BIOS

To perform the formatting procedure in this way, you need to resort to third-party software. Among the variety of specialized programs, you can stop your attention on a utility called Acronics Disk Director. Let's use her example to format an SSD through the BIOS:

  • first you need to install this software on a disk or flash drive. After that, connect the media and restart the computer;
  • when starting the system, quickly press the BIOS start key. It should be borne in mind that each motherboard comes with its own set. But in some cases, the desired key is written on the start screen, at the very bottom;
  • next beforeyou will be taken to the BIOS menu. Using your keyboard, find and activate the tab called Boot;
  • after that, bring the media with the installed utility to the first position. The drive to be formatted must be on the second or third line;
  • now press the F10 button. The program will exit with saving all changes;
  • next restart your computer. If all the steps above are followed correctly, the media with the installed software will start first. In this case, you can proceed with the formatting procedure;
  • choose the full version of Acronics Disk Director. After opening the window, before formatting the SSD, put a marker in front of the item with manual mode activation;
  • next mark the required drive;
  • select the formatting operation from the list on the left. A window with settings will appear. You can leave everything as default or change as needed;
  • confirm your changes. Click on the checkbox located in the top bar of the window. And click on the "Proceed" button, thereby starting the formatting process.

Now let's see how to format an SSD using the command line.

Roughly risky option

It is worth noting that formatting through the command line, as well as working with the registry editor, is a rather risky way. Making the wrong changes can cause the system to either hang or stop working altogether. Sothat the following example of how to format a hard drive via the command line can be implemented by you at your own risk:

  • press the "Start" key;
  • after that, go to the section of all programs;
  • there open the standard applications folder and select "Run";
  • now type cmd and Ok;
  • after that, a command line window will open. Find a line that will end with format;
  • enter your drive letter here followed by a colon. Press the enter button;
  • you will be shown a warning message that all information and files will be permanently destroyed;
  • you will also need to agree to start the formatting procedure by entering the letter Y.

Next, let's look at several ways to format an SSD in Windows 10.

A little about the procedure

It's worth noting that the methods for formatting an SSD on the latest version of the operating system from Microsoft are not much different from those that were given to work on the seventh release. The following will demonstrate some of the most common options on how to format on the latest version of Windows.

This computer

This is the shortest and easiest way. In fact, it can be called formatting directly. This is done as follows:

  • run the "This PC" program. Use shortcut or "Explorer";
  • among the list of connected media, select the one youto be formatted. Right click on it;
  • select the formatting function in the opened context menu;
  • after that, the already familiar settings window will open. Everything is the same here, if you are not sure, leave all the default items;
Disk format window
Disk format window

press the button to start the procedure and just wait for it to finish

Disk Management

Next, let's talk about a more complicated way to format an SSD. Now it will be necessary to work with the previously mentioned administration:

  • through the search bar, launch the "Control Panel" application. Among all the elements, find the administration section;
  • after the transition, find the computer management section;
Administration section
Administration section

on the left, find the paragraph called "Disk Management". Here, find the required device and, by selecting it, launch the formatting window. Perform parameter setting and activate the procedure

Now let's talk about how to format an SSD if it is an external drive.

Format external drive

This version of the procedure is not too complicated, but it involves working with disk volumes. To format an SSD in this way, follow these steps:

  • through the "Start" menu, run the section of standard programs. There, activate "Run";
  • in the window that appears, enter compmgmt.msc andconfirm your action;
  • Computer Management will open in front of you. On the left side, open the disk management section. Determine the required disk in the pop-up subroutine;
Working with disks
Working with disks
  • now activate the MBR and confirm the changes made again;
  • right-click on the media and select the option to create a new volume. The "Wizard Assistant" will be activated. Here click the "Next" button;
  • leave the size option at the value that is already set (maximum);
  • in the next step, select the letter that will be called the disk. Confirm the action and continue setting;
  • A new window will open in front of you. There will be a section formatting string. Enter the drive letter in it and start the formatting process.

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